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Is The Tea Party Conservative?

Updated on May 2, 2014

Sarah Palin


Ultra Right Conservative??

The Tea Party claims to be the ultra right conservative movement of both the religious right and constitutionalists. But you have to wonder if they are conservative. Why are their leaders posing in bikinis with guns in their hands? Are they making and ad for the NRA?

Do they realize the message they are sending to young women everywhere? Have they considered that we know the pictures are photo shopped and can be un photo shopped readily? How can anyone take the Tea Party Movement seriously with all these pictures floating about the Internet?

Bachmann's photo was taken and published last year and she expects us to think she is capable of pulling off the imperialism of the presidency as a swim suit pin up? It would require a quantum leap of delusion to support Bachmann as president. It isn't just the swim suit it is also the gun and the savage look in her eyes like she just sacrificed and ate a new born baby.

Be that as it may, for your entertainment only, because these women aren't to be taken seriously nor is their political movement, you can rate Palin vs. Bachmann. Tell me and share with me which one of them you believe looks best in the swim suit and which one is qualified to be president.

If I really get a bee in my bonnet, I will show these women unphoto shopped and then all of you will readily reconsider everything.

She Thinks She Can Run Our Country?



Let Us Consider Their Credibility

Let's take the only substantive claims they have made about their party and evaluate their claims on merit alone.

First that they are conservative. Well there is all kinds of conservative. One can be fiscally conservative but support banning guns. I would submit that The Tea Party which I have renamed the Flea Party because they are parasitic pests to the Republican Party aiding the Democratic Party, have control of Congress. They have out spent the last administration yet again? Look at the spending budgets. Oh yes, most of that is classified. But the Tea Party has approved horrendous enormous spending bills. Yes, Palin agreed with the Corporate bail out and handed the bill to Main Street in the form of new taxes. Yes, that is fiscally conservative...not!

Second, let's look at their claim of being constitutionalists. One could argue they have not read the constitution because Congress approved the National Defense Authorization Act which gives the government the right to detain American Citizens without due process of law. This suspends Americans constitutional rights. The Tea(Flea) Party approved it and sent it to Obama to sign.

Third, which I like to call the bonus round! it can be argued that Palin and The Tea (Flea Party) party are not Republican. First they are more readily aligned with the Democratic Party. Second, Palin calls herself an Independent. Independents are not Republican. Third, The Tea Party (Flea Party) has spent like drunken sailors at a brothel while spending due process of law in the name of the National Defense Authorization Act. The Tea Party Congress has done this to you all while passing the Obamacare bill which is a flat tax on healthcare.

Fourth, women of the Republican Party are educated and very bright. Clearly, Palin is not And therefore not Republican. You could not have found a more unsophisticated, old, ignorant woman, incapable, irrational delude megalomaniac while extreme malice in her heart to think she can effect reform in the political system. She is not a reformist, she has had The Tea Party take your right to due process of law, she is an admitted independent, aided the Democratic Party, had The Tea Party pass a huge spending bill yet again and she is not Republican. She is an embarrassment who makes a tremendous amount of money off of her gaffs selling to the poor, disenfranchised, uneducated, white base of the Republican Party to divide the Republican vote.

The Flea Party and especially Sarah Palin and her congressional lackeys have spent more than either party and taken all of your rights In the name of being a Republican which she clearly is not. Personally, I dread The Flea Party and Palin more than I ever will Putin. And you should too. She feeds of the poor white Christian base of the Republican Party expecting you to buy into her ignorance and ill will. Trust me the country has suffered worse with The Tea Party in power in Congress than had there been a Republican Congress.

Palin the Ignorant Politician



Palin and Bachmann Harm Minority Rights

It isn't even like their sex appeal is on the line it is more like their sanity is in question. I think both of these women represent power hungry crazed extremist version of women today. They do more harm to women's rights and children's rights in the name of their own power hungry quest for money. I think because they are mentally unstable they get away with it while most public officials would be shut down by the government for misrepresenting and harming minority rights.

You have to wonder why our government would let these two very extreme individuals tear up women's rights and children's rights for their own self serving principles. Martin Luther King would spit on both these women for what they represent and are doing.

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TPM Conservative?

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The Embarrassment; Sarah Palin and The Tea Party

As an educated white Mother of a child with exceptional needs this woman is completely unbalanced to me. She is an embarrassment to herself, women everywhere, her state, and her country. She has killed any chance women have in running for the Vice Presidency in the Republican Party. Neither conservative nor concerned for your constitutional rights her and her lackeys in The Tea Party/The Flea Party are only concerned for their own personal wealth and power. Their net effect is to destroy the base of The Republican Party.

She and her lackeys have spent this country's wealth without consideration to their fiscal conservation montra.

