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Michelle Bachmann Jesus Christ (JC) wants you to Speak the Truth!!

Updated on May 9, 2012

Michelle Bachmann Signing "More Power"!!


One Face the Nation June 26, 2011

Romney's Pain

I could only be more for Romney if I joined the LDS. I have voted for Romney and will continue to do so if he doesn’t get involved with the Tea Party Candidate Michelle Bachman. From my experiences with Mormons they aren’t much for drinking buddies but they are good people. So Mormons I welcome you to be my leader.

Sadly Michelle Backmann’s enthusiasm seems to cloud her judgment. This morning on Bob Schieffer, I love you too Bob, Michelle Backmann, claimed Barack Obama released all of the oil from the strategic oil reserve. This is a dangerous and false assertion to make and as a Republican I feel it is my obligation to call Michelle Backmann and the Tea Party down on the carpet over this statement.

First Bush (41) released oil from the strategic oil reserves during the War inKuwait. It was bad crude and had the effect of driving oil prices down. The crude dumped on the market wasn’t crude that could readily be used. This is an old move and a Republican one at that. So for Backmann to take issue with this move is to not know hsitry which is to be dangerous ignorant as a potential candidate.

Second I am afraid of politicians that are called to be politics by God. Most certainly God doesn’t use a telephone or cell phone and if he made a divine calling to Ms. Backmann wouldn’t it be for her to speak the truth. Only the devil would call someone to politics. Ms. Backmann can’t take responsibility for her own decision to be in politics. How could she possibly be credible as a Vice Presidential Candidate?

And where I love Romney, I fear his vice presidential running partner. It could be a deal breaker for the moderator Republicans.

Jesus Christ wants you to quit Backmann

The Surprise Vice Presidential Candidate

I think there is still a surprise VP candidate for Romney to choose. There is someone out there that will make a strong running mate for Mitt but Backmann isn’t it. Between hearing Jesus Christ and making false claims about the strategic oil reserves she has just killed her own political cause before she has announced. The surprise with Backmann is that she can make such claims and still have a realistic expectation to run for the Republican ticket. It is sad she sits on intelligence and gets her facts so screwed up. What a social disaster running for the Republican ticket. After hearing her speak I wouldn’t trust her to be a page.

Let’s see if Jesus Christ speaks to here again and tells her that she made false statements on Bob Schieffer’s show? I am certain Jesus Christ, being he has made her a prophet, would correct her when she prays. The devil might not though and depending on how Michelle Backmann handles her errors will determine exactly who is speaking to her. It is horrific to think someone so reckless would be in charge of foreign affairs let alone a person who hears voices.

Backmann Jesus Christ wants you to speak the truth about the strategic oil reserves. The Tea Party’s credibility died today with Michelle Backmann.

Bad Backmann JC is Going to Get You!!

So sad, Michelle Backmann represents the middle Eastern oil interests and have abslutely no idea everyone gets she represents OPEC interests in the USA. How dumb can these politicains be?

Tea Party Dividing the Republican Ticket?

Do you think the Tea Party is helping or hurting the Republican Party?

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Will You Vote for a Tea Party Candidate?

If Romney's Running Mate is a Tea Party Candidate will you vote for Romney?

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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida


      Inuendo, is enough in this country now. After 9/11 if you are accussed you are as good as guilty here. Burden of proof is on the person who claims they raised 23 foster children and 5 children well. If she didn't want her parenting to be questioned she shouldn't have brought it up as a credential for being president which it is not!!!

      Bachmann is out!!!

      Are you aware that Germans are only German because they migrated from Iran. If anything Germany is more sympathetic to Islam Stu!! You should know this you live in Vermont!!!

      Nigeria a Muslim African Couuntry is a very strong ally of the USA. Are you aware?

      Go askk Bachmann to cut the purse strings to the war funding and she will ignore you. You are fighting for someone who doesn't have any courgae at all. Why would you do that? Why put yourself out there for someone who doesn't care about you or your ideas but only their only personal power.

      Wow you live in Vermont and don't really know what happened to the Germans in Germany during WWII. It wasn't just jews extreminated. It ws anyone and everyone that was weak. Hitler built gay clubs and sent gay peope to death camps. Much like Bachmann would if she were president. Bachmann is as much a Nazi in this world as anyone. I had family that survived the death camps. You want to give me a lecture about the holocaust. I don't think so Stu. Really it was a small group of people running Germany during horrble economic times that caused the Holocaust and it didn't happen just to jews. It happened to everyone and anyone that stood in Hitler's way. Accussations were enough then as well.

      Sudan was the train wreck it is today. It was mde that way by the Chinese!!! I notice you have nothing to say about China in all of this. Blame the Muslims.

      Dear Lord, Stu no one is taking over anything. everything has been planned out maticulously and is all going according to plan. The sky isn't faling either.

      I have appreciated you attempting to manipulate what I have said several times almost as much as i appreciate how you have used my Hub to tear down the Muslims which I will not tolerate. Ignorance is not allowed on my hub page. Bachmann hides from the gay people. She is afraid to face them as she is afraid of her own shawdow and being held accountable for her parenting and her words. I didn't say she was afraid to be pro life I said she has dodged issues such as gay rights. And she spends the majority of her tiime hiding in bushes. NO pun intended. I don't think it is dignified of any memeber of congress to hide in the bushes from her ocnstituents or anyone else in this country. Politicans are at the bottom of the food chain. Romney will be in the executive branch without a doubt. The question is whether he will be president or vice president. Bachmann is a fraud and a loser and is out. TPM will be dead in six months. In a year no one will know who they are.

      Stu, I have explained and explained and you have twisted things I have said and bashed the Muslims for the last time. No one needs ot take you over violently. You can't control yourself. Change who you are and then work on the rest of the world. I promise you Muslims aren't the problem. You are worng about Lebannon. I bet you haven't even traveled to the Middle East. You can't know what is going on outside of a country. You have to be on the inside. And you can't even make the local political argument which you whould be doing every day. And You still haven't acknowledge that Muslims and Hebrews speak the same language and are closer to each other than to the United States. I wouldn't count Turkey out because Turkey has breed into Israel and I can't see them letting Israel fall.

      Enough with picking on Muslims, Islam and twisting me words. Why don't you ask all powerful, wonderful, mighty, super lactatcing Bachmann why she hasn't stopped the war in North africa or the Middle East. because her inabiltiy to govern speaks volumes to her inabiltiy to be a viable presidental candidate.

      Bend and Be straight,


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hi JT,

      The burden of proof is on the accuser. YOU prove Michele diverted the assistance money and/or neglected the children.

      As I stated before, I am not anti-Muslim. I have no qualms with Taiwan. My point is that most (not all) countries with high Islamic saturation are brutal, discriminatory, and in some cases genocidal. You are focusing on exceptions; I am focusing on what's commonplace.

