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Change Your Life -- Change the World

Updated on February 5, 2019

How do you want to spend your time?

Imagine you suddenly become aware that you only have a few minutes left to live ... what is important now? Look back over your life: What mattered? Who mattered?

Do you remember getting irate and cursing at the person who "stole" your parking spot at the grocery store? Was that important? How 'bout the person who was just so utterly rude that you lost your cool completely and "told them a thing or two". Did that matter? NO! None of that kind of stuff matters ... "but my feelings were hurt" -- it doesn't matter! Surely, most of the things we think are so important are not going to matter when we are a few moments from death. Those things are unimportant, irrelevant, and unworthy of our precious time and emotions. You are going to die one day; how do you want to spend your time? What actually matters? When you are a few minutes from death, you will realize that none of those things ever really mattered -- so don't let them matter now, while you still have a chance at living. Do not waste your life being emotionally and mentally consumed by things that just don't matter -- what a waste of life that would be.

We get ourselves all worked up, offended by this and that, but nothing happens when you get offended -- other than you having a bad time. The solution to the problem of being offended is very simple: stop being offended. It's just a choice: when you decide that you have finally had enough, aren't going to have it anymore, and are finally done being offended by idiotic unimportant nonsense that doesn't matter, then your life will take on a wonderful change in a most amazing positive way. It cannot even be imagined until you have actually done it and experienced it for yourself. The results of just that one tiny thing alone has the ability to revolutionize an entire human life. It is just a simple decision: "I'm not going to get offended anymore." Freedom! You don't have to react anymore, let 'em say what they like; when it doesn't bother you anymore, you are free of it. Being offended by every little thing is a terrible form of slavery; you are all over the place in life when this happens, and it can totally prevent you from living as you would like to. Instead of enjoying life, you will just be offended by everything all the time; what kind of life is that? Why would anyone ever want to spend their time that way? Why would anyone choose that? By being offended you only rob yourself of the joy you may otherwise freely experience; maybe instead of being offended by what people think and say, we can be offended by something that actually matters for a change -- hunger, poverty, and war ... we should all be offended by those things, because they actually matter.

It is just a matter of making the decision and then having the maturity, perseverance, and courage to keep making that same decision; we can all do it right now in this very moment ... and oh how it would change the world in an instant if we did. We get upset and frustrated, we worry about any little thing; all of it is just a massive waste of time, energy, and life -- living that way is a waste of life. Are you wasting your life? We always laugh about stuff later on and think how silly we were for being so upset and worried. "My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” - J.K. Rowling. Worrying does nothing at all, except for make you have a bad time. Most of what we worry about doesn't even matter though, and it is really difficult to enjoy life or treat others well when you are in such states of worry, frustration, and unhappiness.

We need to love each other with kind empathetic compassion and realize the true magnitude of ourselves; there is no problem we cannot face and deal with. What is all this worry for? Nothing exists that is more powerful than we are. How could there be, when we are ALL THAT IS? ALL THAT IS can do anything; what are we doing spending our time thinking we are going to fail or not be able to deal with any and all challenges we might face? We are All Possibility; we can do anything, absolutely anything. Why are we getting angry and all worked up about meaningless things? How many times do we get mad about stuff that just doesn't matter?

People are so confused about how to change their lives; they go about it backwards, and that is the reason for so much frustration and disappointment. They try and try and try to do this or that, start a new habit, break an old one ... whatever it is; and they do all this stuff and struggle and struggle only to end up not succeeding in what they had set out to do. It is because they never changed it in the one place that actually could change it. Orna Ross: "If you can't change your mind, you can't change anything." Everything starts in the mind; it is how we interact with this reality. That's why people who think that this reality is "all there is" believe themselves to be located in the brain, but that is not where your consciousness is located -- you just think that. Your consciousness, the real you, is located in your heart. But in order to do something in this world, the 3D holographic "reality" we are experiencing, you have to have a brain; from the brain comes all the physical actions in this physical world; it is the subconscious parts of the brain that create the physical world. So, the brain is important, and you certainly need it to function in this reality, but it is not what you are; it is a tool you use to understand this reality. In order to change your life, you have to understand that, and then use that tool to actually change what you experience. Whatever you experience in life is what your brain has created for you to experience. This means that in order to actually change anything in your life, you must first change what is going on in your brain. If you don't start there, you are not going to have any success at whatever you would like to change.

