If i file my daughter can i get the full amount for her or should i let her fath

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    flchamptonposted 7 years ago

    If i file my daughter can i get the full amount for her or should i let her father to get the amount

    I worked two weeks in march 2010 and was laid off now i have another part time job since july 6 2010 til present day of dec. 21 which is only one day a week. My little girls father has been working since aug. 2010 til present day dec. 21 and works every day. We are having disagreements about who should file i feel it will benefit me because she lives with me and i have all of her information. But if he files an get the full amount for her he will only give me half of the money.

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    Amanda M.posted 7 years ago

    Me and my sons father has this "discussion" EVERY tax season...One thing you can do is maybe try to file together, another thing... i've never done this and don't know if it is allowed, you can go to H&R Block they will do your taxes with out filing and see how much you will get, and you decide if it is worth it for you to file, or him... you will have way less chance of owing if you claim a child and also my childs father tried that i'll give you half thing but one thing i'm worried about is i have medical insurance and everything for my child if someone else claims him will it mess with that because it's me on his papers.  My other view point i say to him is the child lives with me, i provide most the care and until you do the same i will get it and we don't split it ,also taxes you get back is part of taxes you paid out of your hard earned money claiming the child does not give you "money" it gives you that much of a deduction because of the expenses a child has. If he paid money to you as support he can claim that money and get a deduction for that while you claim her, and both get off with a somewhat "child" deduction Good Luck to you! i know it's long but i hope it's somewhat helpful.     (And also i don't give him the ss card or birth certificate, if he wants to push that hard to claim he can go through everythign to get them, mine always backs down lol)

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    keithalstonposted 7 years ago

    see who would get the most money back  thin go from there and you should see if he can file the both of you just put you as disabled