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Republican Debate in South Carolina 2011

Updated on November 12, 2011

GOP Candidates for President


The Republican Debate in South Carolina

In previous hubs I said I would no longer cover the Republican debates and I had ever intention of not but then I thought it is perhaps my patriotic duty to see if there was one original idea that is plausible coming out of any of the debates. Because campaign promises are abundant and campaign promises kept are rare.

So I am tuning in not to hear the same rhetoric I have heard throughout the debates such as:

No more taxes.


Less government spending

Et al..

And there has also been a lot of fear mongering as if the American people could be any more afraid than another term these people running the country?

But I am waiting to hear originality and a real plan that is immediate, plausible and a candidate that can flawlessly execute it. Personally I think these debates have been destructive to the Republican Primary process. Because running on a platform of blaming the current president isn’t really going to work.

The American people will be inspired by a positive path to a better future. They will jump on board and cling to the first candidate that can give it to them. And so far the news has been all bad.

I would love to hear Michelle Bachmann take personal responsibility for all the horrific things she has done during her run for presidency. Apparently she believes just by running she has executive privileged. She has lied and lied and lied to the America people and her candidacy is hurting the Republican brand. It is great that they would have a woman running for president but not one who will lie, cheat and steal in order to gain that title. Clearly Bachmann needs to step down but she is so busy collecting campaign donations she isn’t inclined to do so. Well I hope the justice department audits her campaign financing because what is clear is she is not a serious candidate and has set women in politics back decades by her temperamental self serving charades.

I also think it is time for Herman Cain to bow out gracefully. And I liked Cain but the sexual harassment scandal has been a bit much and he just keeps saying 999 which is a flat regressive tax. It is such a horrifically unfair tax on the middle class and the poor that it can not be justified.

Rick Santorum has made a valiant effort but he should bow out now as well.

Jon Huntsman has found his calling as an Ambassador. That is how he can best serve this country. To pursue the president at this time in his career is not to understand where he is needed.

Rick Perry has put on a great show but the show is over.

Newt Gringrich has done will in these debates but he has a lot of baggage to over come and I don’t see it happening for him in this election. Newt does have an excellent point the federal governments desperate need to aid children and their families with Autism but unfortunately the Republican Party is dealing with Rick Scott discriminating against all of them and denying them funding in the State of Florida. They may lose the state just on Rick Scott denying the Medwaiver funding alone.

Ron Paul with all his common sense like Michelle Bachmann is an establishment candidate and therefore not viable.

If I forgot anyone forgive me but the nomination is for Romney.

The Shell Game

I appreciate the Republican Party rolling these candidates around so the Democrats don’t have a target but I think it is just for show. Both Parties agree with each other on everything inside the beltway. This is only a show for us. I am certain the Democrats and the Republicans have already squared it out between each other. It is very clear the nominee is Mitt Romney. Mitt has the nomination. Now I think Mitt is going to ask JEB to be his vice. I could be wrong but somehow I think that rabbit is going to pop out of the hat. And it is a doubled edged sword for Romney because the Bushes have a great deal of resources but they also have an awful lot of baggage. So JEB on the ticket with Romney could conceivably hand a victory with Barack Obama. But we will have to wait to see if that happens.

Highlights of Tonight’s Debate

Tonight's debate is suppose to be about National Security and Foreign policy which is two very strong issues for the Republican Party. So I am hoping this debate goes well.

It was really scary that the Republicans seemed completely unaware if what was going on in Iran. To suggest war with Iran which is a budding democracy was just completely ignorant. Rick Santorum suggested Iran would bomb Israel.

Michelle Bachmannshould not be allowed to say the president Obama's name because all she does is blame Obama for everything and she has no plans leadership skills. If the only skill you need to run for president is speaking poor of the current president then I think the entire nation is capable if not more capable then running then Michelle Bachmann.

Everyone agrees foreign aid will end. Bachmann will reduce foreign aid but not completely eliminate it since Pakistan has a nuclear bomb. So how is that not paying terrorists. And all Bachmann cares about in the middle east is saving Israel but not America.

Again this debate was scary because it was so clear the candidates knew very little about covert operations going on in the Middle East.

Newt showed he had a sense of humor. And all of the GOP candidates are united only in that they believe they would be better presidents then Barack Obama.

Perry was pretty funny as well. It was good to finally see the candidates show they had a sense of humor.

Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann are go for more torture. Michelle Bachmann doesn't realize every time she opens her mouth she tortures the American people. Ron Paul was against torture. Jon Huntsman was also against torture.

Romney was good for death sentences for treason.Gingrich was god for killing enemy combatants.

I miss my old guard Republicans who would walk silently with a really big stick.

This summary only reflects the first hour of the debate. And I did not follow the last 30 minutes.

I also found it a bit pretentious that they called the debate the Republican Commander and chief debate.


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