Sarah Palin is perhaps the most anti-social politician who resigned her position as governor of Alaska because of corruption charges. How seriously can anyone take her really? Quite frankly, the men in white coats should have come for her long ago. The Tea Party members of congress who have voted in accordance to their esteemed leader Sarah Palin need a mental health check too.

Palin and The Tea Party are like the herpes; you just can't get rid of them. If you do not believe me take Barbra Bush's words for it.

From Barbra Bush to Sarah Palin and The Tea Party


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    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      8 years ago

      Stu you don't knwo why Palin "Plead No Contest" and it doesn't mean she was innocent. No Contest means she accpeted she had been charged and was guilty and she threw herself on the court. NO CONTEST and those would have had to have merit in order for them to brought forward and for Palin to plead "NO CONTEST".

      Okay she was ran out of office for corruption. I can check and I will see if she had to pay any fines and do any community service. If she did she was guilty!! 80 ethics charges? Wow, 80 thics chrages is a lot of ethical problems. She might not be fit to be a dig catcher let alone a public servant.

      I certainly do not know what you mean Stu? The first Amendment is alive and well.

      I have a wonderful hub coming up on Bachmann's race relations and her intelligence just for you Styu because you are such a dear hearted person.



      I'll post Palin's NO CONTEST Punishment in another article. You are full of such wonderful Tea Party Moevment ideas!!!

      And not only does Palin not have a Master's degree she doesn't even have a Science degree which means she didn't complete advance Mathematical courses or Science Courses the rest of the world did no wonder she believes in creationsism.

    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago


      You are correct about Palin's degree.

      But Palin was never "kicked" out of office. She was "smeared out." Over 80 ethics charges was alleged, and she couldn't govern if she had to spend all day defending herself. She pled no-contest to get rid of one allegation that wasn't worth the time or money to fight. ALL THE OTHER CHARGES WERE DROPPED AS SOON AS SHE RESIGNED.

      BTW, agreeing with someone isn't rude, but removing posts is.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida


      Before you post your garbage on my Hub get your facts straight. Palin only, and I mean only, has a BA from University of Idaho in Journalism. She spent two years as a govenor barely enough time to do her job was was summarily kicked out and sued.

      But I know you and Palin have shared evangelical delusions of granduer.

      You aren't qualified to post on my hub.


    • profile image

      Jt walters 

      8 years ago

      Wow Stu,

      That's rude. I had hope you would have been more civil.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Oh Peter,

      I appreciate your comments so much as a person who is from Alaska. The haters are alive and well on the Hubpages. I don't mind people disagreeing with me sometimes I find it refreshing like in my debates with Stu but the personal attacks are little much.

      Haridopolos dropped out of the Senate race for Florida yesterday so another Tea Party Movement person bit the dust!!!

      Thanks for your comment and support Peter. I appreciate it so much!!

      And I will be reading you soon.


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      8 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      One correction JT when Sarah was being questioned about her experience in foreign relations she said she could see RUSSIA from her back porch. Quite a feat since Russia is over 1000 miles to the west of her house in Wasilla. And as a 30 year resident of Alaska even under Palin, she had nothing to do with the prosperity of the State and less to do with cleaning up anything except her bathroom. She is a quitter and the people of the state of Alaska will never forgive her for that.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      You are insulting my self portrait? Are you an artist? I understand to busy claiming Obama has brain disease and thumping the bible! It must be wonderful to be filled with so much self delusion.

      Bachmann hides in the Bushes from gay advocates. How much courgae and popularity could she possibly have? Let's not forget Bachmann claimed Jesus Christ told her to run for office and she claimed Obama emptied the strategic oil reserves. Have you put gas in your care lately? How could all the oil be gone? And let us also not forget Bacmann was subsidized or was on welfare for raising those very 20 children. Something she would readily do away with. The point is liberals are liberals social and fiscally. It is impossible to seperate their social values from their fiscal policy and everyone lies before they get into office. Bachmann is just another politician claiming divine right and hidding in the Bushes from the gay advocates. A master's degree wow? Wonder what she had to do for it. I doubt she could have earned it because she isn't bright enough or articulate enough to have been awarded it based on merit. Just like she is not qualified to be a presidentail candidate sitting one term on intelligence and having to be gagged most of the time on that committee.

      Palin was sued and sued big time on the way out of Alaska. She was pratically kcked ut of office although I think she resigned under pressure of several criminal charges. And her campaign promise was ot help children with special needs and she cut the budget by 60% on the way out of office so the only person Palin helped was herself. Palin has a masters's degree and can see Alaska from her home? Really, I'll have to fact check that. Niether candidate went to an Ivy League School unlike Obama. He went to two!!