      Good Islam will never beat bad Islam. Take my word on this: the countries in North Africa and the Middle East that fall to Islamic theocracy will be many, and they all will be controlled by Iran. Seagates to the Mediterrean and Gulf oil nations will be blockaded on Iran's orders, threatening both European trade and the world flow of oil. Germany and its central European allies will SMASH radical Islam. The history of German warfare proves it (scorched earth). Sadly, this conflagration could easily spin out of control and lead to WWIII.

      Yes, every country tortures, and its always wrong.

      I had no idea Obama was a Scientologist. Where did you get this from?

      I agree Congress (the House) has the power of the purse strings. I wish they would use this power, and get us out of Iraq and AFPAK. We're spending a fortune, and accomplishing nothing.

      Yes, there IS a problem with the religion of Islam. Far too many of its adherents are either terrorists, or support the terrorists financially or morally. The goal here is a world caliphate (world takeover). There's an analogy here with the Nazis. Many Nazi death camps were understaffed, and needed extra men from the Order Police (street cops). The Order Police were NOT indoctrinated in Nazi ideology like the SS running the camps, but the requests for help in murdering Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies were OVERSUBSCRIBED. The point is you can't say "Nazi atrocities were limited to a small group of extremists." The point is that the WHOLE OF GERMANY was extremist.

      Sudan is hardly peaceful. Northern Sudan is a staging hotbed for Middle East and European terror.

      I agree the Gulf states are run by repressive regimes. But one wrong does not justify a greater one.

      Your analysis of Lebanon and Turkey is wrong. Lebanon is not trying to "protect its sovereigny." Since being taken over by Hezbollah, its mission has been to bomb Israel into dust. Southern Lebanon now has over 40,000 rockets pointed at Israel. Why? Regarding Turkey, the old alliance with Israel is dead. The pro-Israel government had to become anti-Israel, or there would have been a popular uprising and the government would have been toppled.

      Fear is not the goal of terrorism. Fear is just the means to an end (violent takeover).

      Bachmann is staunchly pro-life. I don't know how you can say she is afraid to face the issue. She has never wavered on this, unlike Romney.

      I'm not following the point about Bachmann funding a war without authorizing it. Please explain further.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Stu,

      Thanks for not clling the Muslims demonic. I will address this and allow it.

      1) Prove Bachmann didn't exploit her 28 adoptive children. Prove she didn't take a dime of assistance. Can you prove that because foster parent by definitoin are paid.

      2) Prove Bachmann was a good parent to 28 children and none of them were neglected. I have one child and it is a really hard job when done right. No one can reasonably raise 28 children without neglecting them. It is impossible.

      3) Taiwan is Muslim. Are you goint to claim Taiwan is a crazed religious ideology and not a an ally of the USA?

      4) The only people qualified to beat Islam are islamic people. dchristans certainly don't understadn them or we would hve such long debates. We need the good Muslims t disrupt the terrorists organization abroad and only Muslims understadn other Muslims. So yes, every Muslim on our side counts and in a big way.

      5) You don't think Nicholas Berg was tortured when his head was cut off on video? Or did you miss that on youtube? Every country totures. And the USA didn't do it in the USA. It happened in Cuba which is not a USA territory. Good forbid we ship a terrorist suspect to another country that is more morally flexible.

      6) So you hate the Scientologist because that is who is running the country right now. God knwos they ahven't paid their taxes in forever. Oprah and all the Scientologist run Obama. Now I don't hte Scientology. I fnd them to be a way ward floch but I am not terrified of them. I personally love Travolta nad Cruis so how can Scientology be bad? I think you need to see the big picture here Stu. There is a much bigger picture than Obama.

      7) Congress has the poer of the purse strings. If congress wanted us out of Africa the simpliest thing t do would be to not fund the war there.

      8) Muslims are in Africa, Asia, America, Mexico, Texas, Vermont, Florida, Washington DC, Japan, Taiwan, Central Europe, Canada and just about every place else you could imagine. Not all of them are radical. s there a regional problem yes but it is not a problem with the religionof Islam.

      9) Islam is poor with the except of a very few and those are actively engaged in world trade. Like Opec. My goodness you still haven't ansered the problem with what China did to Sudan. Sudan Islamic and peaceful. You don't seem to grasp their is a civil war amongst Muslims between the old values and the new values. Iran is a perfect example fo this. Old traditon versus new tradition. And yes, we are Iran. Buy some GE stock and read the perspectus.

      10) I live in a Gulf State and I don't have money the government sucks it all up. The same things happens in the Gulf States of the middle east. The top people live well but they don't share with the poor people.

      11) Islam is more of a religion than evangelicals. Islam has been around longer. So if any religion is a religion than Islam is as good as the next.

      12) In your bastion of anti maerican socialism they must have free classes at the local college. Take Arabic or Hebrew. It is irrelevant there is very little diference between the two languages. And the Hebrews and Arabs regard themselevs higher than you or I...well atleast you. They are the same. Spend a month in Lebannon and ask Hezbollah why they are the Army of God and they will tell you it is to protect their soveriegnty and their right to be both Jewish and Islamic at the same time. By the way Lebannon is beautiful. You do drink the kool aid because you don't get out in the world and meet the people you fear. Spend time in Turkey. I think you will relaize we have far more Muslim friends than enemies and I value our relationship with all of extended families.

      13) Bchmann sank her own ship before she announced by the stunts she pulled on Fox newsa dn then Face the Nation. Find yourself a new candidate. Her campaign is over before it has even begun.

      14) Stu after 9/11 the first thing I did was book an airplane flight and I traveled. I took my infant son and my elderly Mother with me. And I flew into airports where the terrorist supposedly flew out of. And Bachmann doesn't have the courage to face the gay advocates??? Have courage Stu, the goal of terrorism is fear so don't give into it.

      And you still haven't answered for how Bachmann can fund a war but not authorize it.

      All My Best,


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago


      Oil is hardly "free trade." OPEC gets a monopoly premium because Oblabber won't let us drill domestically.

      It's true that China is highly repressive, but that doesn't excuse Islamic atrocities.

      Not true on Lybia. The House has funding authority, but the Senate has authority to ratify treatires. So you need two approvals here.

      I AM terrified of the current US administration. They're a bunch of overspending, socialist, transnantionalist liars bent on destroying our nation. Yes, Obama inherited a mess, but he made it worse, not better.

      I'm not drinking any KoolAid. I have no doubt that terror suspects have in fact been tortured by the US, which is wrong. But the wrongs of Islamics, while not justifying torture by us, are much greater.

      I'm sure you are right that we have some Muslims on our side. So what? The "big picture" is that Islam is not a religion, but a radical political ideology based on a goal of world domination through terror. This is not "hate speech," but just recognition of a fact that repeats itself over and over again.

