Does money is a substitute of God ?

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    Mohammad Wasimposted 6 years ago

    Does money is a substitute of God ?

    Money is a substitute of God. The things, which is not possible to achieve.
    With the help of money ,you can get it.. Money gives confidence and strength also. Lot of problems, which are created in the family, money can help to remove this. Money brings lot of comfort in life. It gives opportunity to see the whole world and to enjoy life. children can get education in the best educational institution of the world. Family are proud to move with luxurious cars and wear especial few famous designer's products. A man can achieve maximum of his luxurious desire, which a poor man asking from God

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    ktansyposted 6 years ago

    I am an Atheist. Atheists believe in the absence of any deities. This also means we do not believe in spirits, souls, ghost or any other mystical things.

    I understand that when people refer to God it can mean many things to many people. Usually, when people reference God, they mean an all powerful (omnipotent,) all seeing (omnipresent,) and all knowing (omniscient) being. To believe in such a being, people need what they call "faith." The belief of a god is something personal to each person and entirely subjective.

    Money, on the other hand, is very real. People have very different beliefs about the ethics of money. One Buddhist quote about money says, "Money is like water, try to grab it and it flows away, open your hands and it will move towards you." The Christian bible says, "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." A person's dogmatic beliefs may affect how they perceive the world they are in, but it does not change their situation.

    Lastly, because the human perception of God has been shown to be in the Temporal Lobe of the brain, humans can use many things to replace God.

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    Mohammad Wasimposted 5 years ago

    Money can not be substitute of God. What money does actually. Let's me say one easy example to understand. A innocent school going boy is lovely and good in education. He gets a little pocket money. It is enough for him. If you want to drive him on the wrong direction. Give him huge money every day.  He becomes made to spend this money. suddenly the friend circles will be started to increases. Friends will be interested  with him to go the places ,where he did not go before.  He will be addicted and use to move in bed friends. Spending money is no more problem for him. Education becomes the secondary chapter for him.
    A rich people need security of life. He started to worry of his wealth. He becomes afraid of his life. For security purposes ,he will going to appoint bodyguards . He can not move freely. He can buy every things and can go holiday but never alone. He always scare of his money. He never believe to any one.He will be afraid to die. He will have a buzzy feeling all the time, if some one want to close to him. Rich has a comfort but he can not enjoy the comfort due to lack of confidence on his own people.In short, his life will be desperated due to money.He feels never secure himself. His life consists on panic.
    But a person ,who believe on God is always be satisfied in small money. His believe on God gives him internal satisfaction and nothing makes him scare. He can walk out in the middle of night alone which a rich man can not do. God believer do not need sleeping piles and to be addicted.
    It's nice to see the rich on televisions screen but in practical life they are very deplorable person. So, money can not be substitute of God.