Tips for a better financial Planning for a secured future

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    profitasusualposted 6 years ago

    Invite your partner or spouse and plan out your financial Future for a better tomorrow.

    List all your needs/wants in a list/scale of preference according to their importance.

    Determine which bill to pay first. This will help you avoid unnecessary spending.

    Draw your spending limit and set aside a fixed percentage of your net income say 10 %( after tax) on normal casual home or domestic use, these does not even include mortgage or rent payments. Any spending above 15% is abnormal and you need to cut back.

    Operate a different account (Different from your checking or salary account). Call it a saving Account and start to "paying yourself" Deposit at least 10% of every money that come your way.

    Be careful the way you use your creditcard/Debitcard/Atm-card. This can make you run your balance to the credit limit unaware.

    Jointly operate and manage your saving account to restrict unnecessary drawings by either party.

    Understand that not all problems need to be attended to financially. Some will solve even without any financial attention.

    lastly, pay the not too important bills—those debts in which no immediate consequences occur if paid late e.g. credit and charge cards, attorney, medical, and accounting bills, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, life insurance, childcare, gyms, or clothing.