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Cessna Citation: BizJets-X- Bravo 550B Jet

Updated on September 15, 2009

Cessna Citation Business Jet

Cessna Citation

Cessna Aircraft business launched in 1927, with the name Cessna, this is the name they use to promote their line-up of business jet. Cessna Citation is one of several aircrafts in the family of turbofan powered jets they have built over the years.


1. Cessna Citation x

2. Cessna Citation ii

3. Cessna Citation Bravo

4. Cessna Citation Jet

5. Cessna Citation v

6. Cessna Citation Excel

7. Cessna Citation iii

8. Cessna Citation Mustang

They went on to a continual flow of commercial business jet success driven by innovation, aircraft designs, and after building the first cantilever wing design.

What is a cantilever wing?

It's a wing structure made of wood and covered by some type of fabric, and supported/attached at one end.

The practice of success and innovation continues to this day, as a subsidiary of Textron, owner of Bell Helicopter. The citation family has become very complex with in each of the separate aircrafts, because of design improvements, customer suggestions, re-branding efforts; all of this has resulted in many variations.

Today they are one of the industry's leading business jet aircraft company, because they branched out from the early years, mid-1960s, were they only built small 2-4 seat airplanes.

Today, it isn't just the small Piper Cub light aircraft that was built during the years 1937-1947 by Piper Aircraft that is immediately stared at, at airports.

Similarly popular are the Citation business jet series they are well known by and loved by jet owners and lovers.

These bizjets are the best flying crafts in existence; it doesn't matter if it's the terrific fast Citation X, the lavish Citation Sovereign or any of the other jet models.

Here's a little more information about some of the above mentioned planes:

Citation X, (Not the letter X, but the Roman numeral for 10) is currently the fastest average size business jet in the world, traveling up to Mach 0.92 (703 mph).

• Citation Sovereign can use numerous smaller, less packed airports that are closer to your actual destination; this nonstop cost to cost jet can cruise at 549 knots (529 mph).

This Citation small corporate jet seats 11, can easily fly a full aircraft under 9,000 lbs (4,100 Kg) from Chicago to New York. Flying along at 30,000 feet the twin Pratt and Whitney engines just sip fuel; I'm talking about the outstanding Citation Bravo 550B model.

Wait the power and efficiency is matched by a magnificent interior. With stylish paneling and light brown leather seats, the Citation Bravo is not just a flying office. It's a flying cabin in a first rate cruise ship.

The Bombardier Learjet 60 is very spacious and remarkable, but the Citation Sovereign is even more impressive. This corporate mid-size jet sports the largest cabin in its class, an eight seat cabin, and offer 40% more cabin space.

The speedy Pratt & Whitney powerplant (Jet engine and related systems) gives you a tip of smooth, fighter jet styling that goes with the mildly swept wing design. These engines can take off on runways 4,000ft (1,220m) long at maximum weight.

But certainly the emperor, the head of the class, the favorite is the Citation X.

The Citation X deserves its reputation; this jet is so fast it can shave off an hour on transcontinental flights, in comparison to other mid size corporate jets. Try this in a commercial airplane. This aircraft can reach New York from Los Angeles in just over 4 hours. May be on their way back, the passengers will read a great ebook. It must be nice to have money.

Any way.

The interior is the bomb.

Roomy describe the plenty of head and shoulder allowed, floor space for the traveler to stretch their legs, or think on their feet.

But do you think with all that luxurious interior, any body will want to get up and walk around?

I'm talking about:

• Plush leather seats

• A quiet cabin

They'll almost certainly spend their time peacefully relaxing.

Based on Cessna individual sales alone, they're the world's biggest manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. In 2006, they netted themselves well over $4 billion by producing over 1,500 aircrafts, including 307 Citations. With orders totaling $8.5 billion already recorded, there future looks equally bright. It isn't unexpected, given the company's exceptional engineering and business practices.


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      Party Girl 9 years ago

      How lovely to be able to afford your own jet - no more queues at the airport!