Is there a literal Hell?

  1. Evan Hutchinson profile image75
    Evan Hutchinsonposted 7 years ago

    Is there a literal Hell?

  2. meow48 profile image73
    meow48posted 7 years ago

    there is an old joke of a nurse who had died and it took her two weeks to realize she was not at work.  hee.  forgive the humor but the question is just so grim.  I think it is a yes.  I feel it should be literal.  but then again, since no one has truly ever come back to tell us what it is like, i guess it is a faith thing.  if there is a heaven, there is a hell.  thankyou for asking the question.  sincerely meow48

  3. Joni Douglas profile image83
    Joni Douglasposted 7 years ago

    When hell is translated from sheol, it only means a whole in the ground like a grave.  so, yes, there is a place called hell - it is a grave.

    the DEAD are in sheol (Proverbs 9:18)

    souls are REDEEMED from sheol (Psalm 49:15)