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Donations from the Heart for Bernie

Updated on March 4, 2016
Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia is a passionate progressive and now leads a group of women activists in her retirement community. It's not safe to ignore politics.

It's about our children and our grandchildren...
It's about our children and our grandchildren... | Source

Who's Donating to Bernie?

Many candidates seek big donors to fund their campaigns. Bernie Sanders is different. His run for president is fueled by small donors who've put their heart into supporting him.

It inspires me when I see people struggling to make ends meet, but still they donate to Bernie. They care so much about improving our government and saving America, that some even give their last dollar.

What creates this kind of devotion? Who are the people donating to his campaign? Below are the little stories behind this remarkable political event.

I donated for the first time ever! He is the only person giving me hope lately! I feel the BERN!

— Kati Crouse

Things That Inspired People to Donate to Bernie's Campaign

  • Katie K. of Cordova, CA - I am a waitress. Some redneck Trump supporters came in tonight and were talking politics and bashing on Sanders. I took the entire tip they left me and just donated it to Bernie. WIN!!!
  • Ellen K. - My BFF donated last night for the first time after seeing Bernie's speech. She just started a new job and is waiting for that first paycheck so it had to be small. But I explained, " there are so many of us, that if we just give 5-15 dollars each time he reaches a milestone or gets unfairly treated it attacked then we can do it:) she now is #FeelingTheBern
  • Michael M. of Newton, MA - I turned 50 today. My birthday present to me was sending Bernie another $27.

Have You Sacrificed to Donate to Sanders' Campaign?

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Down to the Last Dollar, But Still Donated

  • Kristen N. of Fort Worth, TX - 2 weeks ago. I had $4. I gave him $4! lol After my tax return though I did the $27.
  • Kevin J. B. of Seattle, Washington - Bernie just asked for Contributions? You've got it. I had $11 in my account. That's how broke I am. I just gave it to Bernie. THAT is how much I believe. My country means LITERALLY my last $$$.
  • Alisha D. - I feel the Bern.... and have donated my last few bucks also. He is the only candidate I've ever donated to, we just need to UNITE ALL, not just Democrats, all parties, all creeds, all colors, this is our time to fix what has been damaged and prevent further damage. If we unite together as a nation of people, we will be able to. It's no longer about parties, it's about our children's future.
  • Jill Smith - I've given up meat and coffee to cover my Bernie habit.
  • Jennie B. of Hawaii - I gave $10 today - but I am not working right now, so $10 is a big deal - especially since I gave after Iowa as well. BUT SO WORTH IT!!!
  • Alex L. of Massachusetts. - I just donated $10 and bought a yard sign after Iowa. I'm a student and can't contribute a lot at a time but I try to donate monthly.
  • Kathleen Raft - Most of us have given a small amount! I'm a full-time student, work two jobs, just trying to get by. I do the $5/month contribution. Doesn't seem like much but it's approaching $50 in the next month or two total. That amount I could not afford at once. This is our last chance.
  • Sherri Lynn V. - I sold something on eBay and it's my only source of income right now. It was $90, half of that goes to car insurance, the rest goes to gas and food, and $5 to Bernie!

I consider every dollar I donate to be a small price to pay for the joy and hope that he places in my heart. No amount of money can buy that. #BernieSanders2016

— Lauren A. of Walla Walla, Washington

When Bernie Speaks, Donors Listen

It seems that every time there's a Democratic debate, more people learn about Bernie and are inspired to contribute to him. If Hi!!ary says anything mean about him on television, that inspires his supporters to donate TO HIM, not to her.
It seems that every time there's a Democratic debate, more people learn about Bernie and are inspired to contribute to him. If Hi!!ary says anything mean about him on television, that inspires his supporters to donate TO HIM, not to her. | Source

Actions That Trigger Donations to the Sanders' Campaign

A Democratic Debate
New & old fans hear his message & donate
An Attack from His Opponent
Angry supporters come to his defense with donations
An Attack by the Media
Donations make his supporters feel better after he gets bad press
Special Occasion Like His Birthday
Online supporters call for a "money bomb"
Winning a Primary
New & old fans donate
His supporters remember him on Christmas, New Years Day, Valentine's Day
As a Game
Someone in a Bernie Facebook group challenges others to match a donation they are making or to donate for the number of times Trump says something hateful in the Republican debate.
Losing a Primary
His fans assuage their disappointment by donating

Facebook Discussion about Donating after the South Carolina Primary Loss


Don't Feel Bad If You Can't Donate Much

Every dollar counts. If 50,000 people give $1, that's $50,000 for the campaign. If a million people give $5, then that's 5 million dollars for ads, rental of rally halls, signs, hiring local campaign managers, etc.

