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Why do you think money exist?

  1. Johnyboy profile image56
    Johnyboyposted 8 years ago

    Why do you think money exist?

    Who benefits from money existence? And who get's rich from this "business"?

    As I recall in a movie sequence: "If you go high enough, it is always about single person." ... So who is it?

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    SpaceAgeposted 8 years ago

    we need 2 pay 4 stuff or we'll b homeless & starve

  3. Johnyboy profile image56
    Johnyboyposted 8 years ago

    I would say that a handful of people are controlling anything we know exists today with their power. Power obtained by money. Money that come from debts. Debts that keep making money and can crush an entire nation. A nation that without money, it would be freed itself by leaders, bondage, poverty and disgusting hate.

    All of that comes from money which come from debt. Think about it for a moment. It tomorrow debt would stop existing, everyone would pay their taxes and there would be no more debt..... money would stop existing.

    So what's the purpose of money?  Precise and continuous power and control.

  4. darrylcrawford profile image68
    darrylcrawfordposted 8 years ago

    Very interesting question Johnyboy. I do believe money is a form of power however I believe that money is not the highest power (not saying you said that). I believe we are all spirit beings having a soul and living in a body on earth (third dimension) going through life to really find out what really matters in life. Some run after nothing but money and some do not. Some run after love and some run after lust etc.

    And some have a balanced mindset and Run after Love and money and help others achieve their goals. Money over all creates a purpose from learning how to survive and then desire to thrive and help others do so, that's in good hearted/minded folks, but there are those who feel the need of more of the green paper feel they must rule over others keeping them poor, ignorant, are not good hearted/minded folks but are very selfish and inward only. Money is only able to purchase something tangible and therefore has it limits.

    Debt is meant to enslave those in the survival mindset and keep them there. Those collecting the debt (the ones way up top in the game) are very greedy. They know people will always need more since they don't have enough even with a fair job.

    But the media creates the illusion that we need more. More food, more clothes, more cars, more this and that, keeping up wit the Jones, etc. I will say this i do like clothing and stuff but I know if I was rich or wealthy I would not focus on keeping others broke but the opposite. There's more than enough money in the world for everyone to be a millionaire however those way up top would do their best to keep that from happening because they ultimately want control over peoples lives and nothing else but that. 

    However it is my belief that when we cross over (die) we no long need anything from this realm and money no longer has value. I believe money is a tool, a useful tool for those that seek equality. Those that seek control it is a evil tool to enslave and keep the poor, poor.

    I always dreamed if the world would wake up and just see that if we really as a whole helped each other for our true potential and spirit, debt would end and peace would be very obtainable.

    Debt creates stress, stress creates illness, and illness creates fear, (You can even reverse it and it is true) all of this is designed to enslave and keep those ensnared and far away from freedom. Lack of this and that would make anyone in time become sick and stressed. However we are able to take control and really change within ourselves and forget what the norm says what's going to happen. we can weather our own forecast with other like minded people. strength is always in numbers. Hope i answered you question. If not I tried. Have a great day.

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    Dog On A Missionposted 7 years ago

    First of all, we need to distinguish between government paper fiat money and actual commodity money.

    Commodity money predates government and acts purely as a means of exchange.

    Government money on the other hand is a tool of coercion and social engineering.

    It is established with the threat of government violence (legal tender law), central bank manipulation (open market operations) and the national debt ponzi scheme.

    The current monetary arrangements exist solely to benefit government and the commercial banks - not the average person.