what can i do about the company called easy loan corp a collection agency that b

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    tigerlife1posted 7 years ago

    what can i do about the company called easy loan corp a collection agency that buys old accounts...

    and try to get rich off of a couple thousand make into thousands  there not going to get what they want how may i stop them and its been since 2003 first  they wanted 11000 now 17000 for a credit card bill that was paid off 3 times over  original ammont they bought when it was 3000 then sent a bill for 11000 now its 17000

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    LadySerenposted 7 years ago

    Hi Tigerlife,

    You don't say where you live and rules change country to country and sometimes state to state (if you're in the US)

    I'm in the UK, but I know the US has a similar system, just get some legal advice on how to apply it.

    First of all, the credit company has to be able to prove they own the debt and that you are the debtor.  Often when old debts are bought the paper trail goes a bit astray.

    Do not acknowledge the debt or make any payments before asking the credit company to prove ownership of the debt, to prove that you made the original agreement to pay the debt (i.e provide a copy of your agreement with signature) and provide a detailed account of charges and arrears. 

    Do all of this in writing by recorded or certified mail that requires a signature on delivery.  Keep your letters and mailing receipts.  When you write to them be very clear that you dispute the debt and will not pay it at the current level. 

    Be very clear that you do not want phone calls or personal visits and that all communication with you must be in writing.  Once you have told them that, they have to stop harrassing calls and visits.

    If you have receipts of payment of the original debt send them COPIES not original documents.

    Because of the age of the debt it may be too old to collect anyway, seek some legal advice for your country.

    Good luck

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    Jay Hunterposted 7 years ago

    This is a serious problem.  Collection agencies can buy these lists and resell them over and over.  Of course, it works for them, because lots of people are terrified to get a collection letter, and they will pay it , even if it isn't really their bill, or they paid it before, but can't prove it.

    LadySeren's answer is a good one.  My state has a rule that they cannot collect unless they can provide a copy of the original bill, itemized and dated.  Most cannot, and they cannot do it after a certain number of years, as well. 

    A collection agency sent me a letter for a cell phone bill from someone living in another state, with a different name and address, yet they had my SS#.  They told me I had to prove it was wrong.  Something is very wrong with this system.

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