      Alaska is prosperous? That must news to Alaskans. And it was all Sarah Palin's doing and nto the established business community of gas and oil inductry up there. Sounds like Sarah is taking a lot of credit for doing nothing. She didn't even make it one term as a govenor. She quit. Quiters never win!! Isn't that in your bible?

      Both these women only have sex to sell like prostitutes and nothing on substance. The minute they floated these internet photos that is exactly what they sold was their sexuality. And it is insulting to woman who do have graduate degrees that earned them by merit. It is insulting to all women over the age of 40 and they will lose because of this move. They don't knwo their electorate very well. And they count on dumb people to take up for them and defend them with the exception of Stu. Stu has made some really reasonable arguments without getting insulting. I value his feedback. So nice of you to comment so late after this article has been posted all over the internet. I have lots and lots of hits on this and everyone agrees they are emabrrassed by these women and they are only selling sex. I take polling data. Because of these photos and thi sis polling data these women will not be taken seriously. That and Palin seeing Alaska from her house and Bachmann claiming Jesus Christ told her to run and the oil reserves are empty.

      I am a solid Republican with Independent tendandacies and you make me want to vote Democrat and defend Obama. You are a minotiry in a long line of people who have already commented on several different internet posts.

      Goodbye minority too bad you couldn't argue civily like Stu!! Stu makes good argumenst for these women and you just insult people.



    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      WOW! you believe they are after womens rights? You don't like their fake photos? I bet you don't like their real photos? I noticed you yourself hide behind a fake photo as many liberal conservative bashers do on this site?

      Bachmann has a masters degree, raised 5 children of her own and 20 something foster children, She is very well liked and very successful! ..........doesn't sound her woman rights were infringed upon! Sounds to me like she embraced them and made something of herself!

      Sarah has almost the same qualifications, not to mention cleaning up Alaska and helping make it one of the most prosperous states in America!..............doesn't sound like she did anything to the detriment of woman anywhere! tell me again what is your beef?..........Oh and be proud of your garbage enough to post a current pic of YOURSELF!

    • profile image

      jt walters 

      8 years ago


      You made me laugh again and this is good debate when we can do it with a laugh. My family worked for Rutherford B. Hayes and yes, my family was Hayes appointees. So I know quite a bit of history from the inside. And it is very different form the outside.

      Yes, I can agree the tenth Amendment was dumped after the Civil War if you can agree that the pre-emble gives the federalies unfettered authority to pormtoe general welfare which includes but is not limited to education. An ignorant country can't defend itself agreed?

      And that individual freedom died in this country after the civil war. Our coutnry was too weak to do anything for itself let alone its people after the civil war. Thus became the Hayes appointees.

      State freedom may not be a good thing. Take gay mariage for instance. One state wants it like New York and i believ Vermont as well. I am totally for gay marriage. But the rest of the country wants marriage to be between one woman and one man. So you could feasibly have a country where states are fighting each other over individual rights. I ca guarantee you as sure as i have written to each of your responses this coutnry is as much for gay people as it is for anyone else. There is really no reson to even have a debate about this ad eyt those bikini clad babes you support claim social conservativism. So why cn't they support the gay people? You can't claim to be a social conservative with pin up photos and deny gay people their rights. You just can't do it. And if you are a social liberal then more than likely you are a fiscal liberal.

      Little people don't vote. There is this thing called the electorate college. Congress votes the executive into office. Thsi was done a long time ago and perhaps needs to be done away with because when the electorate college was made it was to ursurp the uneducated and illiterate out of their votes. You cut education funding and we will not have people capable fo voting the rigth candidate into office.

      When Democracy is too weak to function we do move to a more socialistic structure of government but I doubt Obama/POTUS is a socialist. I haven't heard of him turning down a pay check yet. That makes him a capitalist. Let's see if he has a presidential library under construction...that is a capitalist. The organization Obama belongs to is also an organization my family belong to and I can tell you they live to serve this country because the people are too weak to care for themselves.

      If you think for one minute Obama hadn't planned on squashing his own budgte when he got into office you are wrong. I really don't want to ruin it for you Stu but Mitt Romeny and JEB will more thsn likely be the next President and VP. It is a club with a very small membership that onlyt he elite can ever belong to.

      Elections of the Congress aren't as controleed as the POTUS but even if you throw all the bums out which I have suggested in the end gthe new bums will be just as obiendent to the POTUS as the old ones. There is no such thing as new government or even change in government it is just a selling point and not even a new one. IN order for Bachmann or Palin to get anywhere and i mean anywhere they will have to stop complaining, get their acts together, stop referencing JC, and start speaking on substantive issues much like you have here but more constructive. And right now we are less than two years away and they haven't managed to speak on substantive issues but about JC and have photo shopped bikini pictures.

