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Business jet charter:Boeing business jet service for your business

Updated on March 5, 2009

Business Jet

While flying around the country or around the world you can still conduct your business

Have you seen the movie the Transformers? There's a Air Force One scene in there were a robot is trying to hack-into the computer system, and the people on the ground had to shut down their access.

The point I'm trying to make is the plane is like a flying office, a business jet, and you know what.


You can actually charter or purchase a smaller jet like that with the similar capabilities, it is a cost effective way to do business in the air.

Thousands of business people, actors, professionals, and athletes; use jets to cress cross the country, and the planet. They sometimes use the Boeing 757, a small to medium range passenger plane and you guest it, manufactured by Boeing. Another option is the Gulfstream G150 business jet, once know as the Astra SPX.

One of the benefits of using a business jet is taking advantage of the amenities, like:

" Providing sleeping compartments, this will help to reduce jet lag.

" Fewer delay getting in and out of airports, because a separate private entrance and exit is provided at the air port.

" Less security checkpoints

" By and large decreased travel time because the timetable is tailored to the traveler's need, not the airlines.

" Take-offs and landings at smaller airports closer to the departure and arrival points

" Since a lot of the smaller air ports are less than 20 miles from your departure and arrival, that a plus.

" Minimum travel time, so you don't waste a lot of time on the road.

What does all that mean?


• Short trips.

• More time for business.

• You're rested and relaxed.

Travel from Los Angeles to Paris in about 11 hours in a Gulfstream Gll, even if the jet is thirty years old.

It's getting cheaper to get there even if you don't get there any faster in the newer planes. Executive jets will cost $3-$4 million, and that's at the entry-level.

The very light jets (VLI) can be purchased at $1 million, such as:

• December 2003 the Hondajet made its maiden flight, and made its first public appearance at the Air Venture (EAA) air show July 2005 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Eclipse E500 Bizjet twin-turbofan four-seat jet aircraft cost about $1.5 million. Eclipse believes the lowest emission, quietest E500 jet ever produced will completely revolutionize the aircraft industry, saying it costs one-third less than other small jet airplane, easier and safer to operate, with the lowest ownership price tag ever in a jet aircraft. These new planes have the range and power everyone would need thanks to advances in engine design and composite materials.

The Rolls Royce FJ44 is a small two-shaft turbofan single engine Century designed for the new class of very lightweight business jets. This type of ultra-lightweight jet could effortlessly carry four passengers from New York to Florida, or New York to D.C.

Jack Nicklaus comfortable stylish Gulfstream IV-SP gets him around the world where he designs signature golf courses. You might have thought that this golf pro had retired, but only from the active golf circuit, he still travels has much has before, from golf course to golf course, taking off from the local airport that's only a few minutes drive. And while flying in comfort and style he continues his business transacts in the air.

Phil Knight; the founder of Nike sportswear and equipment, uses a Gulfstream GIII, this is an older jet first introduced in 1968. This corporate jet aircraft is extremely comfortable, efficient and luxurious.

Let's take a look at some of its features:

• Carries 1 to 14 passengers comfortable with plenty of room for them to stand.

• Non-stop transcontinental convenience, IFR reserves (Instrument flight rules) and a range of 3600 nautical miles.

• Stand-up full-size lavatory

• Cruising altitude, well above the weather and airlines of over 41,000 feet.

• Oven and microwave.

• Wet bar.

• Interior luggage access.

• Air show 400 passenger display for altitude, speed and map location.

• Fine china, crystal, bedding and linens.

• Full catering services.

• Phone satellite communications, computer and fax hook up.

• Custom sound system, DVD and CD player, and at Least 2 monitors.

• Sony PlayStation 2.

• XM Satellite Radio

Has you can see using a Bizjet whether for business or using it to visit your Overseas Vacation Homes, will make the most of your time, you don't have to be a corporate executive, or a business person. Read drama eBooks.

Time is money, and money is time, and if you have money you can make good use of your time with private jets.

Thanks to technological improvements in jets and modern business jet services, business jet charter lease and purchasing arrangement is a lot more economical than it use to be.

In many major downtown areas leasing a flying office has become easy on the pocket.


Business Jet History

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    • profile image

      Liliya Goranova 

      8 years ago

      I am currently interested in this type of charter flights, so your article was really helpful! Great hub!


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