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Homosexuality and Genetics. My Gnarly Family Tree

Updated on October 21, 2013

Diversity is Beautiful. Ignorance is Ugly.


Religious Ignorance - Are Genetics Really a Choice?

... And God Said: "Let there be light"

Not just physical light, but the light bulb that goes on in ones head we finally "get the message".

First let me say that the following data is pure fact.

There can be no mistake about the truth of the genetic factor in the cause of homosexuality.

Another fact that anyone with a brain, that only half works, must conclude, is that God makes "no" mistakes.

Mistakes are only the manifestations of man. This is especially evident when you consider the scale of the prevalence of homosexuality throughout every nation, nationality, culture, continent, family and social unit on this planet.

The next fact is that "nature" was created by God, for those of you who must insist on believing in something greater than yourself.

Finally, just by the nature of the sheer numbers, the conglomeration of such diverse and conflicting religious sects, is proof enough of how distorted these beliefs have become at the hands of human beings. {Assuming of course that there is only One creator}.

Those human beings, all had their own agendas, when they established their own religions.

After finding their personal ideas to be irreconcilably conflicted with their host religious affiliates, they interjected those ideas and beliefs into their new religious creations. Thus leading to the logical conclusion that their incongruous input, in their attempts to influence society, should be discounted as having little, or no, credence at all.

Because of the prevalence of various religions throughout the world, and the violence that each one has displayed throughout its life span, their claims prove nothing. Except, that religions' very presence itself has been predicated and perpetuated through the ages, based on fear and misconceptions, half truths, and lies.

The fear, and guilt, that each religion generously disperses throughout its dogma equates to nothing more than control through terror. Ergo, religion equates to terrorism at its most basic.

With this being said, thereby negating the religious zealots' allegations that 'God abhors homosexuals' as well as all the other preposterous imaginary stories depicted in their most holy texts.

Now with logic explaining the irrelevance of religious claims, here is my family tree through 3 generations:

Both my parents came from large families. I am only including 3 generations because i do not know from first hand knowledge before that, and cannot know what the next generation will unfold.

Are you ready for this?

My father had 2 brothers that were 'afflicted' with the gayness gene.

My mother had 2 brothers and 1 sister also 'afflicted' with the gayness gene.

My parents had 11 children. Listed below in no particular order, and nameless to protect the innocent and their anonymity.

  • #1. had 2 children: Both were heterosexual. 1 of these had 2 children: 1 heterosexual. 1 homosexual.
  • #2. had 3 children: 1 homosexual, 1 heterosexual, 1 bisexual.
  • #3. had 4 children: 1 was heterosexual, 3 were homosexual. One of the 3 married and had 2 offspring - both were homosexual. .
  • #4. had 7 children: 3 were homosexual, 4 heterosexual.
  • #5. was born homosexual. no children
  • #6. was born homosexual. no children
  • #7. had 2 children: both heterosexual.
  • #8. had 2 children: 1 heterosexual, 1 homosexual.
  • #9. had 2 children: both heterosexual.
  • #10 and # 11 both died at childbirth.

There is no history of mental abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse or any other attributes that our most learned (and misinformed or uninformed) 'doctors' or 'religious leaders' who were borne and bred of ignorant superstitions, would have you believe was a root cause for this anomaly in this one family alone.

In our society if you can't explain something, simply give it a name, call it a disease, or blame it on the devil.

Stop for one moment and just take a look all the great revelations and all the exciting discoveries recently uncovered in the universe that this planet is part of.

Realize that this little planet 'earth' is but one grain of sand on an endless beach of space and time.

Look at how everything in this eternal vacuum of space relates to everything else around it, how it works in perfect unison, and tell me, or yourselves, that you can still believe that any god worth his (or her) weight in salt could make such an 'error'.?

And, yes, there IS perfect unison, even in a universe filled with seemingly random chaos.

And, please do not insult even the most basic intelligence of mankind by purporting that somehow this is the work of "Satan". This is sheer lunacy. Keep your silly fantasies to yourself.

The concepts of "Good and Evil" are only ignorant superstitions manifested in the minds of those gullible people who cannot explain anything they do not understand, or deduce, by logical reasoning.

Religion, politics for profit, and greed: Are the most evil and destructive forces in this world. And they are the driving forces of our very culture. This is a sad tribute to our so called "civilized" society.

My best guesses for this anomaly? That the creator:

  • A. has a profound and odd sense of humor
  • B. directed "mother nature" to manipulate the genetic coding to prevent over population resulting in inevitable destruction of this beautiful and fragile creation that we call 'earth'
  • C. had no control of how the process of evolution would.., well.., evolve.

Oh, and here's a P.S. for you non-believers in the truth. No-one in their right minds would "choose" an "alternate lifestyle" that is so hated and abused in all societies around the world.

Homosexuality is a part of our very human nature. It is here to stay. So live your own lives in concert with your very basic religious beliefs, if you must, but also have the common decency to allow others to do the same in peace and harmony.

It is time for society to 'grow up' and move into the the present world, leaving the superstitions, fantasies, and ignorance in the darkness of the past where they certainly belong.

by: d.william 09/01/2010

Not Mocking - stating reality and truth

Hell is only an invention of the church

It is time for the world to wake up to the realities of life. We are all God's children


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