      Maybe the rest of America doesn't have a brain but I do. You do as well Stu and while we don't always agree we do have some of the same beliefs in law.

      Grass roots is also fiction it only worked for Jimmy Buffet and it was rather illegal. You want Bachmann I suggest you get a job advising her on speaking to substantive issues. NOw woman with a brain nis going to accept her while she is making false religious claims, claiming Obama emptied the oil reserves (BTW, I bought gas this week so we aren't out) and selling sex instead of bread and butter issues. Sex is a cheap palor political trick that Cicciolina successful pulled off in the 1980(s) in Italy but ti will not work here because the majority of America is educated and over the age of 40. And they find members of political parties parading aorund in bikins to be undignified and tacky and lacking of class and unbefit for the offce of the presidency.

      You are right about a lot Stu and wrong only about a little but Bachmann is not your candidate unless she seriously gets her act together and extremely quickly. I wouldn't have been able to find the bathing suit picture unless someone wnated me to and Bachmann is not a very bright person not to realie it would come back to bite her. I don't think I can deal with another stupid president. Geurge Bush took all my tolerance for stupid. How he could get into the office of the presidency and not conjugate verbs is just beyond me?

      There is a governent that runs what you preceived as a government that has absolutley nothing to do with Congress. I don't believe I am allowed to explain it to you but our government is very much like the wizard of oz. There is Oz and there is the wozrds. Bachmann is not a wizard she just lives in OZ which gives her an altered reality. In the end Stu you would know that the USA is not the governing body of this country. We very much are like Iran in that way except we love Israel. It is for everyone's protection that no one actually knows how governemnt works so in the end government will also be soveriegn and unchangeable. You have to be from the inside to understand. If you check my Hubs out on the Rough Riders there are clues. I think I show William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt's signatures. I know I show the Bushes signatures.

      I wish you would run for office Stu. I think you would make a great front man. You have passion about what you write and you are very articulate. You would be perfect. If not go work for Bachmann even if it is on the local level and try and wash the knots out of her brain washed head.

      I like our friendly debates. I don't embrace dsyfunction. I just understand who really runs the country and the likely hood of actual change is s improbable if only for the worse.

      Outside of DC we are al Refugees. Well maybe not all of us but most of you. Please go inside the beltway aand I would love to hve this conversation with you then. My family workd for 8-9 presidents and if JEB makes it in it will be 10. The truth is stranger than you could ever imagine. But thank you because you give me faith that someday our people might be free because they educate themselves and have shown the ability to argue diplomatically. Lead Stu because I believe you can if you drop claiming Vermont is the Bastionof Socialism which I would love. Still wnat the Summer abode up there. I buy my son Austrian PJ(S) from there. It would be nice if he could wear them more than once a year. It is rather hot in Florida for us Germans.

      You have a great sense of humor and you are well written with humor. I enjoy our discourse. Check out the Rough Rider work I have done on the HUbpages. I think you can figrue it all out. And yes, saddly no matter what we are moving towards protectionsim in this country. It has nothing to do with me or my opinion but an effect of a cause. World Trade always leads to abuses and isolationism and protectionsim.

      Always good to ear from you. All My Best,


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hi JT,

      Not hot under the collar at all. Just continuing our discussion; not upset about anything. Sorry if I accidentally came across the wrong way.

      Not quite accurate to say the Constitution was dumped following the Civil War. It's more accurate to say that the Tenth Amendment was dumped at the start of the Industrial Revolution (about 1890).

      In what way is the Constitution antiquated? A small handful of things requiring change have in fact been amended. What specifically is out of date now (that hasn't already been repealed within the Constitution)?

      The Tenth Amendment is not only viable, it is critical. The serial usurpation of state and individual powers by the federal government (i.e., federal violation of the Tenth Amendment), has resulted in horrific loss of freedom, and atrocious debt (because the feds always overfund the management of the stolen powers). We need to get the feds to manage ONLY enumerated powers, essentially the military, coinage, treaties, and resolving disputes between states. EVERYTHING else needs to be returned to where it belongs - the states and the people. State and individual freedom would soar, and the cost of government would drop like a rock (since states, unlike the feds, can't print money and must actually balance their budgets, so the returned powers won't be overfunded).

      Who gives a rat's derriere about the bikini shots, whether they are real or Photoshopped? I care about ideology and skill. If Palin or Bachmann want to flaunt their stuff, I say, go have fun. Being a conservative doesn't mean you have to be "American Gothic" on steroids.

      The TPM is not exactly trying to "split" the GOP; it is trying to "flush" it. The idea is to vote out about 98% of the incumbents (centrists), and replace them with clones of Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, etc. (genuine conservatives).

