why is my refund taking so long?

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    apine29@yahoo.composted 7 years ago

    why is my refund taking so long?

    why is my refulnd taking so long? I filed on 1/20/2011 and its stating STILL PENDING. When filing they stated it will tak 24-48 hours to get your return. HELP ME PLEASE., Im about to be kicked out of my apt for not paying and Im unemloyed and having alot of health issues that doesnt allow me to work and fighting to get SSI.

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    chaz cecilposted 7 years ago

    Not to be bearer of bad news, but, the "IRS" is not getting in a hurry this year, especially with all of the new tax laws and crunches.  Best guess is 8 to 10 weeks (Stepsons to 9 weeks)  Hope you can survive.  Alot of people are in the same boat.  Praying for myself and others in tuff times.