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Osama Bin Who?

Updated on May 9, 2011
Not on TV
Not on TV
Not in the Media
Not in the Media

Since Bin Laden has been killed the media are alive with his name. The questions mainly ask “should he of been killed?” or “should he of been properly buried?”

In answer to these, yes it was right to shoot him. Even if he wasn’t guilty of all that they say, by his own words on video tape, he at least was guilty of enough to receive the death sentence. To bring him to trial could of cost too much, not in monetary terms but in the cost of lives that may have been lost in rescue attempts. He has already been responsible for enough deaths.

As to his burial at sea I am not so sure. Certainly, I can understand people not wanting to give the opportunity for others to make a monument at his grave site; however this act may have upset Muslims who, until now, had been impartial. It could be argued that, however bad someone is or what religion they may be, all are entitled to a proper religious burial.

With hindsight, perhaps the Americans should have returned the body to his homeland Saudi Arabia. If they wanted to allow a monument, then they would have to be responsible for its security. If they wanted to bury him at sea, let them deal with any Muslim backlash. After all they are Muslim too.

It does not matter if you agree or disagree but we must stop discussing it. One of the most important things to a terror group is getting headlines. Whilst we continue to give him the headlines, he is still winning from his watery grave. Make sure his name is written in the history books but keep it out of the newspapers.

A Lost Opportunity

I don’t know if the killing of Gaddafi was being considered but if it was, an opportunity has been lost.

I suspect that politicians are worried about who would take over Libya, if Gaddafi left. This is because many powerful people in the country are even more pro Al Qaeda than he is and so Al Qaeda could gain power.

If this was the case, as soon as Bin Laden was killed they should have done the same to Gaddafi whist Al Qaeda were in disarray and unable to take initiative from the situation. Instead they have been given a chance to regroup and reorganize.

I am not saying I believe Gaddafi should be killed, I am only saying that if they were considering it, then they missed an opportunity.


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    • cbl2988 profile image

      cbl2988 6 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Enjoyed the Hub, but did you consider the following:

      bin Laden's right to due process

      his right to a fair trial

      the right to confront his accuser

      Did you consider the precedents and implications of Obama's actions, namely:

      He assumed the authority to assassinate someone whom he considered a threat--something that he had no authority to do

      If he could do this to someone whom he calls a threat then what is going to stop him from doing it to anyone else whom he may call a threat (this is a very serious precedent)

      Check out my hub: "Osama the Terrorist and Obama the Tyrant" at