People want to lose some weight, so they go on about struggling with this exercise or that one; then they try yet another horrible diet and go through all this suffering ... but then are always the same weight, sometimes they even gain weight. It's because they didn't decide to "be healthy", which is totally different than trying to lose weight. If you decide to be healthy, which is a positive statement, then ride the wave of that decision and you will naturally do what is needed to be healthy; you will have good results rather than just struggling and being frustrated all the time. That is only a tiny difference in the way of saying something, but the results are very much different.

If you learn to fully know yourself and really take the time to "change your mind" then your physical life, the one you experience as "reality", will then change to conform and reflect back to you what your mind has now begun creating. If you understand the true relationship existing between "YOU" and your brain, and become aware of how it actually works, you can then begin to create whatever you want in your life and you will almost always be successful in whatever you set out to do. Ask all successful people; they will all tell you the same thing: it starts in the mind and comes out from there. You can't change the "out there" until you change the "in here". Your life is like a mirror, of what is "in here". The mirror is a reflection, but you can't change a reflection; you have to change what is being reflected, and that is what is going on inside of you. It's like yellin' at the TV, not going to change a thing; tuning to a new channel is what is going to change what is on the TV screen, but nothing else will do it except for that.

The subconscious mind is what changes "out there", and so we have to change what is happening "in here" before it happens "out there". Our conscious minds do not create our reality; they experience the reality that has been created by our subconscious minds. If we don't control the subconscious parts of our mind, we do not control our reality; this means someone else does -- brainwashing and mind control. We have to change what is "in here" before it becomes the reality we experience "out there"; we do this by controlling what is going on in the parts of our brains that we cannot be conscious of, but we don't have to be conscious of it -- to tell it what we want it to do. Whatever you tell it to do, it will do ... so just keep talking, but change what you say. You must program your own brain, if you want to change your life and therefore the world. If we can start to understand how reality works and our own part in it, we can actually start to play an active and creative part in the life that we experience ... and that manifests as the world and collective reality that everyone experiences.

What is your life telling you?

You have to pay attention to your life if you expect to ever learn to understand what it is telling you; it has a definite language, all its own, but if you don't ever learn to listen to it you will never understand what it is trying to tell you. One of the ways you can figure out what is going on in your subconscious mind is to have a look at your life. What is it telling you? Once we figure this out we can take part in changing it, to just about whatever we want.

Some people have the same thing happen to them over and over again. A good example of this is when women end up being with abusive men over and over again. Every time they get a new man, he treats her like garbage and eventually abuses her just like the last one did. Does this mean men are bad? No, because not all men are like that. So what does it mean then? It means that something about those women is making them keep repeating the same experience in their lives. This does not have anything to do with anything being anyone's fault -- it has to do with, if whoever is being abused wants to stop experiencing the same abusive patterns, they have to change something within themselves; only then will they no longer attract, or be attracted to, people who will abuse them. This is often attributed to some undealt with trauma, but as soon as the trauma is faced and dealt with, the pattern stops; when this happens, formerly abused women find themselves with someone who treats them well and abusers of women find themselves utterly alone -- but this cannot happen until the abused woman changes what is "in here". She can have her abuser beat-up and killed, but abusers will just keep coming into her life until she deals with what is "within"; however, she will never solve the problem from "without" -- that is just the way this reality works, and everything in it works this same way.

Why is the same thing not happening to everyone? Because, it is you that creates your life. Why do you experience what you experience, but other people don't experience that same thing at all? It is something about you that makes your life however it is, and if you learn to deal with that, your life can become whatever you decide for it to be -- no matter the circumstances you face. What is coming into your life and what is it telling you about yourself? Why don't things work in your life, but do work in other people's lives? What about you makes it not work? What about them makes it work?

Responsibility = Power

A fundamental thing we have to do in order to change our lives is to take responsibility for them -- you can't change anything that you don't take responsibility for. People will often wonder: "Why is this happening to me?" Ask yourself -- because you made it that way. You did it! No-one else! You, Y - O - U, and only you, are entirely responsible for every single aspect of your entire life. That's it, and it's powerful too.

If it is always "someone else's fault" then you have no power in your life; "someone else" has control, but not when you decide that you are responsible for all that happens in your life -- then you have the power to change it. If it is always "someone else" who has the power to change your life, you will never change anything.

The answer is right in front of you; it has always been right in front of you -- it has always been right inside of you. You are responsible for your life, and everything that has happened to you is your own fault; therefore you have the power to change it.

