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Michelle Bachmann's Role In America Politics

Updated on November 14, 2015

Michelle Bachmann's Roles

So I have heard rumors that Michelle Bachmann has an unusually close relationship with the Bushes and that she maybe running as a red herring for the GOP nomination. I rarely listen to such scandal but then I found these pictures. It would seem that Michelle Bachmann is close enough to GWB to kiss him on the mouth?

But is Bachmann as asset or a liability to the Bush family and the only hope for JEB's in presidential election run?

Bush and Bachmann's Kiss


You really have to wonder how Michelle Bachmann got elected?

I have been assured Michelle Bachmann is an outsider but from the picture of Bachmann with Bush she is clearly over friendly with the Bush family and lacks the common sense not to kiss a married man let alone the president on the lips. It is just another example of the sickness and over fraternization of the DC crowd.

What is more amazing is Bachmann's attitude towards gay people and her husband's receipt of federal funding to pray for gay men at his gay clinic. The effect of Michelle Bachmann's treatment of gay people will have a very deterimental effect on JEB.

I would think Bachmann's inappropriate fraternization with president Bush is just a symptom of this very diseased woman and will damage any chance JEB will have to run for the office of the Presidency. Michelle Bachmann many kill any and all chances JEB may have to run for office. So forget 2016. JEB it may take you 2030 to get past your family's association with Michelle Bachmann.

Michelle Bachmann at a Gay Rights Rally

Where's Michelle?
Where's Michelle? | Source

Can't see her?

Of course you can't Michelle Bachmann and her husband took federal dollars (AKA PORK Funding) for their religious clinic to counsel and pray for gay people to be straight. What a waste of tax payer dollars? Michelle Bachhmann a fiscal conservative? I don't think so. This one becomes president and how many more religious institutions will pop up being federally funded to turn gay people straight through the power of pray? Is there any Science praying for gay people makes them straight?

And why would anyone want gay people to be straight?

I couldn't see Michelle Bachmann either so look again.

Michelle Bachmann's Courage of Her Convictions

PeeK A-Boo, Bachmann!!
PeeK A-Boo, Bachmann!! | Source

Bachmann's Ability to Lead

If it entails Bachmann having to make out with the most powerful man she can get her hands on Bachmann might be alright as a leader but when it comes to such serious matters as gay rights or voting on a debt ceiling policy we all know Michelle Bachmann is going to hide in the bushes both literally and figuratively. As far fetched plans go this one is out there having Bachmann run for president. It isn't even feasible and in all probability she will just leave the voters confused and disoriented and unable to choose the most qualified candidate. The investigation is set to conclude in 1012 before the election.

Advice to any and all Bushes

RUN!!! Distance yourself from Michelle Bachmann as fast and as far as possible.


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