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Has the Economy Improved or Are You Still Standing In Soup Lines?

Updated on September 1, 2012

Meet the Press; February 5, 2012


Here is the Truth!!

As I watched Meet the Press this morning it occurred to me that I am not happy with either Party’s message. First and foremost all politicians and entertainers are in the 1 % and are so extraordinarily wealthy that have not paid taxes for the last decade so their creditability is gone. They are the people who have been skipping out on taxes. They also have been unwilling and unable to address the simple fact that the exceptionally wealthy (politicians and the entertainment industry) have relieved their tax burdens with a progressive flat tax on the poor. The wealthy clearly do not wish to change this policy and accept their tax responsibility but are only willing to shove it one to the poor. I have news for the politicians and wealthy in this country. They are the only ones with money left. They are going to have to pay!!

Second, there is this idea that by not taxing the wealthy jobs will be created. If that were true we wouldn’t be in the financial position today that we are. Sadly, the wealthy pocket their cash and don’t hire and expand their businesses but ship them off shore.

Third, politicians and the press are completely happy with the system that exists. They don’t plan on changing anything. And they are the only people who have the power to change the country. The wealthy can hire and can spend. They are choosing not to.

It was kind of hard to hear Bloomberg stick up for the Wall Street banks which he has so richly gained from. He has a non-disclosed conflict of interest.

The only fix this country needs is the removal of the regressive flat taxes on the ordinary citizens and progressive tax the wealthy. There is no other way. There would be immediate relief if the government would lift all of the flat taxes. And the wealthy should only receive a reduction in taxes if they expand business in the USA, hire and maintain employees. It is time the rich finally put some skin in the game. The rest of the country can’t carry the wealthy any longer. Nor can we actually pay for the regressive flat taxes on things like groceries and gasoline. And if anyone wants my respect they damned well better earn it. Because I don’t believe in our leadership any longer and entertainers are exceptionally well paid opportunists.

It is just unfathomable what the wealthy have done to this country. Bloomberg mentioned a shared ordeal. What shared ordeal? Give me a billion dollars and then I will have a shared ordeal with Bloomberg. Until then he needs to pay his taxes and not protect the wealthy from paying theirs.

If FDR were around he would federalize all the corporations and employ people not to mention taking all the cash off the books. It happened to my grandparents and it is a realistic and justifiable act when we are still at war and we are. That would be a tremendous source of revenue.

As a human being I am not represented. I am not represented at all by my government and if I am not then you are not. Our vote doesn’t count. Congress appoints the president and therefore if you don’t like the outcome of the presidential election take it out on congress. Our votes do not count in the electoral process game. And the best hope is to change congress in order to change the president. But it is the same old, same old no matter who is elected. They may say hateful things to each other during the election year but there is no contrast between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. They are both wealthy elitist individuals looking out for their wealthy friends and do not give a hoot for the poor in this country at all. Neither one of them have a plan to rebuild America but to cut taxes for the wealthy. And you can’t cut taxes to prosperity. While deficit reduction is an interesting topic it is not necessarily relevant in a time when our country is on the verge of collapse and unemployment if so astronomically high. The truth is America has failed meet its debt obligations before and our allies which we do business with understand this. Amazingly, some of the countries cited as we owe money to are also country’s we have set up and own.

The truth is there is no choice. The wealthy people continuing to screw all the poor and there are no middle income families any longer. To bad the entertainer, David Gregory, couldn’t speak the truth on his show. I missed Tim Russert today! The greatest tragedy for this country will be the same old same old from our entertainers and politicians.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Debbie,

      They say when America gets has an economic sneeze the world gets a cold. It is unpresidented in the last 100 years for bad economic times to continue for so long in the USA. It is as if the markets are being artificially depressed.

      I was in Greece in the 1980(s) and the economy was poor then but that was one of the attractions of Greece was you got a great exchange rate. I am certain that is only for tourists and not necessarily for people who luve there year around.

      My country needs to get better economically so the world gets rid of its cold. Thanks for reding and commenting.

      As Always Your Friend,


    • debbie roberts profile image

      Debbie Roberts 

      6 years ago from Greece

      Hi JT, reading your hub that I assume is aimed at the US economy could well be aimed at Greece too, except we don't an entertainment business quite like the US....

