you can be rich

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  1. fashlon profile image61
    fashlonposted 14 years ago

    he rich are who they are not because of what they did to make money; it is a wrong focus to look at the activities of the rich and wanting to emulate them. The rich are not much of the wealth they possess but a composition of psychological makeup, for the rich their businesses or investment are byproduct of who they, therefore if dispossessed of all their wealth they will always bounce back richer. It simply means they have some qualities and elements the poor, who envy them don’t have. Instead of being cynic around the rich; which the typical feeling of the poor is; pay attention to learn these qualities.
    The first attribute you need is an open mind to learn basic facts that you need education, experience and keen ability to spot opportunities before the excess cash can come to you. The rich are like children who love to learn new things, venture and avoid complications. A friend told me once “you must become like a child to make money”. The problem of the middle class is that they highly complicated, the poor are pessimist and the rich are simple. The grid of the poor is crowded, while that of the middle class is squeezing downward toward the poor, while the grid of the rich is spacious. There must be the conscious desire to move up to the roomy space where the rich are, for this to happen you must decide to move and the first assignment you have to be open- minded. An open mind affords you the patience to get education that is not taught in school, the financial intelligence and the necessary business or investment experience of the rich and the simplicity for releasing the right force from within you.

    Many people mistake sophistication for complexity,   sophistication is the integration of multiple tasks in simple application, one automatically triggering the performance of others. All you need to aspire for is sophistication not complexity. To be sophisticated is that you learn a better approach of doing your venture, if you spend 1 hour in serving 10 clients, your ability to it cut down to 30 min. is sophistication. The rich are always improving on their sophistication, you need to consider saving time and better means of improving your performance.

    The confidence that is attached to hope is the principal capital of the rich, confidence is key factor in making money, if you lack self-confidence you will not want to venture. The confidence of venturing makes the rich catch the early wave while the lagers join in when the torrent is ceasing. If you are always waiting for surety before venturing, most of the time, behind such a wait is fear; fear does blindfold you from investment opportunities that can change the cause of your life. When Christopher Columbus wanted to sail out for his voyage the king of England never trusted his voyage because he was doubtful, he has to go to Spain for support and eventually he discovered America, he made lot money from his journey only to share it with his supporters. Confidence is an important ingredient for money making.

                                                   CALCULATED RISK
    A balance for confidence is calculated risk, if your confidence and calculated risk are not in equilibrium it is foolishness and waste of resources. An investment is not risky but the investor is the risk. You don’t have to throw your money into all wind of ventures. In Nigeria many became a prey to ‘wonder banks’ because they promised double fold for investment, beyond what the commercial banks are offering. Never desire quick money, what it does is that it kills logical rationale, tearing off the sail of your ‘confidence boat’ at middle of the deep sea. The rich are shrewd in putting their money to work with due calculation of pending threat.

                                                     DESIRE TO WIN
    Anyone who desire to win in money making venture must be willing to burn down his ship and cutoff all means of retreat. This is the only way he can enjoy the inherent prowess of the desire to win. Yes! The rich at times miss fire and lose money, but they never chicken out. Every human being who has attained the age of knowing the usefulness of money desires riches but mere wishing to be wealthy is not enough; the passion for winning will keep you trying until you find your unique money venture.

                                                   A DEFINITE PLAN
    You need a well written plan of making money, you can’t just speculate around, you need to sit down, draw a blue print of a venture, investment, job or business that will settle you. To make money legally is easier than fraud. Many people leave a lot of things to fate, but a poet said “we are the master of our fate”. It is a mediocre act to say what will be, will be. You have the responsibility to venture, think of your children, what they will say to you if you give room to chance. You are not here by chance but by choice. For there to be financial freedom for a man he must move away from chance to choice. You have to come to a deliberate resolution backup with burning desire to make money.

                                                      MONEY CONVERSION
    This is the striking difference between the poor and the rich, daily the rich think of how to convert their money to assets, the poor turn their money to thrash, all a poor man thinks of is how he can feed with his money while the middle class use their money to buy liability they call luxury. The rich could afford to buy luxury because their asset pays for it. The middle class want to be perceived as rich therefore they go after the luxury of the rich, further closing the squeeze downward towards the grid of the poor. An average middle class person who seeks the luxury of the rich will end up becoming poor.  Except he learn the skills of money conversion. Money conversion is transforming all your earned income to passive or portfolio income.

                                               DELAYED GRATIFICATION
    Due to the skills of money conversion gained over repeated experiences, the rich know how to suspend gratification. The poor see the extravagance of the rich and get repulsed; their focus is on the outward glamour neglecting the story behind the glory. Most of these rich people do have sleepless nights building their business, ventures, practice, professions, or trade. The predominant need for immediate gratification is a subtle ground for poverty.

                                                      ACUTE FOCUS
    The power of concentration is the “key” among the rich, they don’t experiment with life, they mind their business until there is result. The poor are idle therefore they have enough rooms for lazing around to mouth shoot the busy rich, calling them capitalist. Focus on a single pathway is frontal in amassing wealth. You can always diversify after your parent project is successful.

                                                 OPPORTUNITY OF TIME
    Opportunity glides on time, maximization of time is opportunity capitalized upon. Opportunity doesn’t come to the poor because they can be floppy in time management. Opportunity is not static, it is in being dutiful opportunity shows up when you least except it. If you so much crave for opportunity get busy with acute focus on a particular line opportunity will manifest, not necessarily by miracle.
                                                    NOTHING BUT QUALITY
    The high quality of life of the rich is an inward product of their persons, this quality is what they use in business transaction; they offer the best and will not take substandard. The feeling that average is manageable is not in their dictionary.  Some may say it is pride nevertheless this is a distinguishing factor between the poor and the rich. You must learn the lesson of the rich that whatever you are giving as your output must be nothing but quality and you will not release less than that.

    1. Cagsil profile image69
      Cagsilposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Boy was this a waste of space. However, since the forum thread are posted in search engines, as is the hubs, then it might have been done for a completely different reason than one might think.

      I'm sure of the intention here, but could be construed as self-promotion, depending on how it's looked at.

      Just my observation. smile

      1. alexandriaruthk profile image69
        alexandriaruthkposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        this can be a hub and good points!

  2. Ohma profile image59
    Ohmaposted 14 years ago

    should be a Hub I think?

    1. profile image0
      sophsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I agree smile

    2. Hokey profile image61
      Hokeyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Yes neutral

  3. MikeNV profile image69
    MikeNVposted 14 years ago

    Let us know how your plan to be rich works out.

    Sometimes it's hard to take advice about something from a person unless they are qualified to give that advice.

    I mean I would be more inclined to trust my Doctor about a Medical problem than a guy off the street.

    I'd rather be mentored by a person who had been there and done that.

    You know the cliche "Talk is Cheap".

    1. Faybe Bay profile image64
      Faybe Bayposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I already wrote the OP it is a hub, he didn't know the rules yet. I invited him over to the hub tribe and etc to make friends.

  4. profile image55
    probafixposted 14 years ago

    You can be rich by doing commodity trading...

  5. blondepoet profile image67
    blondepoetposted 14 years ago

    Definitely a hub!!!


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