      You are completely off base about Bachmann. She raised 28 foster problem children, five children of her own, and runs a day care business. She simply likes to help children. You are acting as if she is one of those cheats who raises foster children for the money and then spends the money on herself.

      Muslims don't have money because of free trade, and free trade is not evil (it maximizes world wealth via differential advantage, as I believe I explained before). Gulf states have money because they have an oil monopoly. Terror groups like Fatah have billions because of contributions from people who want there to be terror. Most of the Muslim world is poor.


    • profile image

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago

      1) Stu does Walmart provide yo with those fine goods and low proces?

      2) Oil Stu!! Oil And iy sqiality is poor and we are paying through the nose for it.

      Let me give you the real scenario of what free trdae is doing we are getting Lemons from third world countries and they are being shppied to the USA and the cost of shipping it costs more than the cost of growing the lemon at home and by the time the lemon reaches the market it isn't higher in quality but rotten. Free tarde isn't imporving the marekts places but causing wars over commodities whihc the average person can no longer afford. Unfortunately those who are ripping everyone esle off with free trade aren't sharing their wealth like Tony Blair and South Korea.

      Becuase Free Trade requires things to be shipped all over the world those Muslims you dislike so much are making a killing in their oil and hence they feel perfectly legitmitized to do anything and everything they can to keep thier profit margis high.

      3) See China for Sudan. I have noticed you haven't been critical of China's attrocities why the double standard.

      4) To fund something and then claim it is not legal is to be speaking out of both sides of your mouth. when Congress funded Libya they made it legal by the mere act of funding it.

      5) The Courts job is to interrupt the laws as written and the Legislators write laws so they have huge loop holes and in many events loop holes they can exploit. Tell me Bachmann, if elected which I don't believe will ever happen will not wirte corporate tax loop holes the size of the grand canyon.

      6) There isn't a Muslim out there that isn't funded by oil money. And when we fund the oil industry and the middle east as we have we legitimize it. Free trade only further legitimizes the very Muslims you fear by paying them. Our nation will always be taken over by the middel east while engaged in World Trade. And Bachmann wishes to further propel Muslims to mre American Satust and Wealth than the American People.

      Did you know about Tony Blair giving the oil crontracts and billions of dollars to South Korea? Do you know they shot down a USA spy plane in China? And you are worreid about the Muslims? You should be more afraid of your own government and the people you cite.

      And dear God please stop drinking the cool aid in this country. Just because a show is made o the internet doesn't mean it is real. You sound like the Muslims that believe their people were tortured in GITMO. NOt everything you see is real. And trust me I knwo because you believe Bachmann and she isn't for real.

      Check out the site about Tony Blair. Check out my Hub on the USA spy plane being shot down. And then ask yourself are the Muslims in this country really the problem ad don't we owe it to our tropps who are Muslims to support them regardless of their fath. Again you haven't even ackniwledgeed that we have more Muslims working fo this country than we are currently fighting around the world. And yes, they are accpeted because they do the hard work but I don't think that makes them infiltraters anymoe than Germans that fled Nazi German after the war and joined out military. They too moved on to government careers. This is how American works. Whne there is a war we accpt people from the country we are fighting and if they fight for us we welcome them with all their diversity. Where hae you been over the last couple of decades. This is your country. I would expect you to already knwo this. They aren't infiltrators but veterans with a diffeent religious bachground from your own.

      Stu, really lay off the Muslims. Stop calling them names. They are a decent society. Actually much better than you know. And if you can't open your mind to the fact 99.99% of Muslims are great people I don't know if I want you to post on my Hub anymore.

      We can disagree on substantive issues but I will not allow my Hub to be a Muslim bashing center for you to take your agressions out. So if you can't stop attacking the Muslims and you can't control your hate speech this might be the end of our debate. I don't mind doing the substantive arguments but you have to have a substantive argument. Just like Michelle Backmann isn't allowed to lie on tv and her sanity is called into question when Jesus Christ gives her political advice.

      Your hate speech only insights Muslims to act more aggressively. And don't you think if they have infiltrated our government on every level they know you are writing such horrible thinsg about them on the computer?

      And what about Bachmann's wellfare for her foster kids. Why hasn't she had to be accuntable for that. Don't you know that no one can rasie 28 children competently. She was on wellfare the entire time. One subisidy after another. And she is going to teach this coutnry about monetary policy..the welfare Mama?

      Stu...wake up and stop drinking the cool aid. Muslims wouldn't be bothered with you they have more money than God because of free trade and they can do anything they want without being held accountable.

      And stop picking on poor Barack. He got an ugly job. So he couldn't keep his promises atleast he had ideas on the way in. And he will be departing shortyly.

      JEB and Romney are gong to provide one Arab Spring after another.

      No more posts against the Muslims. I will have a fair debate with you on issues but I will not discriminate against any demographic. I will not demonize any ethic or religious group. And it isn't about PC it is about common sense. I have far too many Muslim (Not all of whom are Arab which the facist Muslim you need to meet.)friends who have been good to my family and myself to ever generalize against the Muslims. I wish you the same experiences but if you keep speak so ill of this population I fear they will never give you an opportunity and you will never give them an opportunity.

      Free Trade is the evil here not the Muslims.

      No more posts against the Muslims or I will deny them. I have allowed it to go this far because I don't readily censor but this is the end of the line.



    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago


      Free markets (absence of unreasonable government regulation) do not build up fdderal debt. Excess government spending builds up federal debt.

      Free trade maximizes world wealth, and should be strongly enocuraged. Capital flows to where it can be employed most productively. This is called "comparative advantage." The idea is that if each country focuses at what its best at, then free trade permits this output to be exported. Obviously, you're going to get the greatest quantity, highest quality, and lowest cost if everybody is doing the things they do best.

      How you link free trade to Islamic atrocities in the Far East is inexplicable. See the videos on YouTube of Malaysian villagers being murdered. Then come back and tell me "free trade" caused this.

      There are reports coming out every day of Islamic atrocities in Africa - Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sudan, you name it. The MSM doesn't cover it. But internet news sources do.

      How are we Iran? I don't follow this, except to the extent that it may be Oblabber's wish.

      Congress writes laws, with a specific meaning (intent) in mind. The court's job is to infer that intent when applying a law in a case, and apply it accordingly.

      The fact that the House funded the Lybia invasion is not relevant to the invasion's legality. The invasion must BOTH be funded by the House, AND approved by the Senate (the latter per the War Powers Act). The House action just provides the money; the Senate action provides THE PERMISSION TO UTILIZE THE MONEY.

      The people oppressing the populations in Muslim countries are not the Christians now being slaughtered, but the secular strongmen the Muslim's have overthrown (with US help). The strongmen had to be oppressive to prevent the very atrocities that are now occuring in every country that has ousted its secular strongman.