The Saturday Night Live Skit - Larry David (as Bernie Sanders) Asks for Vacuum Pennies

Got Pennies? Donate to Bernie

When Larry David spoofed Bernie Sanders on SNL, he probably had no idea he was creating a new revenue stream for Bernie when he said we should send in our vacuum pennies. That's what folks are doing now. Everyone has a jar of change at home, right?
When Larry David spoofed Bernie Sanders on SNL, he probably had no idea he was creating a new revenue stream for Bernie when he said we should send in our vacuum pennies. That's what folks are doing now. Everyone has a jar of change at home, right? | Source

The Clinton Campaign Tries to Mimic Sanders' Small Donor Success

Last month I received a fund-raising email from Hi!!ary C!inton's headquarters. Apparently I got on her address list when I filled out some poll.

The odd part was, the letter asked for a $1 donation. Aha, I thought, she's feeling the Bern. I remembered how uncomfortable she looked when Bernie proudly stated the record number of individual donations he received. It was in one of the debates, I think.

She tends to adopt many of his platforms and I guess she wanted to be able to say she had lots of small donors too. I almost felt sorry for her attempt at copying Bernie. Almost.

Bernie Sanders Victory Speech in New Hampshire Included a Quickie Fund Raiser That Almost Broke the Internet

How Can He Get That Many People to Donate?

The part other candidates don't understand and the media doesn't comprehend either is how Sanders convinces low-income and middle-class people to part with their hard earned dollars. He's often labeled by media as grumpy or as a SOCIALIST.

What they don't realize is the people recognize Bernie Sanders' authenticity and his burning desire to make life better for all in America. He's the people's champion and they want to help him achieve his goals.

It might require sacrifice on their part, but Bernie is David facing Goliath (both political parties, the media and Wall Street too). Anything his followers can do to help, they do, even if it means sending him the last few dollars in their bank account. In addition, they are phone banking, canvassing, making homemade signs, and persuading friends and neighbors.

One $15 donation might feel small, but when there are hundreds and thousands of them, it turns into millions.

— Sommer Mneimne
Vote for Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. He wants a better life for you and me.
Vote for Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. He wants a better life for you and me. | Source

When You Get a Fund Raising Request from Hillary, Donate to Bernie Instead

A post from the Democratic Underground - "I have just contacted the Clinton campaign...

Since Dec 22, I have received 6 emails from the Clintons (Hill, Bill, & today, Chelsea) asking me for $$. I believe that my email address was accessed because of the data breach, since I have never been a fan of hers...

I have asked them to remove my name & email from their list, but they just keep on, so today I told them: Every time I hear from the Clinton campaign asking me for $$, I will donate $10.00 to Bernie Sanders, and I will suggest that my fellow free-thinkers do the same.

Are you with me???"

© 2016 Virginia Allain

What Inspires You to Donate to Bernie Sanders? (comments are moderated, so won't appear right away)

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    • Virginia Allain profile imageAUTHOR

      Virginia Allain 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      nicomp - I'm leaving your comment here about welfare checks, college loans and section-8 housing, but it's totally out in left field. First of all, many of the poor are working poor. Companies put the squeeze on the worker by not paying a living wage, so many people work 2 jobs and still can't make ends meet.

      Secondly of all, many of Bernie Sanders' supporters are not poor and can well afford to support a candidate. I, for instance, have a master's degree, worked 30 years in a white collar career. I have 2 pensions and my husband has a pension plus we've invested over the years. Now, I'm retired and living quite well with a home in an enviable retirement community plus a getaway cottage and a motorhome. My homes are fully paid for, my college loans were paid off years ago, and I've always been employed.

      Despite my comfortable life, I do not sneer at people who haven't been as fortunate as myself. The system is rigged against them and that is what Bernie Sanders is trying to change.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      4 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Please keep donating to Bernie. Send him every last dollar from your welfare check. Send him every penny from your college loans. Mail to him all the loose change under the couch of your section-8 apartment. He's coming for it anyway: just make it easier for him by eliminating the middle-man.

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 

      4 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      I admire your commitment to your chosen candidate Virginia. It's something remarkable when a politician seems to speak directly to you and your values. Good luck!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Bernie Sanders is a voice of hope for taking back the government into the hands of the people (all of the people) and away from the corporate sponsors. He has the capability to inspire us all to do better and to be better, and when I donate to him, I feel as if I am donating toward the future of my son and grandchildren as well.


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