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The Best Guide For Freelancing

Updated on August 13, 2013
Start freelancing now!
Start freelancing now!


You have heard and read about freelancing. You are even envy of those getting a freelance job and earning from a few dollars to a few hundred if not thousands per freelance project. Well, you came to the right place! I am going to explain to you everything about freelancing and what you should know about it in order to secure a freelance job.

What you should know about freelancing

Freelancing is a job, just like any other jobs. The catch of freelancing is you could be working full time or even part time and most of the time, anywhere of your choice (Yes! You can even work out from your bedroom!). Is there any tricks and tips that you should know about freelancing? Tons of them! I am going to explain all to you in order to give you a perfect and complete guide for you.

  • Rule of the thumb 1: Freelance is all about creativity, freedom and it is not a 9 to 5 work!
  • Rule of the thumb 2: Freelance does not make you rich easily but with patience and some skills, you probably will!

Useful tips for freelance job
Useful tips for freelance job

Fact 1: You will not get rich overnight or in a short period

If you are planning to go for freelance because you seen others getting rich through it, then this is definitely not the job for you. Freelance need time, effort, patience and knowledge to proceed. It is not a simply skill that you can easily 'copy and paste'.

Fact 2: Be serious with freelance job to get a real freelance job

To be successful in freelancing, you got to be serious. The job might be an easy and part time one but one simple mistake can ruin your portfolio instantly. If you are serious, you will build a trust between your employer and thus, making yourself even more creditability.

Fact 3: Get your profile up before applying for anything

We both know (and even the employers do) that there are many scam cases on the internet. If you want to be a good freelance writer, first impression counts. This can easily be done by creating a portfolio or profile for yourself. Every freelancing website has a profile page for you to edit and customize. Always make sure it is up to date and put in only relevant information on yourself. Keep it short, sweet and simple.

All you must know about freelance tips
All you must know about freelance tips

Fact 4: Know your talent(s)

Before doing anything, do a little soul searching. Understand what is your strong and weak points. Start planning what you want to target in freelance. Applying something and fail to deliver will eventually bring your reputation down.

For example, I am an online writer and I am typically a general writer. Of course, I am going to apply for general writing and nothing else. Simply by applying something that doesn't suit you bring no advantage to you and the employer.

Fact 5: Bidding the right amount

Yes, this is a crucial part of a freelance work. If you are new to the job, ALWAYS bid a lower amount. My personal experience and advise is bid the minimum bid. because you are new and you need all the chances you can find on freelancing, this will definitely give a huge boost to you. However, your bid have to be realistic as not too low as the employer might realised you are desperate for the job instead.

Fact 6: Do not stop after placing your bid!

Placing your bid is one thing. Job well done and you can sit back and relax. NO! You should drop a short note to the employer saying that you had bid on his project and looking forward to work with him. Here, attach a simple sample for your work (and even past work if you have) and explain to him in like 30 words why he should take you instead of the rest. Remember you are competing with roughly 30 or more people at one time for the freelance job.

Do it short and not lengthy as the reader will get bored easily. You can end like "hope to hear good news from you" or anything close to that.

Don't be shy to ask

Always ask the employer if there is any other project that you can help him with and explain to him that you are looking to help him on a long term basis.

Fact 7: Follow close to dateline

Every employer loves their workers to be able to submit the project on time. So stick to dateline! If you know you can't make it, immediately inform the employer about it instead of last minute. At least, you are honest right?

Fact 8: Check your grammar and proof read

This is so common but, always check for your grammar. Mistakes happens as we are just human. No worries. Just make sure they are right and always proof read at least once.

Fact 9: Once your project is completed...

Now you have finished your project and everyone's happy. Give a good review to the employer and kindly asked for a simple review on yourself. I am sure he/she would be more than happy to help you out.

Where should you start your freelance job?

Reading the 9 facts of freelancing, you are now partially ready to try and explore the freelance world.I am proud to recommend you this site as it is:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • The most freelance jobs available for newbie and experience freelancers
  • Legit and safe

I myself is a freelancer in this site and currently on a few writing projects. I am proud to say that it is totally safe and I am being paid on a daily basis. Not bad at all and you must try definitely!

So what are you waiting for?

Register for FREE here!


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