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A Conversation With Our Universe

Updated on March 17, 2013
Photo courtesy of Jan Harrison
Photo courtesy of Jan Harrison

From a distance you look so peaceful that it's hard to understand how you can be so cruel and self-destructive. You are quite majestic, a sight to behold from where I sit and yet you are sick, plagued by greed and power, materialism, abuse, and, violence against man and nature.

Once you were full of wonder, a place of dreams and possibilities and hope. Your landscape was clean and pure, a place where the four-legged creatures and winged-ones lived in accordance with the natural laws of survival and balance. You were the fertile ground for all the plant life; producing a plant to cure every human illness. You were the place where conscience grew from responsibility and accountability. Your coastal shores welcomed newcomers and your lush woodland forests offered refuge. Your resources were plentiful for those who preserved and conserved, never taking more than was needed.

Can you remember so long ago when your many regions were invisibly divided but their boundaries respected? Wasn't there a time when your People could live according to the ways of their ancestors and not be judged by the color of their skin or the clothes they wore or the way they prayed? I think there was. I hope there was because on days like today, it is what sustains me. It is what keeps me hopeful that our collective conscience will become a collective voice and help us to help you heal. You are so very sick.

Sometimes I think you still care. When your winds destroy our cities or floods wash away our material possessions, I sigh, thinking you are finally speaking up for yourself and telling us you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. When you shake us from your core, it frightens us, for the moment. But then, we disregard your warning and return to our apathy. We are a stubborn lot, aren't we? We are also resilient. Somehow we manage to reconstruct what you've (or we) destroyed. We go back to doing the same old things and we forget.

When you allow our differences to bring war to your regions, are you so naive that you think one more will teach us? Trust me, it will take more than war to erase our prejudice. We all think our religion is the only way to salvation. But how do we know for sure? Many will say the answer is faith. Perhaps that is the problem. We don't seem to pay much attention to things that are black and white like hurricanes and floods, earthquakes and wars. What makes you think we can trust something like faith? I'm just asking.

Yes, you are quite mysterious. You surpass my understanding. I am very sad to see what is happening to you but I will not stop believing that the collective voice of a few caring souls can make enough noise to turn things around. You may hurt me, you may make me sad. You may anger me or temporarily redirect me, but you will not stop me from trying to make a difference. I am an old soul who still believes in purpose and possibility. On your worst day, you can't take that away from me.

© 2012 Linda Crist


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