How Things are Supposed to Be

Something else that enslaves us is always trying to control and dictate the outcomes of everything. What you can do, is do the best job you can and honestly make no excuses. Beyond that, what else can you do? You gotta put your best foot forward and then go with the flow. We decide that things have to turn out this way or that way, or else we are going to be upset in some way. "If they say this I'm gonna be so mad; if they do that I'm gonna be so sad." This is really just making decisions; make different ones. You don't have to react that way; you are not a slave, to your emotions are you? Choose freedom!

Everything does not need an emotional reaction, and you do not always have to respond to your emotions. You can feel them, understand what they are telling you, and then move forward in a way that does not betray who you really are. "I can't believe how I acted," are the words of people who are controlled by their emotions. Emotions are there for a reason, to be experienced; they are not there to control your actions and run your life. We demand specific and particular outcomes all the time, and when it doesn't happen the way we think it should we end up very upset; we do not need to be like this, and we don't have to live that way -- not for one more second! Why are we pinning all of our hopes and dreams on one outcome, when we all know that anything is possible?

You have to flow with life, and go where it takes you; you cannot fight the current of what is inevitable, what was always going to be no matter what. When something happens, it was always going to happen; there was nothing you could have ever done to change it ... it was always going to be that way. Sometimes things end up being nothing like we thought they were going to be. When this happens the only thing to do is assess the situation, and proceed forward in a positive direction. Getting upset that things did not turn out the way you had wanted them to is not going to change anything. We can do all we can, and do the best we can; but the outcome is going to be what it is, and after the outcome there is no going back. It's not like you can do anything about it afterwards anyway; so don't be upset when things don't work out the way you planned ... it was supposed to be that way. Start figuring out why it was supposed to be that way ... look at it and find out why it was mandatory to happen and what you should be learning from it; life changes when you start to see it from this kind of perspective.

We can waste a lot of time feeling disappointed and rob ourselves of the lives we should be having if we are dwelling on how things "should have been" or are "supposed to be" ... No! Things are always exactly as they "should be"; things are always what they are "supposed to be", and all we can do is the best we can with what we have.

Always becoming emotionally unstable every time we don't get what we want or things don't turn out how we hoped is just another prison of the mind that you can come out of whenever you decide to. Regret leaves your life when you realize that everything always happens exactly as it should; that simple thought can have powerful life-changing results.

We can do anything we want to do; why are we spending our lives banging our heads against brick walls and locked doors that were never meant for us to go beyond? It doesn't make any sense. Why are we banging our heads on locked doors, while other doors and windows are wide open to us? If we have all these predetermined outcomes and expectations of how things simply must be, we will never walk through the open doors in our lives; instead, we will spend our entire lives in frustration and disappointment. Why would anyone ever choose that? If you are a little skinny guy, you probably aren't going to become a Sumo Wrestling champion. You can spend your life trying to become that, but if you're not in a physical body that is capable of such things, you are not going to be able to do them. Is it obvious that whatever you are trying to do in your life is not something you are ever going to be able to do? Well then be honest about it instead of wasting your life being crushed by enormous Sumo Wrestlers! If that is your passion and that is what you love to do, then by all means -- but do not spend your life being angry, upset, frustrated, and depressed.

What is your life telling you? It is telling you whether you are on the right track or not ... listen.

Eliminate Expectations

Another thing we do is having unrealistic expectations of people: if someone keeps letting you down, maybe it is time to change your expectations of them. We make outlines and blueprints of what we think people are supposed to be or do, and when they don't do those things we can feel hurt, betrayed, disappointed, frustrated, and angry. Getting rid of the expectations is how to stop being upset by what other people do, or how they act. Let them be themselves and allow them to react to life in their own way; the moment you demand that another person conforms to being what you think they are supposed to be is the moment you attempt to enslave them. Now that you have attempted to enslave them within the boundaries you have set for their lives, what happens then? They again don't meet whatever expectations you have of them, furthering your unhappiness with the situation.

Sometimes the same thing keeps happening over and over, a repeated cycle of disharmony emerges ... and that means it is time to change your expectations; you should probably get rid of them altogether. Maybe the person you are trying to control is not capable of being whatever you are expecting them to be -- the problem is not with them; it is with you.

