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Why are there such harsh people in the world when they put their own children at

  1. Amanda Wylie profile image60
    Amanda Wylieposted 3 years ago

    Why are there such harsh people in the world when they put their own children at risk for pleasure?

    Why are there such harsh people in this world that they would put their own children at risk for their own pleasure? Why are some people so sick?

  2. Melissa Noon profile image77
    Melissa Noonposted 3 years ago

    Because they care more for themselves than their children or perhaps they were unable to learn how to care for their children to begin with. The younger a person (under 18) has children the more likely they are willing to seek out what they missed out due to having children so young.

    Now volunteering for CASA and monitoring parents who are drug addicts or have had history of abuse or neglect I can tell you there is some people that you just want to shake your head and ask what is wrong with you. It is just sometimes addictions and family history and how the parents themselves are raised can make it hard for parents to learn proper parenting skills.

  3. Sky321 profile image74
    Sky321posted 3 years ago

    They were never showed love in this way and they probably witnessed selfish behavior from their parents. It is unfortunate.

  4. Junior90 profile image60
    Junior90posted 3 years ago

    The way they been brought up, or to compare others in which they enjoy doing is horrible to do especially your own children