The term hustler

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    cookieswaggposted 8 years ago

    The term hustler

    risky or do you believe in putting it out there like the media does case in point Senator Edwards right hand man was the mob...the news had no problem putting it out there nor did Ms Winfrey she too invited the MOB on her show to discuss the politics ...but yet the term Hustler offended some of the facebook users when sent out today by me baby,,... of course Support your local Hustlers..

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    MrsUnbreakableposted 8 years ago

    Various dictionaries have defined hustler with more negative connotations than positive.  It is defined as a streetwalker: a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets and a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties basically saying it is not such a good idea to be a hustler.  The funniest one to me is the definition that says one who hustles: especially somebody who pretends to be an amateur at a game in order to win bets. And get this, are both the pimp; and the prostitute hustlers?

    In my article The Unbreakable Hustler I knowingly chose to use the definitions that best describe my understanding of being a hustler.  I myself am a hustler, by nature, it is very true that I could choose to use my abilities to do all the wrong things, but I have opted as have many others like me to do good things like start businesses and help other people.

    I also believe in karma and because of that I choose not to deal with unscrupulous people or those that are out to prey on the weak and unsuspecting.  To me that is living life with a low vibration and really not living up to the full potential of being human.  We have been given various gifts and it is always our choice what we do with them.  For example, men that find it easy to manipulate the minds of women, and openly choose to use that ability to string women along are lining themselves up with negative energy to be redirected at themselves.  However, there are such men that have that same ability and find it much more important and gratifying to be a beacon of light to women and a help them to navigate through the challenges of dealing with men and even help when choosing a good mate.

    As with anything in life, there are choices, just like those who choose to see the word hustler as a negative thing to be, there are people like me, who know that a hustler is a person who sees a need and fills it, a mover and a shaker, the person everyone calls to make things happen, the one who has 8 jobs and looking for 4 more and most of all hustlers are those who shake up the world with new ideas and concepts.