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Meet the Press February 12, 2012: Summary

Updated on September 21, 2013

Meet the Press February 12, 2012: Summary

There was much to do about nothing on Meet the Press. Barack Obama is not at odds with the Catholic Church over birth control. If anything Barack Obama and the Catholic Church get along famously. Silvio Berlusconi makes certain of that good relation. Actually I went to a food bank this week and I was give coupons from a Catholic Church for condoms and KY Gel. I was not in need but I was shocked how progressive the Catholic Church has become.

So the media made a big deal about this to have something to talk about this week and to make Rick Santorum look better. Has everyone forgot Rick Santorum’s role in the Terri Schaivo case? Amazingly, Rick Santorum who failed as a member congress thinks his next step is to the execute branch.

I have news for everyone. I have a child and we used two forms of birth control. There is no such thing as birth control. You can still end up having a child. I love my son and consider him a gift but he was the surprise of my life.

I think there is absolutely no place for social issues in either party since they abandon as soon as either of the psarty comes to power.

Mitt Romney


The liberals in the media have been pushing Rick Santorum as hard as they can to avoid the inevitable truth that Mitt Romney will receive the GOP nomination.

Mitt is a Mormon and I would never be allowed to be in his secretive temple and Barack Obama is a freemason and I am not allowed to attend his temple either. Two presidential candidates who have never know a life outside their protective temples. How can they possibly represent me? They will not even allowed me in their secret organizations.

Actually Mormons consider themselves freemasons as well. And there are two firms rules of freemasons. One is that they are not allowed to speak about religion so they can stop speaking about radical Islam. And the second is they aren’t allowed to speak about politics. That is an interesting rule given they are freemasons first who also happen to be politicians. And every time they attack religion and play politics they demonstrate their failings as freemasons.

Why can’t freemasons represent me? I am supposed to be the first woman freemason. It was designated so back in 1896. I have called and asked to see the lodge. They told me to call back. I have already been denied admission. Women aren’t allowed to join the freemasons so there is absolutely no possibility of a female president until the freemasonry accepts women into their order. Freemasons can’t represent women because women aren’t allowed to belong to the freemasonry.

Who will carry the women’s vote because this birth control argument isn’t endearing either party to women.

Why Doesn't DC Get It?

Dow is Up But There Are Still No Jobs.

Where are the jobs? If the economy is doing so great then where are the jobs or is the country just making the wealthy wealthier so they contribute to their campaigns. People need jobs in this economy and not lip service.

Poverty the New Base of America Politics and the Single Unifying Factor of Americans

Unity In America

The whole country talks about unifying but it never happens. It never happens because the government makes certain it doesn’t every single day but in election years even more so. They divide us, label us and try to put us all in boxes. The Catholics were attacked by the Obama Administration to divide the Catholics. I will be united irregardless.

1) Be indefinable.

2) Unite despite our differences.

3) It amazed me to hear on Meet the Press they claim we tear each other apart in this country when in government divides all of us to maintain their fleeing power.

4) Never believe the labels government places on people.

5) Maintain your civility despite how badly you are treated. We are judge by our civility. To DC we are a wild pack of dogs who are starving. They throw out a little bit of fresh meat and wait for us to kill each other over the scraps we are fed. Don't take the bait.

6) And if we are civil to each other despite governments attempts to divide us then their power dwindles and is fleeting. If women can serve in war they can be admitted to freemasonry and even be able to serve as POTUS.

7) Recognize that if you aren't inside the beltway you don't count int his country. How can Barack Obama or any other president advocate for Women when they will not allow them to serve in the freemasonry nor in the highest held public office? There are more women in this country than there are men. Women are the largest demographic in this nation.

RoundTable for February 12, 2012

In Conclusion

They talked about fluff issues to try and sway votes today. I don’t believe anyone in DC cares for any of us outside of DC. They are completely detached from society and are by any measure the definition of anti-social. The question we have to ask ourselves is how do such a small insignificant number of people maintain all the wealth and power in this country without running operations against the American people?

And then you need to unite above and beyond whatever the government claims is wrong with your neighbor. More is wrong inside the beltway then outside of it.