      I will not feign "peace" with Islamics on "PC" grounds. If they really want peace, they have to give up on barbarity, infiltration, terror, and national takeovers. When I hear clear and convincing evidence from both the leaders of Islam, and their masses, that terror will cease, and the goal of a world caliphate is defunct, I'll be happy to welcome them into the world of decent society. Not one second sooner.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida


      I don' think any politican tells the truth but I would like to see that change. I would like government or atleast people claiming to run for president be held accountable for what they say.

      All your blogging buddies would happily pack and move to Vermont for all the reasons mentioned above.

      I'll get past Bachmann's "Inaccucracies" when she states she has misspoken and she send sout a press release with the apporpaiet infomarmation. Every other politicans has t do it why does Bachmann think she is above getting caught in when she sas something incorrect and why doesn't she think she has to make a statement correcting her mistakes. Everyone else does.

      I think you should consider what has happened with free markets and how it has effected out debt. There is a compelling argument we need to be out of free markets. I didn't realize some of you didn't know this. I don't cling to youtube but I read foreign papers. REynold Jay has a great article on South Korea's booming economy and how the South Koreans have faield to finacially assist the USA. Whihc is odd because they are war profiters from the Iraq war conflict.

      Here is the link....

      All of this money should be in the USA economy. South Korea didn't spill blood and treasure in the middle east.

      I have people whom I consider friends that post to me from Malaysia and they haven't mentioned anyone being hacked up by local Sharia authorities. And besides if there are murders they are probab a result of free trade and it deterimental impact on all societies. Free Trade is about the most anti-social thing out there. It is government abuse of its people internationally.

      Stu I read papers from all oer the world and there is not a mention of Muslims hacking up anyone. I have friends in Afrika and they don't mention Muslims hacking up anyone. And there are some really hot places 9in Afrika. So I either know people who are smart enough to get along with Muslims and avoid be killed or it just isn't happening in the porportion to the SS as you claim.

      Stu we are Iran. I'm surpirsed you don't know that?

      Hey and if Bachmann an be elected so can you. You would just have to go door to door and meet everyone and lie to them like everyone else does and you would have their vote. would take the disenfrachized if I were you and I would gather them and organize transportation to the polls. Sometimes you can simply gather enough signatures as an independent to be put on the ticket and if you are running against an incumbant chances are in this political environemnt you will be elected. It isn't as hard as you think. I have family in politics and have run campaigns. It is the people who don't know you that you get to vote for you. And emcumbents have bad histories so whatever anyone thinks you have a cleaner slate that people already in office.

      I think you should. I think it would be an eye opener for you. People ask me to run all the time but I just can't. Atleast not right now. Perhaps in a year or two but not now.

      You are wrong about the earmarks. Bachmann will have just s many as anyone else.

      Congress doesn't interpret laws, that is the job of the courts. Congress writes laws and that has included Bachmann and she has voted on all the laws ncluding granting Obama funding for the lIbya war. She may have voted against the funding but the majority of congress voted for it and the house is controlled by Republicans. That stigma has to stay with all Republicans. They failed to give the president war time powers but funded the operations in North Africa?

      It has to make you wonder. If Bachmann can run for offie Stu so can you!! But you must make peace with the Muslims. Because I would submit to you only a small porportion of Muslims are actually harming anyone and in every society there are fringe elements. I would also submit to you that a terrorist could also be called a freedom fighter and that many of these countries with the majority of Muslims don't want Crhistians in them because they feel opressed. On person tyrannt is another person's freedom fighter. It is all perspective. Make peace with the Musims because we have more fighting for our cause than are out there in the world fighting against us. And Muslims serve in the USA military and for nothing else than that Islam should be apprecated by the USA.

      And no Stu, I am not Muslim.

      All My Best,


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hi JT,

      The TPM is not part of the radical right (revolutionary posse groups). They simply stand for free markets, constructionist interpretation of law, and federal debt reduction. If that's radical, then call me a radical.

      I love the northeast too. It's really gorgeous. It's the people here we can do without. As far as I'm concerned they can all pack up and go to North Korea where they'll be happy, and all my blogging buddies from the southeast can come up and take their place.

      I couldn't get elected flea catcher here. I'd have to move to another state.

      Can't you get past the Bachmann oil reserve thing? It was just a mistake. And why no mention of all of Obama's non-truths, which were genuine lies: no more signing statements, all legislation will be posted on the internet for public comment five days before floor votes in Congress, our national debt will be reduced, recipients of earmarks will be publicized on a government web site, contents of meetings between lobbyists and federal officials will be made public, the Second Amendment will be protected, etc.

      I'll give the Muslims a break when they stop breaking heads. Have you taken a look at what's happening in the far east, like Malaysia and nearby countries? All Christian males in entire villages are hacked to death with machetes, and the local Sharia authorities are so OK with it that the murderers are even willing to have the murders filmed and posted on YouTube. It's like asking me to give the SS a break.


    • profile image

      Jt walters 

      8 years ago

      Stu I m laughing s hard. I love this response. Quote, "Islam is a culture of demonic intolerance and cruelty, and Vermont is a bastion of anti-American socialism. Both do belong in the toilet.". Man just because it is shown on TV doesn't make it true. Some Muslims in some countries celebrated but not the majority and you aren't considering that Muslims died in the 9/11 attacks as well. Muslims have been in this country forever. They are no more demonic than you or I. And as for Vermont being a bastion of Anti-America Socialism...we would like t have a second home there. We love Vermont!!! Great snow Skiing!!!

      Isn't your community networked into specific meetings??? Don't you have communial meetings? That is where you start finding your base to run for office. I want you to run. I think you will see all money has strings. And i think you will be surpirsed how the parties control everything. Bachmann included. By the way I read a post that she hides in the bushes from the gay rights advocates? The post porclaimed she was nucking futs!!!

      JEB is hidding around the corner Stu. I don't want to ruin the suspense but really JEB is running. TPM is only a front and they are so far right that it even makes a BUsh seem okay for the Executive branch.

      I'm a registered Republican and Romney has my vote. He also pays for ads on my sight as well as Palin and Bachmann. I am an equal opportunity adsense person.

      The real question is how bad does Barack Obama have to throw his party to make JEB and Romney win? That is where I think the story is at. Palin and Bachmann will be back in the bushes hidding fromt he gay advocates in no time.

      Please Stu, run. I bet you would make a great politican. I would vote for you but not if you kept company with Michelle Bachmann. You are alright and you made me laugh really hard. We love Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Conneticut (Great Siing there as well!!) and just baout every other place on the East Coast.

      You should run Stu. I think you would make a great politican and since you have worked with organizations you have the right to go ask them to help you run. Please you have the computer thing going on. It would be a great video library perhaps even a media event...Stu running for Senate.

      Bachmann lied about the startedic oil reserve. It would be a big damned deal in DC if we were out. And intelligence would be all over it. Many politicans lie to gain a margin of credibiltiy and they never expect peope to call them on it. Itis not the first thing Bachmann has said that was completely incorrect.

