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Suze Orman - Women and Money 401K IRA Retirement Savings and Investment Planning

Updated on April 23, 2011

Retirement Savings and Investment Planning

How to Manage your Money

Suze Orman is one of America's leading financial experts, she has forever transformed the concept of money for many people, simply by teaching us to recognize the emotional relationship so many of us have with money. By looking at different strategies for retirement savings and how we can begin investment planning for the future, Suze Orman lays the groundwork for many people looking for retirement planning advice and how they can get a handle of their finances.

There are a lot of great books on personal finance management, but Women & Money takes it to a new level. This is a book every woman should read, it has some great advice and gives some interesting points to get you thinking. Suze Orman covers everything from 401K IRA contributions, planning for retirement money and even budgeting money for emergencies. This comprehensive book will walk you through the necessary financial strategies to get you on a sound financial path.

Investing Money and Saving for Retirement are Easy with This Retirement Planner

Personal Finance Management

Retirement Savings and Investment Planning
Retirement Savings and Investment Planning | Source

Women and Money - Money Management Skills

This is a must read for all women! Ms. Orman gives basic, practical advice on personal finance management. Women & Money is an easy to read book written for those of us who aren't necessarily financially savvy. Ms. Orman explains the principles of sound financial planning and how to manage your money, in an easy to understand and engaging manner. She breaks it down, chapter by chapter, into manageable steps. Don't get me wrong, this book goes well beyond the basics, but it's presented in such a way that it is manageable and easily understood.

Investment Planning and Retirement Savings from the Countries Leading Financial Planner

Do you know when a 401K investment is a good idea? Or how to take advantage of a 401K rollover IRA? Many financial strategies and investment planning strategies are explained in enough detail that implementing the steps is within reach.

What's unique about this book is its approach and perspective for women. It really made me rethink some of my previous notions regarding finances and money management skills. For example, Suze Orman suggests that NOT putting money away into our own personal retirement account is selfish! As women we tend to put others first, especially our families. It's hard for us to think about taking money from the family finances and putting it into an account just for us, but having sufficient retirement money is absolutely necessary. The thought behind this is, if you can't afford to put the money aside now, how will you be able to afford it when you are no longer working and your income is reduced? Ms. Orman goes on to explain that budgeting money and doing without a little now is better for our family than having us dependent on them in our old age. After all, if we aren't set up for retirement, who's going to take care of us? Certainly not Social Security!

Ms. Orman also encourages women to have accounts in their name alone. It's fine to have joint accounts with your husband/partner, however, you need to have your own personal financial accounts as well. In the event of a divorce or death, a woman who has established her own credit and financial security, independent of her husband, will be in a much stronger position financially.

As an added bonus, TD Ameritrade is offering a fantastic incentive for readers of Women & Money. It's certainly an offer you shouldn't pass up!

Suze Orman Money Management Tips

How to Manage Your Money - Suze Orman

Money Management and Your 401K Investment

Suze Orman's book, Women & Money addresses the complicated (and often dysfunctional) relationship women have with personal finance. Ms. Orman's direct, non-condescending style is perfect for this subject matter--she begins with the premise that "Women can invest, save, and handle debt as well and skillfully as any man" and then tackles the important question--"So why don't they?"

The same ladies that can earn doctorate degrees in esoteric subjects just shut their eyes when it comes to money. Although Suze takes shots at what the reasons might be behind this behavior, whether it's upbringing, cultural, or anything else, it doesn't really matter.

What matters to Suze is DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM, and does she deal with it. In this entertaining, easily read book, Suze will teach you to EXECUTE SOLUTIONS to your money problems.

This is a wonderful book. There are great practical tips for the beginner with money or the veteran. This book also stresses a woman's empowerment in her life. I highly recommend this book for any woman.

You can also watch her on the Suze Orman show where she gives tips of investment planning, credit card debt relief, debt consolidation and ira investments. The Suze Orman show is a great place to learn the ins and outs of investing and financial management from beginner to pros, there is always something new to learn.

Here's a handy Retirement Savings Calculator:

Retirement Savings Calculator


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