were do i find the tenant repayment id

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    jane54posted 7 years ago

    were do i find the tenant repayment id

    deposit distribution 2 asks for both repayment ids. i only have the landlord id

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    johnsamsposted 7 years ago

    If a deposit is required by your landlord then you need to enquire as to which of the Government protection Schemes the landlord is a member of and where your deposit will be held.

    Once you pay your deposit the landlord must provide you, within 14 days of receipt, full written details of where the deposit is held, the relevant reference numbers, the name, address and contact details for the Scheme.

    Once the deposit is protected you should receive written confirmation from the Scheme provider confirming the landlord has protected the deposit and giving you a Tenant Repayment ID number. 

    If you do not receive this it may be the landlord has not protected the deposit and enquiries should be made either with the landlord, the landlord’s agent (if applicable) or if you were told which scheme was going to be joined you can telephone the Scheme and make enquiries.

    I hope this helps!