Have you ever taken a multi-week financial planning course for money management?

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  1. breathe2travel profile image80
    breathe2travelposted 7 years ago

    Have you ever taken a multi-week financial planning course for money management?

    Have you ever participated in a financial planning/money management course that was not a multilevel marketing initiative?

  2. Bretsuki profile image74
    Bretsukiposted 7 years ago

    Yes I took a financial planning course through my local community college about five years ago.

    It taught the basics of financial planning such as asset allocation, savings, stock and bond analysis. It was very informative and fun. I don't think the course is still available though due to a funding crisis in California's Community Colleges which has caused massive cut backs in services.

  3. marshacanada profile image71
    marshacanadaposted 7 years ago

    I took a 12 week correspondence course that seemed legitimate. it covered: budgeting, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, leveraging etc. It was informative but slanted towards investing in the stock market. There are similar courses on line associated with colleges.
    After taking the course I tried stock market investing through a respected investment councellor 3 times over about 30 years, all were unsuccessful. I would have done better with investment certificates.
    A friend of mine who is a retired accountant told me that over about 30 years she helped people with their accounts and,she noticed people did not make more money on the stock market than they did with secure term deposits. However she saw some people lose everything on the market.
    I am a natural coward, but I have budgeted sucessfully and have been very happy investing in rental real estate.

  4. Sheepsquatch profile image63
    Sheepsquatchposted 7 years ago

    I took two years in financial planning at a college and now I am broke. Eventually I am hoping it pays for itself though.

    1. dennis.cherenkov profile image66
      dennis.cherenkovposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I feel for you buddy, broke college professors don't usually teach useful information. I found that out personally myself.  The best knowledge I gained was from people who are actually successful themselves. Good luck.

  5. profile image0
    ghiblipgposted 7 years ago

    Never. But I learn through the books I purchased. I subscribe to magazines to pick up the latest trend and information. On and off, I do attend local financial planning seminar.

  6. LandmarkWealth profile image76
    LandmarkWealthposted 7 years ago

    I have actually taught some intro courses at the local high school for adult education.  You will usually get more from something of that nature than a seminar.  Most seminars by financial planners who are affiliated with a broker dealer or insurance company are often paid for by a wholsaler whom wants their product sold.   The CFP Board also has alot of helpful info for the consumer as well as the Financial Planning Association and NAPFA.

  7. dennis.cherenkov profile image66
    dennis.cherenkovposted 7 years ago

    I am a financial adviser and the best course I have taken was Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course.  It is not a multi-level marketing course.  I highly recommend it. It really puts things into perspective and worth every penny of it.


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