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What criteria would you consider most important in selecting someone for the Executor of your will?

My elderly parents are in the process of preparing their will. My older brother and I are the only children. Traditionally, the firstborn male is selected as the Executor. My brother, however, lives 4 hours away and visits on occasion. I live next door to them and am involved in their daily lives and care. As a female and youngest child, there is a hint of hesitation in my elderly father's decision as to delegating the responsibility of handling their affairs to me. My job experiences include that of Bank Teller, Office Manager and Teacher. I am well qualified. Should I insist it be me?


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James (Johnny James A) says

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16 months ago
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    Debbie Carey (prektjr.dc) 16 months ago

    Great answer with a lot of information! Thanks for reading and commenting! We are all residents of the same state, so that will make things a bit easier! They are completely out of debt, so that is a great advantage. Thanks again!