      I also have several questions regarding how she managed to raise 28 children 23 of which she received state and fedeal aid to raise and she has never mentioend her subisdies. You are backing a wealthfare foster parent. Funny too I didn't think William and Mary had a law school. It may but i don't remember it from when I applied there. I'll have to look that up and get back to you on that. I could be wrong so don't quote me.

      I am not Michelle Bachmann and I do try to make certain I am correct in my assertions and look factually after all these posts Stu we aren't wrong. We disagree but we haven't had to fudge numbers or lie to each other. We cann civily disagree.

      But please Stu, give the Muslims a break. There are so many wonderful Muslims in the world. Don't let a few rotten apples jade your view. I really love my friends from every walk of life. We are all capable of evil but we chose to do the right thing and many Muslims are mking the same choices we re and they need to be given credit.

      Run Stu. And be nice to Vermont that bastion of socialize might just elect you if your ask nicely!!

      All My Best,

      Good Evening,



      Please don't write such great posts they make me laugh really hard and it hurts my ribs:):)

    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hi JT,

      Thanks so much for the long reply. I really love it when people who have different opinions can discuss things rationally instead of name calling. Many times I've made completely polite posts disagreeing with a point, and I've been called a Nazi, a Klansman, you name it. I haven't seen any of that here on HP, but it happens alot on another system I blog in. Sometimes I can't help but laugh at it - a Nazi is an extreme left wing expansionist who supports structured dictatorship, and a Klansman is an extreme right wing isolationist who supports anarchy. They are exact opposites. How can I be BOTH?

      I'm not sure what you mean by Obama being "vetted." If you are referring to the Birther issue, it's alive and well. We've still seen no original long form BC that proves Obama is a natural born US citizen.

      Obama DID have a very ugly hand to play. But he made things worse, not better. He ramped up the already outragious debt, and engaged in serial Constitution breaking and breach of affirmative duty. He also greatly damaged our national security by severing ties to historical allies and allowed radical Sharia to take hold in the US, even within the federal executive staff.

      Michele Bachmann never claimed to be a constitutional lawyer; she is a tax attorney, and does in fact have two advanced degrees in the subject.

      Name one thing Muslim adds to our country. Again, I wish to emphasize that I am not anti-Arab or anti-Muslim, I am anti-Islamic. Islam is NOT the USA, and neither is Vermont. Islam is a culture of demonic intolerance and cruelty, and Vermont is a bastion of anti-American socialism. Both do belong in the toilet.

      Bachmann could not have possibly purposely overstated the release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to create a panic. It had to be a simple mistake of fact. The simple reason is that the mistake could be and was noticed and reported on immediately. Bachmann would have known this would happen were she to intentionally lie.

      What outlandish claims has Bachmann made? I'm aware of the mistake on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and her error about the history of slavery in her SOTUA rebuttal. What else?

      You are tangentially correct that the POTUS election goes to the highest bidder, because the candidate with the biggest warchest can put on the most campaign ads. But message matters too. Many low-funded TPM candidates beat richly funded opponents in 2010 simply because their policy plank was better. Cash is part of the equation, but it is not the sole factor.

      We need to become more protectionist. I'm all in favor of free markets, but at present we are too anti-protectionist. Congress has accepted billions in corporate bribes not to impose retaliatory import tariffs against China, India, and other low wage countries. The reason is that these countries demand export protection in exchange for allowing our multinationals to hire their cheap labor. Strict imposition of retaliatory import tariffs would get us kicked out of China and India, and alot of jobs that were offshored would return home.

      Bachmann is not fear mongering. She's just being brutally honest about the sacrifices we will have to make if we wish to resolve the federal debt crisis. It will mean massive federal layoffs, a giant boost to the tax base, and rapid phaseout of federal entitlement programs. It's going to hurt ALOT. If seeming fear mongering gets us to act before the problem becomes too big to solve, then by all means, let's have alot more fear mongering.

      Islam is bad because it is bad. If only a handful of Islamics were radical at heart, why were Islamics all over the world cheering in the streets when the Twin Towers went down? I'm not saying all Islamics are directly involved with terror, but I am saying that most Islamics support the radical and intolerant concept of complete merging of government and their intolerant religion. That means non-Islamics are treated as infidels and are subject to harrassment and even death, and Islamics are subject to the death penalty if they choose to convert to another religion. Husbands are allowed to rape their wives. Husbands are allowed to torture their wives for refusing to have sex. People who steal a candy bar have their hands cut off, even children. Islam is barbaric, and belongs on the ash heap of history.

      Who would I make friends with here? In 2010, I did some phone banking for (federal) candidates across the country that I liked. I also belong to the Americans for Prosperity (AFP), an advocacy group for free markets. They had some state level politicians in VT they supported, and I did some phone banking for the AFP. The script started with "Would you like to reclaim your freedoms under the Constitution?" ALMOST EVERYONE HERE JUST HUNG UP. One moonbat who did agree to speak said "No, I don't think I want that, but thanks so much for calling."

      The GOP nomination is less of a shell game than you think. Centrists will have no say in the nomination. The only candidates that will appeal to registered GOP voters (who are predominantly right wing) are Bachmann, Paul, and Cain. None of these candidates are taking special interest money. Cain doesn't have enough name recognition to raise a big enough warchest to effectively campaign at the grassroots level. Either Bachmann or Paul will win, unless "Romney the RINO" trounces them with saturation ads funded by Wall Street donations. Pawlenty has a shot, if he could get beyond talking about his budget accomplishments in MN. While his superb fiscal credentials are a giant plus for him, he can't win the nomination on that alone; he has to present a complete policy platform to win the nomination, which he has yet to do.

      Not all PAC money comes with strings attached. Money from PAC's run by corporations, unions, and other groups looking for legislation favoring their own parochial interests do of course come with strings attached ("submit/support legislation that makes us richer"). But ideology driven PAC's donate money to candidates with no strings attached; they simply donate to candidates who already are on record as supporting their position.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Stu,

      Harvard graduates don't live in Vermont? Everyone in Harvard knows everyone else. I can guarantee you Obama is and has been completely vetted. Actually Stu just about everyone in the Ivy League knows everyone else. It is not that big of a club.

      Barack Obama was handed a very ugly hand to play. And by his admission he ws incapable of changing Wasington, DC. So what makes you think Bachmann could? Obama claimed ot be a constitutional law professor which is the same story that is coming out of Bachmann.

      Wow you don't really undertsand how many Muslims are working for the USA? How much Islam adds to our country? Have you ever spent time with people who are Muslim? I think you should. I think you would be surpirsed how really kind and nice they are. I could have accepted the argument that Islam isn't a religion before I could believe it is an ideology.