      We are partially in agreement on protectionism. I feel very strongly that we should religiously apply retaliatory tariffs in respect of countries that subsidize their own domestic industries (directly or via tax breaks), or lock us out via import tariffs. I'm simply against the US applying import tariffs to protect our own industries against incoming products from countries that are not engaging in unfair trade practices against us.

      You are totally wrong in your interpretation of the Constitution. The Tenth Amendment clearly states that federal powers are limited to those inuring to it in the Constitution (the "negative powers" concept), and state powers are unlimited except to the extent denied by the Constitution (the "positive powers" concept).

      "Comporomise" is why we are in such a mess. "You vote for my bill, and in return I'll vote for your's, we'll both bring home the bacon and get reelected." This HAS to stop, even if it means more gridlock for a while. We need a "take no prisoners" approach: (1) strictly enforce all law constructionistly with reference to framer intent only, (2) bring the public debt down via draconian fiscal austerity, and (3) vacate all regulations that are harmful, unnecessary, or cost more to administer than the value they create.

      I challenge you to find ONE source of funds Bachmann has other than grassroots donations. Just show me ONE.

      By definition, a socialist is a dictator who believes that private groups (businesses, clubs, unions, etc.) exist to further the interests of the central government ("corporatism"). Obama fits this definition to a tee. Look at all the illegal bills and EO's he's floated, like extending the Patriot Act (violates four Amendments in the Bill of Rights), the Governor's Conference EO (violates posse comitatus), the UN Small Arms Treaty (violates the DOI and Second Amendment), the Disclose Bill (violates the First Amendment), the Net Neutrality Regulation (violates the Tenth Amendment), the Appointments Bill (violates the Appointments Clause of the Constitution), the AG Firearms Restriction Bill (violates four Amendments in the Bill of Rights), the proposed Internet Kill Switch Regulation (violates the Tenth Amendment), The Federal HC Act (violates the Tenth Amendment, House funding authority, and Senate cloture rules), etc. And Obama's corporatism is rampant - virtual takeover of the HC insurance market, destruction of the private student loan market, illegal forced intervention into the public/private school curricula business, unconstitutional bailouts of auto and insurance companies, etc.

      I know Obie is naracissistic, and I'm certain that people speaking ill of him hurts him alot. GOOD.

      You are wrong about the little guy changing DC from the outside. It's the little guys who get to VOTE. It's the little guys who send letters to their Congressmen, sign petitions, etc. The point is that if you can get enough voters demanding the same thing, you can put reelection fear into Congress. This very dynamic squashed about half of the Obama agenda during the 111th Congress, and bear in mind that both houses of Congress were led by Democrats at the time.


    • profile image

      jt walters 

      8 years ago

      You seem a little hot under the collar Stu. Oh I agree what the fouding fether's wanted is not happening but that was befvore the civil war and the country really hasn't been following the constitution since the civil war. Perhaps because the ocnstituion so miserably failed during the civil war and ocntinues t do so today. It is an antiquate document and getting consensus on it will be impossible. Setting the bar high meant many people would live their lives as second class citizens in the USA.

      Tenth amendment has been a viable amendment for the last 100 years, What makes you think it will suddenly work now? What makes you think DC will change at all?

      You have to admit the bikini shots don't help the TPM positions of credibility. If anything everyone will lokk ate them and think Palin and Bachmann are radical women. What makes you think a social liberal is really gong to be a fiscal conservative? How many people running for presidnet have lied to you Stu? You don't know what they say before they get into office is always a lie when they reach office? How naive can you be?

      TPM is attempting to split up the Republican Party wow they are really out there to think they could have so much influence with so little experience.

      Proven Protectism will hurt the general welfare? You can't but I can prove we are worse off as a country becuase of world trade because it is not fair trade.

      Haven't you read enough law to know that it is always wrtte with loop holes. The pre-emble gives the federal government all the power it needs to do whatever and then only the amendments try to giuve rights which in most instances are negated.

      Perhaps Republicans aren't centerists but are just pratical unlike the TPM nd they realize nothing happens in Washington in a void. There always has to be compromise.

      Bachmann sits on the iNtelligence Committte and you want me to believe she isn't getting any special interest monies. I seriously doubt it. Intelligence always pays for the obvious reasons.

      I don't think Obama is a socialist. I hear this rant from the same people who call him a Muslims and question his nationality. I think Obama is trying to do his best in some very difficult circumstances and we all need to support him because whetehr we like him or not he is our leader.

      I think you dn't realy get how hard the job of the president is and how much his people speaking ill of him hurts him. If you dislike the guy wait until he is out of office. That is what I did with George Bush.

