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A Compilation of Donald Trump's CAMPAIGN Lies, Misleading Statements, and Exaggerations

Updated on June 9, 2018
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ME has spent most of his retirement from service to the United States studying, thinking, and writing about the country he served.

Seems like I am having to update this Daily.


DONALD TRUMP IS PROVING TO BE THE BIGGEST LIAR IN AMERICAN Politics as he seeks the Presidency of the United States. That is NOT a hyperbolic statement, it is the absolute truth. This in not to say other politicians don't lie, they certainly do, but none in the last 60 years of my memory, has been such a prolific liar to this astonishing degree!

His ability to make things up, twist things around, boast, and exaggerate is unparalleled. This, of course, will be challenged by Hillary-haters who argue that every word out of her mouth is a lie. The difference is, I can (and will) provide a multitude of examples of Trump's prevarications while the other side can only produce a few, debatable statements as evidence. The various fact-checking organizations also support my assertion by noting that about 70% of what Trump proclaims is False; Mostly False; or True, but Misleading. On the other hand, Clinton scores about 20% of her statements fall into these categories with most being True, but Misleading.

I want to point out, before the other side does, that Hillary Clinton's most recent "lie" is the declaration that "more than half of Trump supporters fall into the basket of deplorables". LIAR they cry. But surprisingly, she was telling the Truth, according to available evidence. It is true that more than half of Trump supporters exhibit bigotry, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, and a host of other very negative traits.

So now, to prove my point, I will let Trump speak for himself (keep in mind that right now, I am only presenting his Pants-On-Fire Lies.)

The Wanna-Be Demonstrable Liar-in-Chief


The Lies

10/4/16 - VP Debate: The CNN snap poll, and I can believe it, has Pence slightly ahead on style ... he was unflappable. If you count lies and misleading statements, it was a run-a-way contest for Pence, he lied far more often than Kaine did; he had to given who Pence had to defend.

  • Pence's most egregious lie was denying that he said Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a much better leader than President Obama. Kaine said Pence said "inarguably Vladimir Putin is a "better" leader than President Obama" and Gov Pence flat out denied it. What Pence actually said in an interview with CNN's Dana Bash is " inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a "stronger" leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country." While the words "stronger" and "better" are not identical, the implications of each are identical unless semantically dissected. Bottom line, Pence lied big time
  • Kaine, during a discussion about Trump's plans for Social Security claimed Pence was “the chief cheerleader for privatization” of Social Security. In fact Pence proposed voluntary private accounts, not a private-sector takeover. True, but Misleading
  • Kaine claimed that Trump’s plan would “raise taxes on the middle class.” That may have been true for earlier versions of Trump's tax plan, but the current version as reductions of some type going to all income groups. Granted that may be only 1.5% for 80% of tax payers, The rich get upwards of 16% increase in income. Consequently, Kaine's statement is False.
  • When talking about NATO, Kaine claimed that Trump said “we need to get rid of NATO.”; he didn't. But Trump did say NATO is obsolete or may be, which can be contrued as wanting to get rid of it. So this bit of fluff is Mostly False.
  • Even though Donald Trump often said at the beginning of his campaign that he would create a "Deportation Force", as Kaine claimed, Pence nevertheless made a bold-faced lie that he "never" did. (Trump has since walked the deportation force back)
  • Pence said the Clinton Foundation gave less than 10 percent to “charitable organizations.” On the face of it, that might seem true, but it isn't. In fact, the Clinton Foundation spends, by one estimate, about 87 percent "on charitable work". The trick Pence and Trump are playing on you is by NOT telling you the Clinton Foundation is a charity in and of itself. So, Pence lied.
  • On the other hand, Pence said that the Trump Foundation is a charitable organization and gives a lot to charity. In fact, the legal status of the Trump Foundation as federal or state charity is under question and review and further, it gives very little to other charities or on charitable causes. It did, potentially, bribe Pat Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, to drop her investigation on Trump University ... she did. Pence therefore lied here as well.
  • Pence claimed Kaine was wrong when he said Comey of the FBI said "no reasonable prosecutor would bring Clinton up on charges". Comey, in fact, did say that.