      I have appreciated your candor in your questions and I want to tell you many things but I can't. There are clealry things you are not informed about regarding Islam and the Middle East. Islam has worked for America for a very long time. And I mean this sincerely and kindly but you need to get outside of Vermont. Islam is everywhere and it is dangerous to blame Islam especially since thye work for our country. Islam is more terrified of us than we are of them. And i don't mean that to be cruel to Islam. Do you realize how many times I have had to explain to people of Islam that we don't hate their religion and that we would never fush a wholy text down the toilet? Islam is the USA as is Vermont and everything else. You just have to see the entire landscape.

      It doesn't matter who you vote for. So please vote for whomever you choose but the country is getting taxed. And that tax is going to hit everyone with money. It has too.

      Stu Bachmann sits on the intelligence committe and they knwo exactly how much oil is in the startegic reserves. For Bachmann to state on televison that Obama emptied the stratedic reserve was an attempt to create panic and fear and increase the demand for oil. Trust me. I live in a state where when the strategic oil reserves are low we all know. Obama dumped bad crude onto the market which George Bush Sr did during the Kuwait war. And Obama would have had to talk to the intelligence communtiy to do so. Bachmann knew he didn't use all the oil up and empty the reserves. Just because she hides behind a security clearance doesn't mean the rest of us don't know when she is lying.

      Psycholinguistically, and I have those credentials, she was lying by her gestures. It couldn't have been more obvious.

      It was so clear she was playing a role of the evangelical fiscal conservative with very little else ot offer but fear mongering. She attempted to create a Stockholm moment on Tv with her outlandish claims.

      Her is something no one will tell you. Your vote while it is your civic duty will have little influence on this election. Don't worry I doubt my vote will matter much either. There is a trasfer of power going on and Bachmann is just apart of the show so everyone in the States doesn't wise up that POTUS is sold every four years to the highest bidder. And there are very few people who are actually qualified for the job. I know. My family served nine or ten presidents. I am not actaully certain if my Grandmother served FDR or just ran campaigns for him so that is the discrepancy. But our people go all the back to Hayes appointments. The complexity of what s really going on is far greater than Michelle Bachmann. We are about to move into a protectionism phase.

      If you like Bachamnn than vote your heart because I think our choices are the only thing that are truly ours.

      Bachmann is seriosuly going to have to pull herself together and stop fear mongering before she could even be considered a candidate. My guess is she is just getting her name out there for future refernece. She maybe facing a tough run re-election back home.

      It isn't Islam that is bad but the people who exploit it. Just as the USA citizens are nt bad just the people who exploit them. Have you ever considered that your opinions of Islam are perpetuating war with Islam and if you would let go of your "judgement" your life would be profoundly better and so would those who are Islamic around you. One of the reasons followers of Islam are so easily exploited is because Islamic follwoers are socially isolated by their faith and others perceptions of their faith.

      I was buddies with a guy that was Islamic and he taught me to fly a plane when I was young. He was a flight instructor. We belonged to an avaiation clud. He was a closet drinker so when we would fly to these avaitiosn social club meetings and have dinner at an airport. Inevitably, I would have to fly home. I'm sneaking the Hindu people pork at the grocery store. My life is infinetly richer because I have friends from every walk of life and of every religion.

      We are all the same. I like the pork as well. When I went to Aeromatuical Engineering school my entire class was Chinese and when any of us got sick we saw the flight doctor and he was Muslim and black. Have you served in the military? We have lots ad lost of Muslims serving in our forces. And it can't be an easy task having to fight other Muslims around the world but they are the only people we have to get inside the heads of these brain washed radicals. They are the ket to ending the war. So yes, I loev the Muslims because they have been apart of our country and served for so very long. We are a country that has religious freedom. And I would think you would apprecate everything the armed services especially those who are Muslims are doing to combat terrorism. And Bachmann knows as she sits on Intelligence and she isn't making that argument. So she is not only lying but she omitting some big truths that could calm all the war mongers and alleviate fears.

      Really make friends with someone that is different. They open your eyes to the world. And I am saying this kindly because there is a side of me tht wanst to move up there with all of you. I like the culture of Vermont and would love to live there.

      The Republican nomintaion is a shell game right now. No one knows who the GOP nomination will be. And if we are still at war we might not actaully have elections.

      Are you aware we have a spy plane down in China and our people are being held hostage? I can't imagine paying China while they are holding our people hostage. And some how this news never makes it onto the TV but Bachmann and her message from Christ makes it????

      Stu you are a good guy. You can post anytime to me. I respect you and I appreciate your points. But no lunch is for free and PAC money does come with strings. All moeny comes with strings. It is the nature of the beast.

      All My Best,


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hi JT,

      All TPM candidates take TPM group PAC funds. But these are not special interest donations (they come with no demands for legislative favors). TPM meetings sometimes do charge fees for attending, but that's only so they can fund candidates and/or their own operating expenses.

      Obama never claimed to be a constructionist. He merely claimed to have a law degree (and we don't even really know that, as he has sealed his academic records).

      Please explain what you think Bachmann has lied about. I know she has made some factual errors in her speeches, like all pol's do on occaision, but I'm not aware of any deliberate lies.

      Nothing Bachmann has said indicates to me she is a warmonger. Please provide some examples if you disagree.

      Regarding other (announced) POTUS candidates I would support, the only ones are Cain and Paul; all the others besides Bachmann are RINO's. I'm still open-minded about Pawlenty, but I need to hear a complete policy position from him first. Regarding unnanounced candidates, I like Rick Perry and Mike Pence, but they may or may not run. No matter who ultimately runs in the GOP primary, I'll be supporting Bachmann.

      I am not biased against Muslims from a racial point of view. I am biased against Islam from a religious point of view. Islam at current is not a religion, but is a political ideology based on national infiltration, terror, and takeover. Bias based on facts is judgment, not prejudice.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hey Stu,

      I am a pretty enlightened person so I will let it slip this time without deny approval for my hubpage but don't blame the Muslims. Really, that is an evangelical move and has no place on my HUbs or in this country. We love everyone here. And just because we are having difficult with a specific region of the world who also happens ot practice or claims to practice Islam doesn't mean we have anything against Muslims. My entire life i have been around Muslims and I really can't say they are any better or any worse than anyone else I come across. So it is over wih demonizing the Muslims. USA is a country of religious tolerance. I know this because the evangelicals push and shove and do everything they can in the name of their religious freedoms. We respect Islam and Muslims in this country just as we respect everyone else and thier religions including the agonistic, the pantheist and the athiests. So if I have to endure listening to the delusional Michelle Backman claim she heard it from Jesus Christ to run for presidant and I have to read your defense of her, I expect you to no tear down the muslims in the same paragraph let alone Islam. You understand that you are biased in this argument and it shows when you tear down the Muslims and protect Michelle Backmann's claim Jesus Christ spoke to her. Lay off the Muslims, okay!!!