      The federal government is going to keep spending as it has 18 intelligence agencies dependent upon it for funding. Intelligence agencies which oh by the way, Bachmann appropriates funds for and sits on the committe. Bachmann isn't about to rip the rug out from underneath intelligence nor is going to take grandma and grandpaps social security check. Thety are just sabble rattlers in an election and have no real barring ont he election outcome. I just think they are funny they take themselves so seriously. I wish you could lighten up too Stu, no need to get upset you aren't going to change how Dc operates especially from the outside.


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hi JT,

      Saying someone isn't conservative because they pose in a bikini makes no sense. Conservatism is about political ideology, not sexual prudishness. How you can say the TPM isn't conservative is beyond me. The TPM is in fact the ONLY major conservative movement in America. Most GOP's in fact are not conservatives, but instead are centrists.

      You can't separate social from economic conservatism. They are inextricably intertwined. Think about transfer programs. You get the idea.

      The TPM is hardly a tool of the Bush family. The Bush pol's are moderates, not conservatives. And the TPM is going the right way by not forming a third party; this would just split the non-Democratic vote, handing wins to the liberals. The goal is to clean the gunk (moderates) out of the GOP, and replace them with real conservatives.

      You are completely wrong about the TPM being in favor of the wealthy and the big corporations. The TPM wants free markets. That means an end to tax loopholes, tariff policy that results in offshoring of jobs, illegals taking American jobs, etc. TPM candidates get nothing from the wealthy special interests, for the simple reason that they don't represent them.

      Free trade is good, but it has to be TRULY free. That means no more government subsidies to domestic businesses, and an end to tariffs that protect some country's exports at the expense of others. A genuinely flat playing field would maximize world GNP, as "differential advantage" would force capital to flow where it is most productive (i.e., countries that can produce a given good or service cheaper and with higher quality will get the investment and jobs).

      I agree that absolute precision in determining framer intent is impossible. But it is a goal that can be approximated by examing Congressional debate records, letters betweeen framers, famous quotes, etc. The critical thing is that judges should be ever mindful to leave their own ideology out of it when applying the law. They should simply use whatever information is available to most accurately as possible implement the will of Congress.

      Protectionism harms the general welfare, not only of the US, but the world in general. The idea is to let capital flow freely on a worldwide basis so that goods and services are produced where most efficient, resulting in maximum output given the constraint of a fixed amount of equity, debt, and labor input.

      Obama is NOT a Republican. As stated, almost all current Republican's are moderates. Most Democrats are mainstream liberals. Obama is a socialist.

      You are correct that the Constitution occaisionally needs to be updated, but LEGALLY. Judicial activism, and conventional domestic legislation that violates the Constitution, is flat-out wrong. You LEGALLY amend the Constitution by getting a 2/3 supermajority in both houses of Congress, plus ratification of 3/4 of the state legislatures. That is the law. The Founders knew the Constitution would need occaisional change, but they intended the bar to be high, as they wanted the Constitution to be highly stable.

      The General Welfare Clause was NEVER intended to be an EXPANSION upon enumerated powers; it is a restriction on them. Look up the legal history. The idea is that the federal government can only exercise an enumerated power if it ALSO promotes the general welfare. The "either/or" mentality here is just an artificat of illegal progressivism.

      The Tenth Amendment, far from being "stupid," is one of the greatest bulwarks against fedreal tyranny, IF IT IS OBEYED. Nobody is saying that the federal government should have NO power; the Tenth simply says that federal power is limited to those enumerated on its behalf in the Constitution. That includes national defense, coinage, treaties, and resolving disputes among states. Not much else. Our Founders intended that the federal government be a provider of essential SERVICES to the states; they never intended that the feds be our RULERS. The states were intended to be SOVEREIGN, having the VAST bulk of powers, which they would share with the people in accordance with state culture. Remember - the states formed the union, the union DID NOT form the states. The states existed BEFORE the union was formed, and made a decision to combine into a union. Apart from secession, and the TINY number of powers granted to the fed's in the Constitution, it was Framer intent that ALL OTHER POWERS be vested in the states and the people. Tenth Amendment breaking by the federal government (stealing state and individual powers) has turned our Constitutional Democracy into a quasi-dictatorship, THE EXACT THING OUR FOUNDERS FOUGHT AND DIED TO PREVENT.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Stu,

      No skill in posing in a bikini. It is a cheap political trick to get male voters. See and take note at Cicciolina. No conservatives in the TPM. Especially no social conservatives which makes them RINO(s).

      These women are posing in bikinis to throw mud into the clarity of the simple fact they lack credibility to be real candidates and all the money in the world isn't going to change that fact. Seriously qualified candidates don't have to resort to such cheap theaterical political tricks.