It would seem Rick Santorum will walk away a very wealthy GOP candidate but he will not take the nomination. We will look at two presidential candidates that are misogynistic and who will not represent the majority of the country which is women. This latest battle over birth control is offensive from both sides of the aisle. I don’t want anyone discussing birth control who doesn't have a uterus. It isn’t like Congress and presidents have a long history of illegitimate children who they do not care for. You can just ask the Thurman family and I could name several others as well.

I notice Congress never discuss a vasectomy law. That law never makes it to the floor for a vote. I would love ot see a mandatory vasectomy law for all dead beat Fathers. But they want to make rules about women’s bodies right and left. How is that equality? The executive branch needs to back off and so does Congress. As far as I am concerned they have both stepped in a pile of dog poop and they are just dragging it all over the place continuing to talk about something that is really none of their business.

The Budget is not really that big of deal but the supplemental sent out after the budget is how all the money leaves the country. Republicans and Democrats both do this so it is not a partisan argument. When the budget isn’t passed don’t worry there is a supplemental and the amount of monies leaving this country in the supplemental is staggering.

But nothing for you, if you are not a freemason. And especially nothing for you if you are a woman. You are the food for which DC dines on and our leaders attempt to model such poor behavior that they wish we would emulate it so they have more of an excuse not to care for us. I for one will not fall into this trap. The government no longer controls me. Actually they never have. And the tyrannous reign is over by both parties. It is a new day and we no longer fall for the same old tricks from DC.

And just to be abundantly clear both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are Freemasons who are master masons who should not be talking about politics or religion ever. I would be held by the same convenant if I were admitted into the lodge my family belongs to. So if you hear either on of them speaking of religion or politics they are breaking their vows as freemasons. And if they break their vows as Freemason you can bet they will break their vows as president.

Let me also say that any person whether it be man or woman who loves their family, works diligently each day for equality amongst their brother and sisters and husbands and wives will never know a criticism from me. We are all one happy loving family who when all allowed to meet on the square will ultimately find unity.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cred2,

      Power to the People and less government interference. I believe people are the best managers of their own lives and not government. And by giving people the right to manage their own lives they learn how to be effective managers of themselves and of their communities and finally of their country. Responsibility makes the best citizens.


    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Thanks, JT, I hope to leave a legacy of allowing those adults groups most affected by a choice or decision the right to make it without minimum interference from parties not directly involved. Your compliment is most appreciated


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cred2,

      Birth control is a myth. I have a 12 year old who is the product of lots of love and two forms of birth control. He is a wonder suprise but a surprise none the less.

      The chage Hilary Clinton would need would be an old fashioed..D..I..V..O..R..C..E! No one did more harm to Hilary Clinton's ambitions to be president then Bill Clinton.

      Can we agree that there are those in government that are old guard and old guard is good unlike new guard.

      But Hilary is out now and she is retiring from Secretary of State so who will carry the women's mantel? I trust you will but you will not run for office and you are the first man I have ever read that agrees he should stay out of womens' wombs.

      Although we are diferent in how we label ourselves I think we have more in common then we know.

      Old guard republican and your friend,


    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, JT, in my usual role as the devils advocate, I offer this:

      The liberals are not pushing Santorum, Mitt's shortcomings with the conservative base is pushing Santorum to the forefront. I have written a well received article that clearly shows where Mitt's shortcomings are.

      As for women for president, if Hillary Clinton had circumstances change a bit for her during the 2007-08 campaign, she could have well have become president.

      The president and the administration are not in the business of attacking Catholics. He made a compromise with the church to deal with their concerns about violating their conscience. But, you have made it clear that they do what they want anyway. I say the pot stirring is coming from the right. The constitutional protection for religion does not extend to business activities in the public square.

      I agree with your position on the arrogance of many as to what happens to a woman's uterus. I have written an article that touched on this arrogance and brought it out to the light of day. I will be certainly writing more about it. That stuff is coming from the right not the left, so it is not "both sides" this time, but one side that seeks to put a womans womb in a lockbox

      IMHO, thanks Cred2


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