So what happens after this order?

  1. ledefensetech profile image71
    ledefensetechposted 8 years ago

    Obama is at it again: … h/us_obama

    The question nobody seems to be asking, but should is simply this:  What happens after that order is filled?  We don't know how much this is costing us in taxpayer funds, so we can't even be sure we're getting a deal for our money.  What Papa Obama hopes will happen is that things will somehow turn around.  He's playing for time and that should make us all worry.  These are not the actions of someone who has a plan, these are the actions of someone who doesn't know what they're doing.  At least in this case he's investing in something that actually makes things, rather than intangibles like banks and stocks, but we really can't be sure that this uptick in business will be sustainable. 

    If it turns out that this business isn't sustainable, then we've just thrown God knows how much money away that would have been better spent on industries that could be sustainable and would lead us out of this mess.  Particularly worrying is the areas that are getting this money.  Politically important swing-states, states connected with important politicians and campaign contributors.  I really don't think this money is going to where it's going to do the most good, it's going to what amounts to bribes, so the people who are screwing this up can go back to Washington.  Really, when are people going to wake up?

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    nicompposted 8 years ago

    A $39 million grant financed by the Chinese and backed by our grandchildren. Another shining example of fiscal irresponsibility brought to you by the BHO administration.

    Doesn't sound like cheap plentiful energy to me.