      Don't be mean to me Stu. I haven't villified these women they are embarrassing themselves and the people they claim to represent. And again I have nothing against Jim DeMint. All of Florida is laughing at the tea Party Movement because it is not an actual Party and it seems to be a tool of the Bush family to make JEB seem more moderate and imperalistic and qualified.

      Let's see why would I be against what the Tea Party stands for? That is a tough one but let me help you out. The Tea Party represents the wealtiest 1% of the nation who wishes to defer taxes for another decade or so at the expense of everyone else in this coutnry and those same people have moved much of their wealth out of the United States and into countries like Belize, The Dominican Republic, The Canary Islands and my personal favorite Lieschenstein. They also represent coporate America who by the way has left 10% of American unemployed seeking cheaper labor from third world countries. So I guess who the TPM represents is part of the problem.

      But lets go by your list of why the TPM is good.

      1) Our country is getting completely screwed in the free trade agreements and have been for some time because other countries have spun down the value of their currency to the point we can't compete globally. I would be more for Free Fair Trade then Free Trade. And I would suggest you consider whether Free Trade is good for the USA with Inflation careening out of control and unemployment closing up to 10%.

      2) Constructionists intrepretation of law while respecting congression intent. Do you understand that Congressional intent is never really udnerstood for every law past their is aproximately 1000 different intentions and the interpretations of such intentions is an oxymoron. Their is either the intention of the law or the intrepretation and there is no grey area. And with a presidnet that thinkss there is a grey area you will have an expansion of executive authority beyond any scale that you could even imagine and this country would really be under a tryanny.

      3) We need to increase our Austerity but only by protectionsim and isolationsim and the abandonment of free trade because it is not equitable or fair and it harms the General Welfare Clause of the pre-emble of the constitution.

      My Grandmother worked for FDR. He had a war and the country was in terrible shape. He isn't alive to defend himself so I would let that drop. I think FDR is the longest sitting president in the history of the USA so we need to be respectful of him. I worked in government while Clinton was in office. There are only two types of people in this country those inside the beltway and those outside the beltway. Clinton didn't do antyhing the Bushes didn't do so I think picking on Clinton is unnecessary. Obama is okay. He is looking more like a Republican everyday. I like Obama. I know his own party has problems with him but I think he is alright. I didn't say I agreed with everything he has done but again you have to understand they plays are all the same out of the executive branch. The question is which team gets to call them.

      Fouding Fathers couldn't have anticipated things like global economies, gay rights, terrorism, world wars, or unfair free trade which is exceptionally costly so the cnstitution is out date and needs revision. As it is there are amendments that no one really pays attention to.

      Because the pre-emble covers "The General Welfare" and that must be interpreted it includes the Department of Education as the DOE got children out of sweat shops in the 1920(s), FBI which covers crimes across state lines which would be entirely illegal under your suggestion of the tenth amendment. This would also be true for the NSA and other intelligence gathering agencies within and outside of the USA. The Department of Agriculture inorder to maintain some self sufficiency in this country is needed and the FDA to control the imports from the free trade you so desire. All of these agencies are covered under "The General Welfare" of the Pre-emble of the Constitution. Each state could not function on its own as you suggest and the crime that could and would be committed would be horrendous. Quite frankly Stu, states are exceptionally poor administrators of programs. Ad the agencies you are forgetting are veterans affiars which we have an obligation to continue to fund and social security for out disabled, sick and elderly populations. States would drop them like hot potatoes. And then we would really have a facist state going on and my son and I would have to move to Vermony to hang out with your bastion of socialisms socialites.

      Normally, Stu you are more diplomatic in our debtes. But you can't possibly expect anyone to take these candidates seriously since they are posing for swim suit photos and they lack complete credibility. And if conservatism isn't social conservativism then why is Michelle Bachmann hidding in the Bushes form the gay right activists? And claiming to be inspired by Jesus Christ. They are playing to the social conservtive right but failing to mention their bikini photos. They are playing Cicciolina polyics because they can't tackle the issues. The Tenth Amendment is a stupid argument. We have counterfiet money from China and other countries. Who do you think is going to track all of that down if not the FBI or the Department of Treasury. What are you suggesting the Treasury Department just disappear over night or the Secret Service? It is just unrealistic to think that states could handle security issues like the secret service or terrorism like the FBI and I know you dislike those Muslims Stu!!! The Tenth Amendment is the stupidest arguement I have ever heard and I can't believe yor re drinking the cool aid on this one either. I thought you were smarter than that!!!

      Everything is covered under... "Provide for the common defense, promote te general and secure justice and liberty for ourselves and our prosperty to ordain and establish this constitution of the United States of America."

      It is all in the intrepretation and the tenth amendment doesn;t circumcede the pre-emble.

