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Smart Shopping - Secrets to Saving Money on Everything You Buy

Updated on November 21, 2012

Whether you are shopping online or in store, I have a few tips to help you save money on your everyday spending, regardless of what you buy.

You can scoop up deals left and right and I've saved hundreds of dollars, without spending more than you can pay off on my credit cards. Never pay for shipping, never pay full price and get rewarded with cash back on everything you buy.

Sound impossible? If you think so, please read on...

Arm Yourself with Cash Back Rewards Credit Cards

Credit cards with rewards are my quintessential shopping tool for all purchases. I am a firm believer that a responsible shopper can spend only what they can afford to pay off each month AND profit from their purchasing.

My two favorite cards are the Blue Cash Everyday American Express Card and Citibank Dividend World Mastercard. Neither card has an annual fee. Both offer 1% cash back on all purchases and each offers higher rewards on other types of purchases. The Amex boasts 3% cash back on all grocery purchases and the Citi has a 5% cash back on featured items that change every few months.

Check out the benefits of each or other cards that suit you.

Go Through Cash Back Shopping Websites

My favorite cash back site for shopping online is By downloading their toolbar and shopping through their portal, you can receive cash back at hundreds of online stores. They also feature coupon codes for the stores that can be stacked with the cash back option.

Cash back is sent to you in the form of a check and you are ALSO free to use your rewards cards for your purchases to further discount your purchases.

I'm up to $48.00 right now! - Can't wait to get my check!

Find Your Coupons and USE Your Coupons!

Coupon codes and printable coupons are a no brainer for saving money. Sunday papers are full of shopping flyers that contain coupons and online searches and deal sites will uncover all types of printable coupons and coupon codes, not to mention the best sales and discounted items. is the place to go for printable grocery coupons.

My go-to shopping coupon site is You can search the store you are shopping at and find all the latest coupon codes in one place.

Find my best deal sites HERE.

Always Check "Today's Deals" can be an amazing money saving tool if you play the game properly. You'll find most of their prices to be the lowest, to begin with, and their sales and shipping savings always sweeten the deal.

You have to visit: Today's Deals on Amazon each day OR sign up for their e-mail alerts or social media to see what's crackin'.

Here are some of the things you will find on their Today's Deals page:

  • The Deal of the Day - a highly discounted item that changes each day
  • Lightning Deals - that go up for about an hour or until they run out
  • Coupons - Did you know Amazon has coupons? They do!
  • All Deals
  • And more...

Use the navigation buttons right under the Amazon search bar to click on each of the deals I just listed and more.

ALSO, get FREE Super Saver Shipping if you give yourself enough time for the standard shipping option. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get the FREE 2-day shipping option.

Not an Amazon Prime Member? - If you have not been a member within the last 13 months, you can get a FREE Trial! That means FREE 2 Day Shipping for ALL of you Holiday gifts! Don't forget to cancel if it is not for you or they charge you $79/year. Amazon Prime FAQs

Helpful Hints

With these tools you should have no problem saving money, receiving checks from shopping, and getting your credit card company to pay you.

· Make sure you are fully aware of the due date of your credit card statement and can pay it off in full each month. Otherwise, the interest rates will cancel out any profit you will make from your rewards.

· Going to the stores instead of shopping online saves shipping charges. Amazon Prime gets you free 2 day shipping and without it, Super Saver Shipping is free, too. offers free ship to store and and many other online stores will offer free shipping with a minimum purchase.

· Keep an eye out for the “Wild” deals on Shop at Home. Those are highly discounted items that you can still get cash back on!


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    • kkflowers profile image

      kkflowers 6 years ago

      No problem! There was a time where I didn't know any of this stuff. If only I knew then, what I know now... I could have saved so much $$$!!!

    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 6 years ago from Planet X

      It's really true and at the same time useful. These tips are very helpful to shopaholics like me. Thanks for sharing this hub. Thumbs up! ;)