    • profile image

      jt walters 

      8 years ago

      Stu thank youf or responding. I persnally watched Michelle Backmann claim she had received a calling from JESUS CHRIST and i heard her say "Obama released ALL not some of the oil from the stregic oil reserves.". And she wasn't on TV that long.

      I'm afraid of people who believe they have the divine authority to run this country.

      You don't think the Tea Party is loaded up with special interest monies? Backmann is a Tea Party candidate and has taken Tea Party funding. I attended a Tea Party with only a few select people in the state of Florida. They wanted a hundred thousand dollar donation from each of us.

      I have noticed Vermont isn't suffering the same problems economically as the rest of the USA and let me clarify we love Vermont. The view is different from Floirda.

      And you don't know that Michelle Backmann isn't psychotic. You can't prove she isn't. And she has called her own mental health into question by misquoting and claiming Jesus Christ called her to politics. You don't even know it was Jesus Christ that called her. You can't prove her calling and you can't prove what called her be it the devil or psychosis.

      Stu, I appreciate you repectful answers and the debate. But frankly, Michelle Backmann did this to herself. And yes, every word she speaks she is going t be held accountable for because we are tired out here Stu of crooked, broken lying politicans that make Americans look foolish.

      Obama was a strick constitutional law professor remember how that turned out? Being a constitutionalist doesn't mean anything. Messing up on national tv in what a short interview before you official announce your candidaccy is to commit political suicide.

      You can't predict how Backmann is going to behave if elected because quite frankly all of Vermont loved Obama and look what he has done. Vermont is pretty outraged. I know people that live there. Obama failed Vermont on so many levels and Backmann will do the exact same thing. And again we like Vermont.

      I respect your comment and I appreciate them. But the truth is Backmann is no more predictable than Obama. Actually, I have found Obama to be very predictable. I just knew he ws lying when he ran for POTUS. Backmann is lying as well and you can't proven Jesus Christ provide her a calling but i can prove she said it and that calls her credibiltiy into question entirely. Quite frankly, I think they should kick her off the intelligence committee. But untilt his post I really haven't lobbied for that.

      If Backmann is responsible at all let her explain why she would lie about the strategic oil reserves wehn she would have that information on the tip of her tongue as she would have access to those numbers everyday while on intelligence committee. And prove to me that Jesus Crhist made a calling for Backmann to go into politics. Prove there is a Jesus Christ and it was actually He who called her. It is a rather irresponsible claim to make on tv when Backmann is unable to prove it. Why would I listen to anything else the Tea Party memebers would have to say? Inaccuracies if not bold faced lies, delusions at best if not psychosis combined with the inability to accept personal resonsibilities and retract her statemenst immediately is no one I would ever consider worthy of a second look.

      Backmann could push the button and go to war because she thought Jesus Christ told her to do so. To unstable for government work!!!!

      And yes, I would challenge any candidate that made false claims despte theri political affiliations, candidacy or anything else. That includes Jim DeMint. That includes everyone.

      I hate to break it to you but i have had a lot of positive feedback form thsi article and the majority of people agree. You are right high contact people, not Backmann, do make mistakes and they have people that immediately retract their statements. You would think if Backmann was up for the job as an attorney and a "seasoned politicans so seasoned as to be ready for the executive branch" she would have been on this immediately but nope. I have had all week to kick this around because she and her camp failed to put out a statement retracting her false claims.

      I respect your opinion Stu and if you have another candidate that doesn't go all wild and crazy on Face the Nation, announce and fail to put out a retraction, I will consider him/her depsite their religion. But as for Backmann there is no way I would vote for her now!!! How could she qualified ot be on the Intelligence Committee? Has she even served in the military or held a state Department job? It doesn't matter I wouldn't vote for her now.

      First impressions are the most lasting and Backmann's is that of a right winged psychotic delusion woman who recieves messages from Jesus Christ and lies about the POTUS. Not my cup of Tea at all.

    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      8 years ago

      Hello JT,

      I really must disagree with your thread. Michele Bachmann is one of the very few (announced) POTUS candidates that are true constitutional constructionists, committed to free markets, and are dead serious about federal debt reduction. The only others that definitely qualify are Ron Paul and Herman Cain. Tim Pawlenty certainly qualifies on the debt reduction front, but has not articulated his positions on other issues yet in enough detail to know what he thinks about them.

      Mitt Romney, contrary to what many conservatives believe, is not a terrible candidate. Most conservatives villify him for his role in the MA HC fiasco, but everyone makes mistakes, and it's unfair to hold one error against someone for the rest of their life. Much bigger issues with Romney concern his fund raising (what did he have to promise Wall Street to raise $10 million this early in the race), and why does he flip-flop so often on so many issues (abortion, gay marriage, etc.)? My feeling is that he lacks depth of ideology, and will say/do whatever is required to maximize votes (just the kind of people we need to get rid of).

      Moving on to Bachmann, she is my personal favorite. She's staunchly supportive of all TPM principles, and takes no special interest money, so she will be beholden to nobody if she is elected (of course, this means she will have to rely solely on grassroots funding, which is a big hurdle against the Obama/union/DNC money machine). If elected, she will go through federal operating spending with a hacksaw, take a machete to federal entitlements (so we can abrogate most of the off balance sheet debt), and I suspect she will submit a raft of repeal bills and court challenges to undo the Obama agenda which has led to the passage of so many unconstitutional laws and issuance of so many illegal EO's.

      The chatter about Bachmann hearing messages from God is taken out of context. She merely recounted for the public record that in discussing with her husband the possibility of running for federal offices in MN, she mentioned that she felt a calling from God to make the runs. She never claimed to have had auditory experiences. Other prominent conservatives have spoken about prayer and callings from God in regard to their political decisions too, such as Jim DeMint. There is no psychosis here, but just statements of how certain candidates feel inside.

      I agree Michele made a mistake of fact regarding how much oil was released from the strategic petroleum reserve, but all politicians make such factual errors from time to time. Major politicians have to speak to the media so often, and frequently in unscripted formats, that such errors are simply unavoidable. Pretend you had to speak for 5-10 hours per week on TV, without a script, on a vast range of public issues. I think you know you would occaisionally get some facts wrong, even if your main points were correct.

      I'm not sure where "Michelle Backmann represents the middle Eastern oil interests" is coming from. It's the Obama administration that's preventing domestic drilling and exploration, not the TPM. Whether this is to appease the green crowd, or kowtow to Muslims (OPEC), or both, I can't tell you (because I don't know). But nobody is propping up US oil prices as much as Obama. Until we get serious drilling going again in the Gulf, and open up the Rockies and ANWR to major development and exploration, we're going to stay in the soup on energy. Things in fact may get worse, and fast. The EPA is considering shutting a big portion of Texas oil production down to protect a lizard they wish to add to the endangered species list. If they do this, expect another spike in the price of gas at the pump.


