How do I get Paid and who pays me?

  1. SABRENTERTAINMENT profile image45
    SABRENTERTAINMENTposted 8 years ago

    How do I get Paid and who pays me?

  2. Zeek's Newsroom profile image57
    Zeek's Newsroomposted 8 years ago

    in general how, do you get paid?  well usually you work 32-40 hours a week and either at the end of every week or every other week, your employer will be ever so kind to give you a paycheck.

    ... if you mean on here, you dont.  tbh you dont get paid i mean unless ur R L Stine that can write some amazing stuff...
    otherwise ...   yeh

    ok you write some stuff... better yet i have a link for you.

    read that link.  if your a good writer, you'll do decent, it'll take time, wont be an over night thing.

    or if u got like 4 hours to kill
    you can go here, fill out some survey's, sort them by free offers, if you fill them all out correctly, you should have 25$ in your acct free to cash out on the 20th of this month
    www .