money management

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    fashlonposted 7 years ago

    money management is what we are not taught in school, the only thing my professor taught me is the thoery of money. but in today's society i dont think we need thoeries but applications.
    sorry to say, most professors are broke because of too much theories. money management is just ability to apportion your hard earned cash in a way that you have more than what is going out. the only way to managed your money is to tie it down, when money becomes a hard worker for you , you are on your way to financial freedom.
    dont work for money but make your money work for you. how can you do this? just give little of what you make monthly to a particular investment,over time you will see that your money is a hard worker and faithful steward.

    identify a good and profitable venture by all means, dontrun from risk, embrace it but calculatively ; then venture. if every month you will break your income into three: 30% for yourself 30% for a business of your choice while 40% for an investment. with this simple illustration you are already a good money manager. there no miracle in riches but a committed strategy to attaining it

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    Pearldiverposted 7 years ago

    Very Interesting Theory!!

    Clearly your Broke professors taught you well lol

    Interesting that you are using this forum as an attempt to apply some form of application to this theory  hmm  lol

    I hope that you are equally passionate about recycling plastics, politicians and junk bonds. hmm

    I'm sure my Grandma told me that if I take care of the pennys... the pounds will take care of themselves and then in my life I will then achieve the ability to not have to buy into the BS lol

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      fashlonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      you are entitle to your own opinion any way but you dont have be narrow as you are