    • profile image

      jt walters 

      8 years ago

      Brooklyn in Florida but you can't really take the New York out of the girl. LOL.

      I think the wisest thing to do is disorganize and stay away form groups. Be the undefinable person.

      He is probably memorizing the words by making them into a song. Have you tried the Brain Quest Workbooks? I do those atleast once a day. I have ot break up the sections but my son loves them. They are good general reinforcers.

      No labels is probably a group to collect the gay and disenfranchized groups to vote for the Republicans. I am very pro gay rights. I can't say anything about marriage for the heterosexuals or anyone else. I don't believe in marriage at all. I believe in renting ideas and loyalty but I am not certain exactly how marriage fits into that. I'd imagine Republicans are trying to pick up centerist Democrats. That would be my stradegy if I were running for president. More Democrats are mad at Obama than Republicans.

      I don't know how conservatives can pick up the gay vote. It seems inconvienable but I guess I can't blame them for trying. Dems are going to have the Hispanic vote unless JEB jumps in.

      Backmann is a Red Herring and not a real candidate. I am still waiting for the real Republican candidate to stand up. I think it is Romeny but the VP is going to be tricky aand I don't think Backmann has a shot. She blew it quite literally before she formally announced. Many people remind me Dan Qualye was president and I have to remind them that was a very different time. I haven't written a Hub on Romney yet but I have about all the possibilities in the Republican Party.

      You take care as well my friend and give the lad a hug from me.

      As Always All My Best,


      Absolutely I consider you a friend.

    • N.E. Wright profile image

      N E Wright 

      8 years ago from Dover, Delaware

      Hey JT,

      Brooklyn girl? Too cool.

      You know I just may join No Labels. I am getting sick of most Progressives. They want the President to be what he is not, a bully, and non pragmatic. It is ticking me off.

      At the same time I am listening to Mark Mckinnon -- Founder of No Label -- say how authentic Michelle Bachmann is. I thought that lying actually counts you out of being a real authentic person. LOL. I guess I will not join his group. LOL.

      It is so cool corresponding with you, and I like you too, which is why I gladly sign off calling you friend.

      Oh, lord, my son is singing the words to the book he is suppose to be reading. LOL. Must go.

      Take Care Friend,


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hey Peter,

      Thanks for the comment. I am an American as well and in the interets of America I think it is important we call ALL politicans down on the carpet when they claim to be in direct contact with Jesus Christ and when they lie about the stradegic oil reserves. I realize I can be the victim of a hate crime by the Tea Party for addressing Michelle Backmann this way but it is importnat for all of us to be able to say to the rest of the world. Just because some idiot pandering politicans says something doesn't mean we drink the cool aide.

      I have no part affiliate Peter. I vote but I am not in a political party. And I will call a Democrat or Republican out for doing and saying crazy things on the TV for votes. Beside wouldn't Jesus Christ, if he actually would bother with Michelle Backmann, want her to tell the truth. And wasn't it rather blasphemous of her to evoke JC's name and attach it to a lie like Obama used up all the oil reserves?

      Backmann sits on an intelligence committe and she makes statements like this with a security clearnace? I have profound doubts about her ability to properly conduct ou countries affairs on the intelligence committe and she is definetly not ready for the executive branch. Backmann made a very dumb mistake in politics. She thought she was smarter than her voters. And now she will have to eat her words every time she speaks. Perhaps JC will speak to her again and tlel her maybe it isn't time to run for president!!!

      Thanks for taking the time to read, write and comment. I really appreciate you taking the time. Yo have a great dela of sense Peter so I am going to go to your site and folow your hubs as well.

      Thanks again,


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi N.E.,

      Thanks for sharing with Face Book friends. I don't care if the conservatives come after me. If you read me long enough you will see I am without definition. You cn't put me into those silly definitions f Republican or Democrat. I know the game is inside the belt way and the rest of us outside the belt way get the shaft.

      I think the time for partisanship has pasted. I think all of us need to be beyond Republican or Demcrat and stewards of our government. As people, no matter what politically affiliation we are most like, we need to send a clear message ot anyone and everyone running step out of the boundaries of reasonable and we don't vote for you!! Backmann said somethinsg that were quite unreasonable like, "JC spoke to her personally." JC speaks to you or eye and we are committed. Why does Backmann think she has a special relationship with JC in which he speaks to her? It made the USA look stupid and gave all of us a bad reputation. And not all conservative her JC. Nor are they anti-Obama. I have some hubs on Obama but I am not nearly as hard on Obama as I am on the Republicans. But that is probably because I expect more from the Republicans.

      Both my parents were from New York. So I am well aware that Democrats dewell within and quite frankly it is nice to hear Democratic opinions because it sometimes get really boring hanging out with the Republicans. I have never voted a straight ticket in my life which probably makes me an independent.

      N.E. I like you. I love your articles and we are sisters from the same hood mine being Brooklyn your being the Bronx. The Kings and Queens so to speak in borough terms. I am just pointing out the obvious for everyone in the Hubs. Because a lot of incredulous things are said by our politicasn everyday whihc make us the voters look stupid and that is coming from both sides of the isle. I think of myself as outside the beltway and that is the only label that really matters.

      Thank you for reading. I appreciate you taking the time and sharing the hub with face book. I haven't the time to join face book or twitter yet.

      N.E. I see you have a lot of followrs and have a very busy life but I am following you because I genuinely like your writing style and you as a person. I write about politics because we are in a time when this can't be ignored but I guess it was over the top with the title telling Backmann JC wants her to tell the truth. I just thought if JC was going to be invoked he might want her not to be a liar.

      Thanks again for the input, the tiem to read and the comment. I am a fan of all your work.

      All My Best,


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      8 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      JT you are the first republican with any sense, I am not a democrat or a republican I am an American and Michele Bachman is an embarassment to us all. Finally someone who sees Michele for what she realy is, a lier. Thanks I'm following you, Peter

    • N.E. Wright profile image

      N E Wright 

      8 years ago from Dover, Delaware

      Hey JT,


      I shared this with my other followers, and on my Facebook page.

      I actually was hesitant, because I really did not want the conservatives on here to go after you ....

      Still, I wanted your work read, because all of us have to call out those in our parties -- I am an Independent Liberal who votes Democratic -- who say wrong and dangerous things as if nothing bad could happen. As if they do not know the history of America. Crazy.

      Oh, I am a New Yorker, and most Blacks -- who are registered Democrats -- I know voted for Mike Bloomberg -- who started out as a registered Republican -- at least two of the three times he ran. I voted for him every single time.

      I was angry when the journalist threw his shoes at President Bush, and I could not stand Bush for his horrible policies. Still, he was my President, and I wanted that guy thrown under the jail. LOL. Hum, that does not sound nice. LOL.

      I have more to say, but I will not. LOL.

      This was well written.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Take Care, Friend,



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