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Is The Tea Party Conservative?

Updated on May 2, 2014

Sarah Palin


Ultra Right Conservative??

The Tea Party claims to be the ultra right conservative movement of both the religious right and constitutionalists. But you have to wonder if they are conservative. Why are their leaders posing in bikinis with guns in their hands? Are they making and ad for the NRA?

Do they realize the message they are sending to young women everywhere? Have they considered that we know the pictures are photo shopped and can be un photo shopped readily? How can anyone take the Tea Party Movement seriously with all these pictures floating about the Internet?

Bachmann's photo was taken and published last year and she expects us to think she is capable of pulling off the imperialism of the presidency as a swim suit pin up? It would require a quantum leap of delusion to support Bachmann as president. It isn't just the swim suit it is also the gun and the savage look in her eyes like she just sacrificed and ate a new born baby.

Be that as it may, for your entertainment only, because these women aren't to be taken seriously nor is their political movement, you can rate Palin vs. Bachmann. Tell me and share with me which one of them you believe looks best in the swim suit and which one is qualified to be president.

If I really get a bee in my bonnet, I will show these women unphoto shopped and then all of you will readily reconsider everything.

She Thinks She Can Run Our Country?



Let Us Consider Their Credibility

Let's take the only substantive claims they have made about their party and evaluate their claims on merit alone.

First that they are conservative. Well there is all kinds of conservative. One can be fiscally conservative but support banning guns. I would submit that The Tea Party which I have renamed the Flea Party because they are parasitic pests to the Republican Party aiding the Democratic Party, have control of Congress. They have out spent the last administration yet again? Look at the spending budgets. Oh yes, most of that is classified. But the Tea Party has approved horrendous enormous spending bills. Yes, Palin agreed with the Corporate bail out and handed the bill to Main Street in the form of new taxes. Yes, that is fiscally conservative...not!

Second, let's look at their claim of being constitutionalists. One could argue they have not read the constitution because Congress approved the National Defense Authorization Act which gives the government the right to detain American Citizens without due process of law. This suspends Americans constitutional rights. The Tea(Flea) Party approved it and sent it to Obama to sign.

Third, which I like to call the bonus round! it can be argued that Palin and The Tea (Flea Party) party are not Republican. First they are more readily aligned with the Democratic Party. Second, Palin calls herself an Independent. Independents are not Republican. Third, The Tea Party (Flea Party) has spent like drunken sailors at a brothel while spending due process of law in the name of the National Defense Authorization Act. The Tea Party Congress has done this to you all while passing the Obamacare bill which is a flat tax on healthcare.

Fourth, women of the Republican Party are educated and very bright. Clearly, Palin is not And therefore not Republican. You could not have found a more unsophisticated, old, ignorant woman, incapable, irrational delude megalomaniac while extreme malice in her heart to think she can effect reform in the political system. She is not a reformist, she has had The Tea Party take your right to due process of law, she is an admitted independent, aided the Democratic Party, had The Tea Party pass a huge spending bill yet again and she is not Republican. She is an embarrassment who makes a tremendous amount of money off of her gaffs selling to the poor, disenfranchised, uneducated, white base of the Republican Party to divide the Republican vote.

The Flea Party and especially Sarah Palin and her congressional lackeys have spent more than either party and taken all of your rights In the name of being a Republican which she clearly is not. Personally, I dread The Flea Party and Palin more than I ever will Putin. And you should too. She feeds of the poor white Christian base of the Republican Party expecting you to buy into her ignorance and ill will. Trust me the country has suffered worse with The Tea Party in power in Congress than had there been a Republican Congress.

Palin the Ignorant Politician



Palin and Bachmann Harm Minority Rights

It isn't even like their sex appeal is on the line it is more like their sanity is in question. I think both of these women represent power hungry crazed extremist version of women today. They do more harm to women's rights and children's rights in the name of their own power hungry quest for money. I think because they are mentally unstable they get away with it while most public officials would be shut down by the government for misrepresenting and harming minority rights.

You have to wonder why our government would let these two very extreme individuals tear up women's rights and children's rights for their own self serving principles. Martin Luther King would spit on both these women for what they represent and are doing.

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TPM Conservative?

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The Embarrassment; Sarah Palin and The Tea Party

As an educated white Mother of a child with exceptional needs this woman is completely unbalanced to me. She is an embarrassment to herself, women everywhere, her state, and her country. She has killed any chance women have in running for the Vice Presidency in the Republican Party. Neither conservative nor concerned for your constitutional rights her and her lackeys in The Tea Party/The Flea Party are only concerned for their own personal wealth and power. Their net effect is to destroy the base of The Republican Party.

She and her lackeys have spent this country's wealth without consideration to their fiscal conservation montra.

Sarah Palin is perhaps the most anti-social politician who resigned her position as governor of Alaska because of corruption charges. How seriously can anyone take her really? Quite frankly, the men in white coats should have come for her long ago. The Tea Party members of congress who have voted in accordance to their esteemed leader Sarah Palin need a mental health check too.

Palin and The Tea Party are like the herpes; you just can't get rid of them. If you do not believe me take Barbra Bush's words for it.

From Barbra Bush to Sarah Palin and The Tea Party


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