Google Ad sense

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    sana7866posted 4 years ago

    i made an acoount for google ad sense ,it asks me the url of website where i want the ads to be displayed ,,,as i mention   there,,it saysPlease register for adsense directly from,,,,,,,,Did i do anything wrongggg,,ididn't make  any account on google ad sense before,this

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      Cook n Save Moneyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      When you log into to your AdSense account, look at the top of the page.  You should see your publisher ID displayed on the right hand side.  To earn on Hub Pages which will share revenue with you, you need to tell HubPages what your AdSense publisher ID is.  To do that, go to your earnings tab, and add your AdSense publisher ID into the hub pages affiliate section.

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    sana7866posted 4 years ago

    thnks for ur helppppp!!!