how much does it cost to go to college?

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    cons11posted 7 years ago

    how much does it cost to go to college?

    how much are tuition fees on average in the UK?
    and any additional fees?

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    SIJO1posted 7 years ago

    Try not to think so much about how much it will cost you to attend college as too how much it will cost you in the future if you dont attend!!!

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    You can pick this up on the internet.
    This is a cut and paste of the first bit from the government site.
    'Tuition fees
    Full-time courses
    If you’re a new student (or a continuing student who started your course in or after September 2006) the maximum tuition fees you’ll be charged are £3,290 for the 2010/11 academic year. For 2009/10, the maximum is £3,225.

    Exactly what you’re charged depends on the university or college you attend, your course, and where in the UK you study. Check your university or college prospectus to find out the fees for your course.

    You can get a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the full cost of your tuition fees. This is paid directly to your university or college. The amount you get does not depend on household income.' … /DG_171573

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