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Herman Cain Gets Secret Service Detail?

Updated on November 18, 2011

Herman Cain Recieves Secret Service Protection?

I waited and reflected before I wrote this article because I am really trying to be positive in negative times. But I could not believe my ears when I heard Herman Cain was being protected by the Secret Service? And there are several reasons why I feel this is exceptionally inappropriate given Herman Cain's standing in the American Politics. I believe I have relayed on several hubs covering the debates that I feel like it has been a terrible error on the Republicans to have so many debates as they have talked themselves into a hole they may never be able to dig themselves out of.

Let me also clarify Mitt Romney will not get Secret service protection until he is in the White House as he is the real threat to Barack Obama's candidacy.

1) Herman Cain has been running around the country for the most part selling his books and not seriously running but more appearing as if he suffering dementia or Alzheimer's spotting his ridiculous 999 plan which is nothing more than a flat regressive tax on the poor. I can understand why Obama wants Cain to win the Republican Nomination because he will keep the White House but that isn't in the best interest of Republicans.

2) Cain had the audacity to tell the Occupy Wall Street crowd that the only person they had to blame for their unemployment and lost retirements are themselves. Using that logic and allowing for natural consequences which is what Cain advocates for every time he tells poor people it is their fault for being poor he should be denied Secret Service. If Cain's life is endanger then perhaps he should get out of the race or learn not to say such politically toxic things for which the natural consequence would be an assassination attempt on Herman Cain.

3) Cain is a millionaire who hasn't paid taxes like the rest of us in over a decade. He can well afford to pay for his own security detail. And since it was his big trap that got him into this mess then let him foot the bill for his own safety. After all the rest of us have to live the consequences of our actions why should Herman Cain or any other politician be exempt for having to live with the consequences of their behavior? Doesn't everyone in politics get it that they aren't special at all anymore but detested?

4) How physically conservative is it of Herman Cain to have a Secret Service detail which the tax payers will have to foot the bill for when he hasn't even won the nomination from his party? Herman Cain hasn't even won the nomination and the American people, especially the children of the American people, are getting stuck with Herman Cain's security bills. No wonder he is a millionaire. He makes everyone else pay for his misdeeds. Beside he could easily ask the Koch brother's to cover his security detail and then The People would haven't to be stuck with the check.

And then you have to ask yourself why would anyone in America ever vote for Herman Cain with a flat regressive tax plan for the middle income and poor people to pay the majority of taxes in the country to preserve his and his buddy’s personal wealth? The majority of the country wouldn't especially with this new tax of Cain's Secret Service.

It is not very physically conservative to be running up Secret Service tabs and putting it on The People's tab before even getting the nomination now is it Mr. Cain? And this is especially true given you could easily pay for your own security detail form your millions or your book proceeds which you have been pandering throughout your run?

If natural consequences or poverty is good enough for the people living outside of the belt way accord to the bums and crooks inside the beltway then Herman Cain needs to take his chances like the rest of America or he isn’t one of us and he is just another establishment candidate. And I am Republican.

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hello my good friend junko,

      But doesn't the Republican Party understand the hycropisy of being physical conservatives who demand Secret Service protection at tax payers' expense. Yes, I have long predicted Herman Cain is out of the race. He is just hangning in to make as much money as he can but he shouldn't allowed to do it as a physical conservative using the Secret Service at taxpayer expense.

      It is just the same old cronyism that seems to plague American politics that never ever seems to end. No I think Romney is the GOP nominee. I just cringe at the thought of you or my child and me who are paying for Herman Cain's Secret Service detail when he can very well afford to pay for his own security.

      But it is always wonderful to hear from you my friend. All My Best,


    • junko profile image

      junko 6 years ago

      JT, You and I know Cain is not a general election presidential candidate. He is trying to enjoy the perks of a President or a general election Republican candidate. He should be leaving the race in a week or two, but he may hang around for as long as he's protected.