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If suppose I invest in good equity diversified mutual fund (8 or 10 equity div

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    ssseetaposted 7 years ago

    If suppose I invest in good equity diversified mutual fund  (8 or 10  equity diversified 20000...

    rs in each ) and suppose if the NAV fall of 50% of any of 4 mutual funds so it will be the loss continue for next 5 years or the NAV may increase  after some times also say is there any chances that my investment of 20000 rs each may turn to zero(  0 ) rs  , is the equity diversified mutual fund so risky , please reply     my email id is       ssseeta@yahoo.co.in

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    Denise K Zimmermaposted 7 years ago

    I am not that big on funds I just know buy what My parents have invested in. and what I feel is worth investing in.  Something that shows promise for the future and continues to grow is what I go buy and how long it has been in affect, with great standings.

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    goodfundadvisorposted 7 years ago

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    chan0512posted 7 years ago

    Looks like you are investing in India. I don't really know how the mutual fund structure is in India. As far as I know, Mutual Fund NAV and Market Price should very closely related within 0-3% differences. So a Diversified equity fund should consist of many different stocks. Unless all the stocks in the fund go to Zero, your mutual fund will never go to zero.