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Chemtrails and conspiracy theories I no longer believe

Updated on December 31, 2016

Perhaps it's not so bad after all?

I have been a truth-seeker for many years, from long before the term was even popularised. I have been a researcher of conspiracy theory material for over twenty years but I have ended up having some grave doubts about some of it and about the way people believe what they are told and then seek to push it on to others.

JazzRoc - a noted chemtrail debunker


Conspiracy theory guru David Icke

What I mean by that is that fans of a famous conspiracy theory writer such as David Icke seem to accept whatever he says as gospel and then to repeat it parrot-fashion. This applies to any leading writer/researcher - their fans and supporters will not even entertain thought and opinion that is not what is taught by their "heroes."

What is really strange about this is that the same people talk about "sheeple," meaning people who blindly follow a leader or what they are told or brainwashed with, but then these same people appear to act the same way.

Even stranger, and all credit to David Icke, he is not saying you have to believe what he says but should work it out for yourselves. He is just passing on information and the conclusions he has reached.

Nevertheless, I have found his supporters are not at all happy with opinions that do not agree with what David's books and lectures teach.

David Icke is one of very many conspiracy theory writers and researchers who talks about chemtrails as a reality and a threat. A growing number of people believe that chemtrails are real. They believe that they are being used by the Illuminati to weaken and kill off a large amount of the population, that they are made up of toxic substances including barium and aluminium, and that they are being used for weather modification. I used to believe all of that but no longer do so but saying so results in a barrage of nonsensical statements by chemtrail-believers telling me that I have been got at or that I have fallen back to sleep and need to "wake up." I posted a thread about my new belief at David Icke's forum but it became more of a batlle between me (the non-believer) and them (the believers).

I have been sent many YouTube chemtrail videos in an effort to re-convert me into being a chemtrail-believer. Well, I am not buying it and many of the videos I have already seen. As it is, none show anything proving the reality of the chemtrail belief system or threat.

My friend Tony Duncan, aka Jazzroc, gets worse - he gets nonsensical accusations made about him by people who know nothing about him in reality, and he was banned from forums and the YouTube site. What is his crime? Mainly it appears to be opposing the belief in chemtrails and for daring to say they are harmless contrails!

Over the last few months, I have become a supporter of David de Rothschild, and have published hubs here explaining why. Once again this does not go down at all well with Icke fans and conspiracy theorists!

Well, I am going to continue in my new belief that chemtrails do not exist and that the only danger from contrails that there is is that they create large amounts of artificial cirrus cloud cover that does have an effect on temperature and the amount of direct sunlight getting through. But they are not poisoning any of us, and there is no danger in going outside when the skies are covered in such trails.

I am also going to continue to believe that David de Rothschild is one of the "good guys" and is doing what he can to raise awareness about the terrible pollution of the oceans with his Plastiki expedition, and about the need and responsibility we all bear of recycling as much as possible.

On both counts, I have gained a positive outlook. I no longer have any fear or worry about seeing contrails in the sky. Secondly, I know that someone who is in a position to get a lot of publicity is doing something to inform the public about the state of the planet and offering some suggestions as to what can be done to turn things around.

Fear and worry are not good for the health and not good for your views on life and the future. Fear and worry are weapons against life and positivity that are being used against us. I do agree with conspiracy theorists on that and that is why the media is full of bad news.

My questions are: why is conspiracy theory also always full of bad news and why do followers of its leading authors all seem to revel in talking about how bad everything is? It's almost as if chemtrail-believers want the trails to be a danger and they want to be made ill!

Conspiracy theory is just as full of doom and gloom and scary stories as the mainstream media it criticises.

I think action and positivity are what we need. Let's do something about creating a better world and sorting out the mess it is in.

UPDATE: Since I originally published this hub I have been corresponding with David de Rothschild and am running a fansite for him at Facebook here:


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