      Be nice to me Stu or I will no respectfully debte you anymore. Bachmann and Palin has screwe up claiming to represent the social conservatives and then going girl rambo in Bikini(s) without true substantive arguments and pans for their presidency. That is on them and not on me.

      Good Night!!


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      I think it is wrong to villify Bachmann and Palin, whether these images are Photoshopped or not. The real issue is ideology and skill.

      Bachmann has impeccable educational experience, two law degrees, experience running a business, Congressional experience, and a perfect TPM ideology.

      Palin has strong government executive experience, education in political science, and a perfect TPM ideology. She probably needs some "issues" experience before making a POTUS run (some stints in Congress to learn about federal law, geopolitics, military issues, etc.).

      Neither of them has budget cutting credentials, and would need a strong VP or other officer to delegate this to (someone like Tim Pawlenty).

      Both Bachmann and Palin are icons of the TPM, and would motivate conservative voters to be more activist, as well as get "closet conservatives" in state governments to aspire to federal office on the TPM plank.

      Bachmann is ready for the presidency now, and I hope she wins it. I think one day Palin will too, after some experience in Congress.

      You refer to them as "power hungry," yet you ignore the fact that one of their most cherished positions is greatly REDUCING the power of the federal government. You call them "crazed extremists," yet they endorse a genuine return to observance of law by the federal government (living within enumerated powers). It is in fact the liberals who are crazed extremists - they simply can't accept the fact that the states formed the union, and not the other way around. The states were intended to be sovereign, and the federal government was NOT intended by our Founders to be our "ruler." The federal government was intended to be a TINY provider of critical SERVICES the states and people couldn't provide for themselves (national defense, coinage, treaties, and resolving disputes between states). The federal government has grown into a behemoth by STEALING state and individual powers guaranteed by the Constitution, not only becoming a quasi-dictator, but also running up atrocious debt funding the stolen powers.

      I can't imagine why you are so hostile to the TPM. It stands for three simple things:

      (1) Free markets (elimination of wasteful/harmful business regulation).

      (2) Constructionist interpretation of law (respecting Congressional intent when interpreting and enforcing law).

      (3) Reducing the federal debt through fiscal austerity, rather than mass printing of fiat money and debauching our currency.

      What is "extremist" about the above? NOTHING. The TPM is really nothing more than a throwback to the spirit of the Founding Fathers. Our legal system has been deeply harmed both by activist judges, and hyper-liberal presidents such as Wilson, FDR, Clinton, and Obama. The TPM doesn't want to create anything new; it wants to restore something old - the inalienable rights of the people guaranteed by the DOI, and state "positive powers" guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment. The TPM simply wants to repeal the damage caused by 120 years of liberal activism and centrist passivity.

      In the Founders' day, the federal government was able to operate on a budget of 2% of GNP. That figure today is 25% (over 40% of this amount borrowed). And I won't fall for the typical liberal retort that "things are more complex today, so we need a bigger federal government." The federal government is still properly and legally limited to enumerated powers; any additional government services necessary should and must come from the states and municipalities. That is the law.

      Liberals view federal government as a shield. But it isn't. Federal government, unless it is kept miniscule, is a tyrant. The only way to end the federal tyranny is to starve it of money. We desparately need a balanced budget amendment, as well as an interim law requiring the federal government to run surpluses to pay off the official debt. Such laws would FORCE the federal government to live within enumerated powers, because they wouldn't have the cash or borrowing authority to exceed them. We could then defund and vacate a whole raft of federal agencies, and their insane regulations, including the Dept. of Energy, the Agriculture Dept., the BATFE, the Commerce Dept., the Dept. of Education, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the FDA, etc. Show me what enumerated power the federal government has to operate any of these departments. You can't, because they are not there. ALL of these powers BELONG TO THE STATES UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.


    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      8 years ago


      I am not certain that all demographics in Alaska are the same as those in the USA. What worked in Alaksa may and probably will not work in the USA although I can see the Tea Party is fpllowing Cicciolina's campaign style.

      And the problme is once a candidate puts their sexuality out there for sale then how seriously can they truly be taken? Obam's bathing suyit pictures weren't released until the very end of his campaign.

      I think this cheap theater trick has cost the Tea Party Movement a great deal of credibility if it had any to begin with.

      Thanks for reading, posting and commenting.

      As Always,


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      8 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      This is how Sarah became Governor of Alaska. These kind of photos got shown around and her Miss Alaska pix and all the air head men voted for her! Now we see Michelle is hotter than Sarah, so guess who will get the nod? Sex Sells! No matter for whatever reason. Even though this is not a beauty contest, it is. It certainly not an intelligenve contest. Good show, and Interesting.



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