Keeping your money in the biggest banks of the world: do you feel safe?

  1. Alessio Ganci profile image83
    Alessio Ganciposted 12 months ago

    Keeping your money in the biggest banks of the world: do you feel safe?

    Do you feel safe at keeping your money in your bank, even if it is one of the biggest and best rated you can find in the world, or you are mistrustful of all banks, regardless of their strength on the market? If you do not like to keep much money in the bank account, what is your favourite place? Insurance company, gold investments, keeping cash or other ways?

  2. jgshorebird profile image88
    jgshorebirdposted 12 months ago

    For now, physical gold and silver is better than fiat money. Coins, not rare ones, but your own government's minted stuff, I feel, is best -- as a back-up plan. Not for an account.

    You can use GoldMoney (it's in Canada) to enjoy a gold-backed exchange method. They even have a card. But there are tax issues. Foreign property issues. At least for Americans.

    There are newer banks popping up in the U.S. as well. I think there is one in Utah. They bank real money -- gold. Texas and others are still working on similar backed monies. Again, I see tax problems if you try to use them, however.

    But I like my gold in the same state as me.

    But we all have to play the game. Use the fiat money. Most cryptocurrencies are too volatile.

    There are several rating services available. You can rate your bank. We have no choice, but to use them.

    It's not that I mistrust banks. I mistrust the FED and the government (in the U.S.), which requires all banks to use fiat money and sets the rules about how banks can then create more thin-air money.

    Keeping cash may be a bad idea, given what happened in India recently. The cashless Keynesian economy may be coming, whether we like it or not.