9/26/16 - the 1st Presidential Debate: I will include Clinton's misstatements and lies in this update (courtesy of FactCheck.Org).

  • Trump knowingly and wrongly claims that because Mexico imposes a 16.7% value-added tax on U.S. companies selling in Mexico and America does not reciprocate for Mexican companies, that this is an unfair tariff on American exports. It would be if Mexico didn't imporse the same tax on its OWN companies; Trump knows, or should know, that Mexico does tax its own companies thereby keeping the playing field level. Bottom-line, Trump is, IMO, pants-on-fire lying. (from CNN, not Factcheck.Org)
  • Clinton said that the only tax returns people of seen from Trump showed he paid no income tax. This is a lie (to stay in the same format I use for Trump). In fact, records show he paid income tax in three of five returns that are public from the 1970s
  • Trump was correct in saying that Ford is moving their [less profitable] small car production to Mexico. He lied by omission by NOT reporting that Ford is replacing that with a more profitable division with higher paying jobs; Ford said not one job will be lost.
  • Trump falsely implied that President Obama never disclosed how much of Iran's money was to be given back to them. Of course, the truth is, Obama did; I personally heard and read the amount.
  • Clinton claimed Trump said that "climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.". Trump lied by denying he ever said that. Well guess that would be the truth, but he did Tweet it in 2012.
  • Clinton said Trump’s businesses had filed for bankruptcy six times; he [proudly?] said it was four. Clinton is right. Further, Trump has said those were good, strategic business decisions.
  • Clinton lied when she said "she had 'hoped' the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be a 'good deal'.,” She actually said the TPP “sets the gold standard.” Not a pants-on-fire lie, but a lie nevertheless.

9/20/16: At a rally in Kenansville, NC Trump laid this beauty on the rally -

"Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they've ever been in before. Ever. Ever. Ever."

Needless to say, this pants-on-fire lie from Trump, trumps them all. "Ever" is a very, very long time and extends back to when blacks were stung up by there neck until dead ... let's see that was on March 21, 1981 when Michael Donald was lynched by two Klu Klux Klan members Henry Hays and James Knowles. Yes, Donald, things are certainly worse now. Or how about from the time America was founded until 1864, there wasn't slavery, there weren't beatings, there weren't sales of black people breaking families apart, there weren't rapes of black women on a wholesale basis; no Donald, there was none of that because blacks are in worse shape today. How can Trump supporters stomach such Goebbels-esque propaganda.

9/16/16: Trump, in a speech about the "birther movement" declared that Hillary Clinton and her 2008 campaign started challenging Obama's citizenship. This has been debunked time and time again, including today. Since Trump knows the claim is not true, yet he makes it anyway, it becomes one of his latest lies.

It was supporters of Clinton who got the ball rolling after she conceded to PBO in the primary. It was debunked then. Trump and some on the Right picked up the ball and made it the myth it turned into; a myth which Trump resurrected over the last week only to Flip-Flop and declare self-righteously that Obama was an American, something he has spent seven years trying to prove wasn't true.

9/16/16: At the same time Trump lied about HRC, he also lied claiming ""I finished" the controversy about where President Barack Obama was born.". Follow the link to find out why Trump never "finished" anything regarding his birther issue. The simple answer is, if you don't want to go look is that he Never Stopped Tweeting about it once PBO released his long form birth certificate.

9/14/16: On this day Trump lied when he said ""My opponent has no child care plan.". Visit here for information and a report on her plan. But here is a sneak peak. "“I [Hillary] don’t think any family should have to pay more than 10 percent of their income for child care. That ought to be just a rule and you ought to get help if you’re getting close to that or going above that.”

What Do You Think About Donald Trump

Do You Think Donald Trump Lies More Than Hillary Clinton?

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September 2016

9/9/16: It is Ludicrous that Trump would think people would believe this lie when he claimed about Hilary: "Says Hillary Clinton has "not answered a single question" about her immigration plan. Go here to see her plan.