Stop building boxes and telling people to get inside of them -- get rid of these expectations, and allow people to live freely; in doing so you will earn the same from others. Others will then stop being hurt by you not meeting their expectations, because they will have also eliminated their own expectations of you. Dropping expectations gets rid of a lot of stuff ... and who wants to enslave other people anyway? No more expectations!

Embrace Your Heart

Intent is a powerful force, and it goes out vibrationally and magnetically attracts to us whatever is needed to achieve the intent. If you have an intent and you understand the magnitude of what you are, if it is a truly genuine intent, then it will draw to you what you need to accomplish it. This often comes in the form of something that is extremely challenging, which is why a lot of people give up before they achieve their goals. But you gotta put in the work and do the hard stuff if you ever want to achieve anything -- stop making excuses! If you want to do something like becoming healthy you are going to have to eat some good food and do some exercise -- it is that simple. You can't just take a pill or have a surgery; no, that's not going to work! You have to put in the work or you cannot achieve the goal: "you reap what you sow". A lot of people give up because it is just "too hard" (please pass the Charmin), but if your intent was genuine and the intent was true -- then you will do whatever it takes to get there. When you put out that intent, what will come back to you is always going to be what you need to achieve the intent -- so you have to do the hard stuff ... or you'll never get anything done.

Sometimes your intent doesn't matter though; it's important to keep that in mind. If your intent is to be a famous singer but your vocals sound unpleasant to everyone who has ears, your intent is probably not going to matter all that much. That is one of those closed locked doors that we can either keep slamming our faces against or move away from and look for the doors that are open to us. You can sing all day long if you like, but that doesn't mean you will be a famous singer if you have a horrible voice -- it's just not going to happen! Keep on singing, if you love to do so, but you might want to also start figuring out something else that you love -- that you are actually good at ... if you are banging your head at one door there is always another waiting for you, inviting you to come through it.

The trick is to match up our intent with what our life is telling us; when we can get that working together, accomplishing our intents are pretty easy and simple after that. It flows nice and easy when we sync our intent with the flow of our lives ... this is how ordinary people, who are just like everyone else, accomplish amazing things; at the very same time, others spend their whole lives accomplishing nothing except for making excuses and creating miserable lives for themselves and all who encounter them. Life is not supposed to be an unbroken chain of misery, frustration, disappointment, and bad times; it is meant to flow gently: "Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream." - Eliphalet Oram Lyte. Life is not supposed to be about fighting and conflict all the time. It is not supposed to be endless drudgery, misery, and a meaningless unfulfilling experience. No! Life is a dream! Row your boat -- gently and merrily -- because life, is just a dream ... it's just a freakin' dream! "Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves." - Bill Hicks.

When you acknowledge the real truth behind your problems, most of them vanish before your eyes or gradually fade away on their own. When you acknowledge your own consciousness, there is an energy shift in your life that will cause problems to disappear that seemed before as if they would never end. Life can be a fantastic journey, if you know how to allow it to be one. We can create a better life. It is not always easy to do so, but we can, and we can decide to do so whenever we want to. Everyone can do it.

Stop complaining about your life and the situation you are in; you made those choices a long time ago -- it is time to start making some new ones. When you free yourself from Mind and embrace Heart, this all becomes quite simple and clear. Through the heart is the only way for us to actually understand what this experience is supposed to be. Mind can only see the problem at hand; Heart sees the whole life and how it all fits together. Sometimes we get upset in our minds about something like running late to be somewhere; we get mad, and cuss, drive like a lunatic, and do all this other silly stuff too ... but that is just Mind. Heart "knows", that the reason you were running so far behind is because had you been on time, as you normally are, you would have been in a horrible accident. Heart always "knows". If we can just calm down, get out of Mind, and listen to Heart, our lives will be transformed. Heart knows way more than Mind, not necessarily about the problem of the moment, but about the whole of our entire lives. Mind attempts to comprehend the puzzle pieces; Heart sees the picture, even before it is put together. People who listen to the intuitive knowing of Heart can begin to avoid unnecessary problems, troubles, accidents, and a whole array of other very negative experiences. It is time for us to break out of the collective coma the human race has been in -- what a fantastic time it is! We will be challenged in every way we can imagine, but if we maintain the perspective that we are "Eternal Consciousness having an experience", then every challenge we face, individually and collectively, will be much easier.

If the caterpillar knows it will become a butterfly, it will not fear the challenge of the cocoon -- become the butterfly...

© 2019 Jason Horne


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