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Why am I having such a hard time making ends meat?

  1. Nspeel profile image76
    Nspeelposted 6 years ago

    Why am I having such a hard time making ends meat?

    Does anyone have any opinions on how to better your life? I know without a lot of details it is a hard question to answer but I know someone can get the nail on the head with a hammer

  2. Deborah-Diane profile image84
    Deborah-Dianeposted 6 years ago

    We moved to cheaper housing and it helped a lot.  We rent, now, so we can downsize more if we need to!

  3. poshcoffeeco profile image81
    poshcoffeecoposted 6 years ago

    If it is any consellation many people are having the same problem so you are not alone. The world is in economic melt down at the moment due to the mistakes of governments and greedy bankers around the world. It is the ordinary hard working people who pay the price. Sit tight my friend work hard and you will make your own luck in this world. I believe right now you are in the right place. Keep on keepin on.

  4. CrazyGata profile image75
    CrazyGataposted 6 years ago

    I'm sure you've heard this one too many times now... get it on paper...

    Pen and paper is the most effective way to climb out of debt... not your bank, not your broker, no negotiations...
    Pen and paper... You are having such a hard times because you are yet to settle your mind, to recollect your thoughts from their idleness of nothing and focus on this particular area: Income versus Expense IN WRITING.
    If you, as of today play by ear in regards to your family budget, you are driving onto a cliff.
    This is what I do to keep my finances under control:
    1) I have a book set out for this... A Financial Diary.  I normally sit down at it once a month, writing down my plan for that particular month (if I want to do some car repair, or celebrate someone's birthday).
    2) If something else comes up during that month I try to put it off for next month, unless is an emergency.
    3) I have a savings plan for yearly expenses, like car registration renewal, back to school and Christmas expenses.
    4) Beware of the little splurges. Those small take-out orders, eat outs, movie nights and the like are all classic budget killers!

    Above all, make sure where do you want to be in regards to your budget. Serves no point to try to be elsewhere when you have no clue of precisely where that is smile...

    Thank you for the question, I can feel a hub brewing! big_smile

  5. Ania L profile image84
    Ania Lposted 6 years ago

    If it was easy you would do it forever - meeting ends only. In theory if something is hard, then it would be better for a person to find something that is easy but for some strange reason people feel like they should go upstream.
    On a more serious note ... what is this hard bit in it?
    What would you like instead? How would it look like if it was perfect? What would you feelf? What would you be focusing on?
    Imagine yourself being in this perfect situation  - what do you see and what do you hear? Give yourself a time.
    Do you feel it now? If so, what is the first step you could do to get you there where you want to be? Choose anything that come to your mind, can be the easiest thing or the most tempting one.
    Now just do it.
    And keep imagining this perfect world in your mind. You need to focus on a thing you WANT and not the hardships.
    You need to look forward and not back, if you keep focusing on troubles it's like walking with your head turned back. Try it in real life and you will keep hitting objects that you wouldn't see.
    Mind that whenever one person see a crisis, another see an opportunity. Do yourself a favour and be the latter.