9/7/16: It is even more Ludicrous to believe this lie by Trump; "Our veterans, in many cases, are being treated worse than illegal immigrants." When this statement was made, it was check out. The findings is that veterans have many more advantages than illegal immigrants in the following broad categories: Health Care, Education, Taxes and Social Security.

9/7/16: And then there is this variation on a well known lie, "I [Trump] was totally against the war in Iraq." See this to read his agreement with the war when he speaks to Howard Stern he says, when asked about his support of attacking Iraq, "“Yeah, I guess so. You know, I wish it was, I wish the first time it was done correctly.” Granted, he did change his mind later in 2003 when he said this, but the fact is ... He Did Say It.

9/7/16: Also on this day, in fighting back against releasing his tax returns, he says, "I released the most extensive financial review of anybody in the history of politics. … You don't learn much in a tax return." It is self-evident that the simple fact that he will not release his tax returns while all other presidential candidates since Jimmy Carter have released theirs means his claim is a lie. The only thing he has filed is the OGE Form 278e, a financial disclosure that all candidates are required to make. It does not provide the insight a tax return will.

9/1/16: Trump, on this date, repeated a well debunked statement that "The number of illegal immigrants "could be 3 million. It could be 30 million."; but he persists tuning it into a lie. The fact is Homeland Security, the Pew Research Center, the Center of Migration Studies, and the Center of Immigration Studies all found, in both 2012 and more recently that the estimated number of illegal immigrants to be between 11 and 12 million people. Clearly, Trumps 3 million or 30 million claim is not possible.

August 2016

8/29/16: Our well informed hero tweeted these words ""Inner-city crime is reaching record levels.". According to FBI statistics, violent crime in America dropped significantly since the passage of the 1994 and 1995 federal gun control laws 1. It flattened out during the George W. Bush administration and Republican controlled Congress and began declining again after PBO took office. Specifically, it declined 26% from 1996 - 2000, 9% from 2001 - 2008, and 15% for an overall decline since 1995 of 47% 2.

8/10/16: One of the most wackiest statements ever uttered by Trump came at a Broward County, FL rally. He said "Barack Obama "founded ISIS. I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton." I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this absurdity. It is clearly one of his biggest pants-on-fire Lie. Read Politifact for comprehensive details.

There is no official statistic called "inner-city crime", so as a surrogate, Politifact used cities over 250,000 souls. The declines are much more dramatic and measure 30%, 19%, and 9%, respectively.

If you consider Murders and Non-negligent Homicides only then you wind up with for the country declines of 33%, 2%, and 10%, respectively. While for cities with over 250,000 population death from these reasons declined 37%, 15%, and 9%, respectively.

SO, no matter which way you cut it, Trumps tweet was a pants-on-fire lie ... agreed?

8/5/16: Another Pants-on-Fire false statement by Trump is that "Hillary Clinton says she wants to, ‘raise taxes on the middle class.’ " This, of course is another Trump lie. Trump pulled a Joseph Goebbles gambit. He sent out an email with an ewe are going to raise taxes on the middle class."embedded video that "clearly" shows Clinton saying "we are going to raise taxes on the middle class." But here is the problem ... she actually didn't say that. Instead, transcripts show she actually said (and I do remember hearing her say this) "we aren't going to raise taxes on the middle class." What a difference a "n't" makes, doesn't it?

8/2/16: On this date, in an interview, Trump made this astounding claim: "I’m beating (Kelly Ayotte) in the polls by a lot." (because she wouldn't endorse him of fear of losing her election). Is this true? Not even close. Around August 2, Clinton led Trump by 3 points while Hassan and Alyote were tied, so Trump is clearly wrong there. Two days later new polls showed Hillary 15 points ahead and Hassan 10 points ahead. This was rated a pant-on-fire Trump lie.

8/1/16: At a rally on this date Donald Trump told the world, America, and his crowd that

"Nov. 8, we'd better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged," he said at an Aug. 1 rally in Columbus, Ohio. "People are going to walk in and they're going to vote 10 times, maybe, who knows?"

