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Do you really think that people who are making money successfully on the interne

  1. whoisbid profile image76
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Do you really think that people who are making money successfully on the internet will ..

    reveal to you "exactly" how they are doing it? Surely people who have found out how to be successful on the internet are not going to be teaching others everything they know except close friends (if at all)


  2. lobobrandon profile image90
    lobobrandonposted 6 years ago

    Yes they surely do, I'm writing a hub on this topic this very moment. I've worked online and have been great at my online writing job, got 5/5 ratings and great feedback at elance.com
    I've realized that I don't have the time to work online full time as needed to meet the demand (I'm a student and have projects, etc to complete) and therefore have now turned to hubs as I can write at my own pace during my free time. Plus the monetisation here may even give me some pocket money, but I do hope for it to increase into a steady stream of income.

  3. mesacleanpools profile image59
    mesacleanpoolsposted 6 years ago

    Sure, a lot of those guys will reveal how they are making money.

    However, not just to the pubic. (Unless they are trying to sell their ebook). Most people that make money in general whether on the internet or not don't broadcast what they did to get it. It's a matter of engaging those people in good discussion and letting the subject come up as opposed to mining them for information.

    I don't believe many people that make money try to keep it a secret, rather when they make money everyone around them trys to pry the information out which causes them to clam up.

  4. wychic profile image91
    wychicposted 6 years ago

    Yes, they do, provided they have some integrity -- which all of the people that I work with do, they have all been introduced to me by a very successful internet marketer who also teaches people the exact formula he used for success. The mistake in your thinking, I would say, is the assumption that it would be a) easy, and b) anything you do would be direct competition to them. Both are false. Your own success will not impinge on their own, it magnifies it. Also, while the methods are generally pretty simple, they're not easy -- and the vast majority of people simply aren't willing to get off their butts and put the information into practice.

    They benefit when you are successful because it brings them a lot of word-of-mouth, and helps them develop a great following. If you have ever actually worked with these people in one of their programs, you'd know that most will bend over backward to spoon-feed you every possible thing so that you can be successful. Many even put all of their information into their books as opposed to a training program, because they know that some people can learn and be successful that way -- while the vast majority needs hand-holding to do it. They liken it to college textbooks -- all of the information you need is right in front of you, yet most people still feel the need to go to class even if the teacher doesn't require it. Ultimately, it is still up to the student to actually use the information.