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Bombardier Aircraft: Airplane Global Express XRS BizJets

Updated on March 5, 2009

Bombardier Global Express

Bombardier BizJets

Bombardier Global Express XRS

Bombardier, Bombardier, no I'm not talking about the WWII airplanes, I'm talking about the corporation started in 1942 by Joseph Armand Bombardier in the East Townships, of Quebec, Canada, with its Global Fortune 500 headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This company is a large producer of aircraft, BizJets, recreational equipment, mass transit equipment, and a financial information services provider. Their jets are well known for their speed, stylishness, and efficiency throughout the biz jet industry, even if their name isn't well known to the public and often confused with WWII bombers.

In 1986 the business added the Learjet operation, and continues to build Learjet under the Learjet subsidiary, but they were building out standing aircraft prior to acquiring Learjet.

Many famous wealthy individuals like Bill Gates and American film director, producer and screenwriter, Steven Spielberg own a Bombardier business aircraft properly because it continuously surpass the requirements and expectations of the world's most discriminating travelers, who also like to read Biography & Autobiography Ebooks.

The 2006 ultra long-range Global Express XRS is one of their popular models in the present line up. This enhanced version offer comfort, higher cruising speed that shrinks global distances to regional travel times, increased distance, better lighting and cabin space.

Cabin space detail:

• Width 8 feet (2.5m).

• Height of over 6 feet (2 m) it offers lots of space for even taller passengers.

• 48-foot/14.7-m length gives you plenty of room to take a walk.


• Cruising speed of 0.80 Mach (850 kph/540 mph).

With the two premium Rolls Royce engines, the Global Express XRS can effortlessly carry 19 passengers from London to New York. This effortless 6,700 mi (11,000 km) flight, with a cruising height of 43,000 feet (13, 1 km) makes the flight seems like a hop skip and a jump across the Atlantic.

The additional range increase is due to the addition of a 1,486 lb fuel tank on the wings which takes less than 15 minutes to fuel in comparison to the original model thanks to better computer systems and mechanical enhancement s.

The cost, this baby is estimated to set you back $45.5 million.

Even the smaller Bombardier Challenger 300 carries equally remarkable specification; this super-mid-sized jet is able to cross trans-continental distances. Achieving Mach 0.82 and cruise up to 45,000 feet (13, 7 km) carrying up to 8 passengers on board. Boston to LA or Paris to Prague with a range of over 3, 4000 mi (5740 km) these cities are easily reachable.

Flying in comfort the passengers and 2 person crew, arrive safely to their destination because of the highest fuel economy, low overhead, and light allow structure of this transcontinental aircraft. Since its day view this airplane has proven itself.

The Learjet name represent high quality to many jet fanatic, in their eyes the company has always manufacture the finest BizJets in the world.

The Learjet 45 for example:

• Crew 2.

• 9 passengers.

• Lavatory which is certified as a seat.

• With a 5.1 foot/1.55 m wide, and 5 foot/1.5 m high cabin.

• Comfortable amount of leg and headroom for a plane in the mid-size class.

• Eight windows along each side of the cabin.

• Plush double club seats.

On long flights if you ever need to use the rest room , you'll have no problems, you'll be so impress with the first class facilities in this terrific business airplane. But will the need arise when your cruising in excess of 480 mph (800 kph) and a range of over 2,200 mi (3,700 km)?I don't think you'll have to lose sleep about that very often.

Whether you need a smaller jet for shorter hops and want the finest designs and production in the business, or need an ultra-long cruiser for those transcontinental flights, look to the company behind the name Bombardier.

When ever your business or vacation needs require a small jet for short trips the name Bombardier should pop into your head, talk about luxury design in business jets. A business jet leader known for sophistication, comfort, performance and elegance Worldwide, that's Bombardier.


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      wow really great information....i would love to travel in this jet...thenx for sharing such a great information....have a look for this one you might like it....thanx

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      I love this jet, I used it in one of my books!