This, of course is another pants-on-fire lie which also damages America in the eyes of the rest of world as well as feeding into the urban myths held by his "basket of deplorables" who back his campaign with violence and vitriol. You should enjoy reading how Politifact destroys this attempt at disinformation to excuse his lose to Hillary Clinton.

June 2016

6/22/16: In a speech on that day Donald Trump, trying to prove "crooked" Hillary is actually crooked, asserted Hillary Clinton "has even deleted this record of total support (for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement) from her book."

Of course this is another pants-on-fire lie. Her book was published in 2014 a year before President Obama negotiated the TPP. In the book, Clinton supports TPP in several ways on pages 78 and 79 of the hard cover edition. On pages 69 and 70, you will find the "exact same words". Clinton changed nothing - Trump lied.

6/13/16: One of Trumps most infamous pants-on-fire from Fox & Friends lies is: "The Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State."

Sputter, sputter, how can that unpatriotic, absurdity come out of the mouth of any American, let alone one running for President. The above quote is linked to the source which gives an interesting rebuttal. But I will add other information. The surge at the end of President Bush's term effectively dismantled Al Qaeda in Iraq. But the state he left Iraq's government in with no ability for the U.S. to keep troops on the ground unless President Obama could negotiate a new Status of Forces agreement. He didn't because Iraq would not agree with a central Obama demand .... that American troops would not be subject to Iraqi law. Therefor our troops had to leave even though President Obama wanted to leave about 10,000 behind.

That created the vacuum Desch (ISIS) grew in from the remnants of Al Qaeda. President Obama was also responsible for restarting the dormant (while he was fighting in Iraq) war on terrorism and Al Qaeda which has resulted in the beheading of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. What makes Trump's claim so false is that he knows this history but rejects it for political purposes.

July 2016

7/29/16: Donald Trump not only denigrates other politicians, he goes after first responders as well. At a rally in Colorado Trump said:

"We have a fire marshal that said, 'Oh we can't allow more people’ ... And the reason they won't let them in is because they don't know what the hell they're doing."

This was just his latest criticism of fire marshals over crowd restrictions, he has done it many times and lied about it each time as you will find out reading the facts in the link provided. The short story is:

  • Trump campaign signed a contract to abide by the fire marshal's crowd restrictions at each rally
  • The Colorado Fire Marshal said, based on the rule of 5 sq ft person in standing room only crowds and guidelines about the number of exits, he calculated capacity to be 1,500 in the main venue and 1,000 people in an off-site venue.
  • Trump asked if they could make it larger and the Fire Marshall (who Trump insulted by calling him a Democrat; he isn't) agreed to a 10% increase.
  • This did not satisfy Trump, and as he as done at other rallies, lashed out by saying

"This is why our country doesn't work," Trump said. "We have thousands [actually 1,100] of people in (an overflow) room next door. We have plenty of space here [he had no space]. We have thousands of people outside trying to get in. And we have a fire marshal that said, 'Oh we can't allow more people.' ..."

So consequently, I agree with Politifact that Trump was pants-on-fire lying on every count.

7/29/16: Trump tweeted one of his insults to American democratic institutions by stating:

"As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games."

An easy pants-on-fire lie. Neither Clinton nor the Democratic Party have any involvement in the setting of the debate schedule. Only the Commission on Presidential Debates does, a bipartisan, independent organization.

Hillary Does Much Better in the Truth Department


What Do The Numbers Show?

FACT CHECKING ORGANIZATIONS e.g. Politifact or have found that between 70% to 90% of the statements made by Donald Trump are False, Mostly False, or True, But Misleading. According to a June Truth-O-Meter rating, out of 158 Trump facts checked, he was Pants-on-Fire False or False 68% of the time; add in Mostly False and it raises to and amazing 78% and only 3% were rated True. Comparable numbers for Clinton are 27% Pants-on-Fire False, 13% False, and 13%.True for 120 statements checked. How do Trump supporters work around this terrible picture of a lack of veracity.

Even if you suspect Donald Trump has mostly lied during the campaign; will you still vote for him?

See results

© 2016 Scott Belford


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