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What are some of the best part time jobs a student can do?

  1. Boundless Amber profile image84
    Boundless Amberposted 21 months ago

    What are some of the best part time jobs a student can do?

    A job that doesn't need prior experience, train you for your position, and not boring. I have legit seen a woman doze off at the cashier counter before. She must either be too tired/hardworking, or the job's too boring. Now that I think of it, a job that repeats the same procedures everyday must be pretty boring.

    If you have experience with part time jobs as a student, any information on your experience and how you landed the job would be tremendously appreciated!


  2. Johnny James A profile image76
    Johnny James Aposted 21 months ago

    If you need a job while school is in session, but also need to study a lot then I recommend looking into dorm security (swiping in students) or a part-time job at a library.  I did those jobs when I was in school and it gave me a lot of time to study.  So I never got bored on these jobs as I always had studying to do.

    If making money is your primary motivation then I would look into waitressing at a high end restaurant. I was amazed at what some of the ladies at my school were making.  A charismatic personality and a smile opens a lot of old men's wallets. I am not sure what field you are studying, but sometimes your professors know people who can employ you part time, or you can work for your professors.

    If you are looking for work during the breaks, then I recommend looking for a paid internship in your field.  It may not pay a ton right away, but you can make fabulous contacts which pay dividends later.  Make sure you get in good with someone you respect and then keep in contact. 

    Good Luck to you!

    1. Boundless Amber profile image84
      Boundless Amberposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks for sharing, James! Nice advice. Librarian sounds awesome because I love to read. It's a nice, quiet place to spend a lot of time at, and I might also get to meet new people! Awesome.

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    Cissy1946posted 21 months ago

    I always fell back on waitressing, in a restaurant, whenever I needed extra money for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost it was cash every day--always my main reason for part time work. Then they also feed you, usually for free or at a greatly reduced rate. It's a relatively safe environment to work in and you won't stand still long enough to get bored. If the restaurant has a banquet room then there's the opportunity to work a banquet that usually means a really big tip (figured in automatically by the restaurant) with not a lot of work (usually a restricted menu or one where everyone gets the same meal).

    There are drawbacks. It can be very tiring and your feet will hurt. Depending on the restaurant you might be held responsible for a bill that a customer skips out on. That can be devastating but if that happens the other people working will usually chip in to cover the tab.

    You might make more money in a bar rather than a restaurant but the clients are different and the attitude toward the wait staff is different. While you will probably be able to find a job without experience be prepared to work the bad shifts or split shifts until you learn what you're doing. It doesn't take long to learn and it can be fun.

    One time I was trying to serve wine to a couple on what was probably a first date and instead of placing the glasses on the table and pouring the wine I poured the wind in the glasses while they were on my tray. (Yes, this was my first serving of wine) I got the first glass down okay but when I went to put the second glass down the hand holding the tray tilted in the same direction as the hand placing the wine glass and the bottle of wine ended up emptying itself all over the guy. Life stopped! I knew I was in trouble. Then his date started laughing. Then he started laughing. I started apologizing all over the place but they were adamant that no harm was done. They finished their meal and left me a really great tip. I figured the incident broke through the first date awkwardness and that's why they weren't upset. Whatever it was, it worked out well for me.

    1. Boundless Amber profile image84
      Boundless Amberposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Wow Cecilia, you got it lucky! I was considering working as a waitress because I have seen how a smile and greeting from a waitress/waiter can light up a customer's day. The problem is I'm clumsy and am bound to spill/drop something. Cool advice!

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    Sign up for task sites like Taskrabbit or Fiverr so that you do anything from moving boxes to bringing over takeout food to running errands so you have a variety of work but still get to schedule your hours.