      Another straight to the point hub from you JT!!...I like it.....

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks WD,

      He is better now. And he appreciates your vote and promises if elected he will not interrupt your prime time television shows for windy speeches, he promises not to declare war or peace. He will actually just use his veto stamp frequently.

      Take care my friend.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      Good point about screwing up. Walk them out the door today and send the box with the stuff from their desk tomorrow!

      I hope all is well with your son. He gets my vote.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi WD,

      My son was up at the hospital your way. We thought of you. So close we are and yet so far away. China has a hold of our treasury and that has completely compromised our country. We can't stiff them. They have infiltarted the Treasure. Geitner will be gone soon.

      So China and our currency is based on the EU which has tanked despite quantitative easing. We are screwed everytime things go sideways in Europe.

      Besides that I would have to say we have too many chiefs and not enough willing indians in this society. Social order has been turned upside down. It is more orderly to be disorderly then to folow the leadership of this government. And rightfully so since the government has screwed up everything so horrifically.

      And they can't fix it with one or two heads rolling in Wall Street and DC. All of Congress has to go. And all of Wall Street heads need to roll. And until that happens this country will never be able to pull itself together.

      If I screw up or your screw up at work we are fired. What makes Wall Street and DC think they are so great they can screw up and get bigger bonus and guaranteed jobs?

      It is rather unrealistic.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I will try to keep my flair up.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Lord,

      Our memories are as long as our hunger pains will have been. This too shall be answered whether it is through social media or even worse when they shut social media down.

      Thanks for readiing my friend. This is the first generation in the last 100 years who isn't completely embarrassed by their wealth while others starve. It is despicable.

      Enjoy the game.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      I see you are still at it with your usual flair. I kept thinking of Rick Scot standing next to Mit Romney while I was reading this.

      There is an example of not being represented. Who can relate to these guys. I wonder . . . if you pulled their nose hard enough, would their faces come off in your hand and an array of circuits and wires be exposed? They don't seem right to me. Who voted for Rick Scot? This is not a true democracy, or there would be a better turn out at the polls.

      Anyway, the fastest way to clear the books and get on track is to stiff China, Saudi Arabia and anyone else we owe money. We didn't flinch to stiff the Seminoles at Moultry Creek, or the Cherokees . . . "Thanks for your farm, now walk to Oklahoma." Never mind, no one said,"Thanks."

      Like I said once before, China can have those lousy jobs. We need to make better ones with a regional structure. The problem is, the regional banks have been expropriated from their owners by the FDIC and Tim Geitner and given to the Wall Street "Banks" (financial institutions). Regional business is left in the lurch. The big dogs have no idea what to do. They can only follow the sentence map.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Jo,

      I respect your opinion as you respect mine. If we have had a voice then DC has the American people muted. Personally, I think they answer only to the Chinese and the Europeans.

      My Dad was a politician and I can assure you there is differences in the parties. There is a significant difference in the party inside the beltway of Washington DC versus the party, or therefore lack of, outside the beltway of Washington DC.

      I am writing from Florida and it is hard to tune out the rhetoric. We have to disconnect the telephone every four years during presidential elections.

      Thanks for commenting!!


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      6 years ago from New York

      Politicians have to earn a degree in Law, which means, they are out there to take your 33% to represent you. Have had so many bad experiencex with both. America is in danger, and the richer are living like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. The thing is, Social networking and media are makiing sure they won't scape once the new Bastille falls into gear....unless we get SOPA approved first!


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Ubani,

      I agree entirely!! Only poets are true of heart and virtuous.



    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 

      6 years ago from Lagos

      A passionate piece but the fact still remains that 'I HATE POLITICIANS & POLITICS' it is a bunch of crap and full of crooks.

    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 

      6 years ago from Tennessee

      I disagree with you on this, though it is a sentiment I often hear. I believe we do have a voice, however small. That voice is magnified when all of us join in.

      I also believe there is a basic difference in the two political parties, and it's up to us to find those differences and just not pay too much attention to the rhetoric during the election cycle.


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