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People Around the World Love Bernie

Updated on July 20, 2018
Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia is a passionate progressive and now leads a group of women activists in her retirement community. It's not safe to ignore politics.

Sketch of Senator Bernie Sanders


They Want to Help Him Get Elected

Our presidential election affects people outside the U.S. The next president's policies have a real impact on other nations. That's why some foreigners are taking part in campaigning for Bernie Sanders.

It never occurred to me to volunteer to help in a political campaign in England or Germany. As with most Americans, I'm mostly preoccupied with issues here at home. So, it surprised me to see people from Belgium or Denmark joining in discussions of the presidential candidates. Not only that, but some are even coming to the United States to help with phone banking and door-to-door canvassing.

The candidate that inspires this activism is Bernie Sanders. People of other countries may fear the U.S. voters will elect a warmonger (any of the Republican candidates) or a climate change denier (again, any of the Republicans). They also find Sanders' goals for the people commendable and familiar since most of their countries have universal healthcare and free college.

Learn more about some of the citizens of the world who are helping Bernie Sanders in his run for the White House.

What People from Other Countries Think of Bernie Sanders

Pedro Santos de Albuquerque (from Brazil) - "Hello, American friends. We Brazilians are sending positive vibes to Sanders. Reducing the profits of the big banks, and those who make fortunes from financial speculation is not a US goal is a global goal. The walk is long, but you will be able to get there. You are writing a new chapter in the history of this beautiful country. Congratulations to all of you."

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Bernie Sanders World View

"We are one world and one people. And that believe leads me to the conclusion that we just cannot turn our backs on human suffering." - Bernie Sanders.
"We are one world and one people. And that believe leads me to the conclusion that we just cannot turn our backs on human suffering." - Bernie Sanders. | Source

Thinking of Ways to Help Bernie from Far Away New Zealand

Bonnie Howland of Wellington - "Hey Berners! I've been playing with the idea of making a video here in New Zealand to show the support we have for Bernie. Something along the lines of 'New Zealand feels the Bern.'"

Some other Kiwis in the Bernie Believers Facebook group chimed in.

Zoë Wynn - "I'm in Auckland! I'd love to contribute."

Many Americans also loved the idea and added their suggestions:

  • Caleb Lightfoot - "The free peoples of Middle Earth support Bernie. I like it."
  • Michele Jay - "Do it! Especially if you know anyone who can do a haka on camera for Bernie."
  • Pamela Borden - "I have friends in Wellington, maybe they can be in it~!"

India Wishes Bernie Sanders Well in His Campaign

Yogesh Kalra - "I am from India, I have no vote in America, but have lots of friends and relatives there, and they will support Bernie Sanders. Since he is honest, I want that the leader of the world should not be for a few billionaires, instead work for middle-class and poor people. Work for world peace, work for less spent on wars, and help the billion of people which sleep without food. Go, Bernie, God bless you. We'll support you."

Here's a British Citizen Who Loves Bernie

Mark and his 13-year-old son Ben came from England to volunteer for a week on the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Mark and his 13-year-old son Ben came from England to volunteer for a week on the Bernie Sanders campaign. | Source

Another Brit Who Supports Bernie

Sam Welsh - "I'm a Brit and it's good to see America has someone like you. Protecting your people is not socialism. It is a basic role of the state. And if this is seen as an issue, something is severely wrong. You understand that. Good luck, Bernie."

An Australian Explains Why She Thinks Bernie's Health Care Plan Is Needed


Hear What an Australian Says about Social Programs in Her Country

Anna B. in New Hampshire, "I'm an Aussie ....back home in the SOCIALIST country I grew up in ....6 weeks vacation and 3 mths after 10 yrs with a company .and 35hr work week.....we work to LIVE.....not live to WORK.....we work just as hard knowing we get time off to enjoy life ....USA and Canada ...only two westernized countries in the world that only gives their people 2 weeks off a year to start with .....One year of paid maternity leave or really cheap tuitions ...cheapest in the world (fact check in my sociology class at my American University I'm presently attending) medical and dental ....sure we might pay a little more for taxes but look at all we get for them ...a single parent is required to earn a part-time wage in order to get any assistance free welfare you are held accountable.

AUSTRALIA is FREE too and so are 207 other countries. As a matter of fact I can do things there I can't here. I do love AMERICA, but my life here is more restrictive and much tougher than I ever experienced in my life ...and NO, don't compare us to Venezuela, their Government is run much differently.

Aussies are just as proud and hard working ...I also went thru six deployments with my American ex-military spouse ...freedom wasn't free for my family we paid our dues...
Those were just the long deployments. ...I never counted the short ones ...I lost count YES, I speak from my own personal experience ...not just rhetoric. ...Socialism is not communism...and I think people are confused by this...sorry, this is so long, but I lived this, so I promise do not allow FEAR to stop everyone from experiencing everything I mentioned in this wonderful country USA ....just saying.

Life is tough here in the States and things have to change for the better because the system has failed all the hard-working people which isn't fair...time for a change #feelthebern Bernie is the hope for everyone!

I am from Sweden but I love Bernie Sanders and I hope you Americans get lucky to have him as a president. In my eyes, he is and will always be a winner.

You are so lucky to even have someone like Bernie Sanders! Best of luck to you guys! You deserve to have peace and joy

— Denise Salemberg‎ of Stockholm, Sweden

A Canadian Politician Shares His Admiration for Bernie

Permission given by Eric Guerbilsky to share his story.
Permission given by Eric Guerbilsky to share his story. | Source

Canadians Share their Opinion

Jonathan G. - "Look, I'm a Canadian so perhaps I don't have the right to speak about American politics. But this man is sincerely the only choice that can revitalize the US. I'm so confused why Americans hate the idea of free/subsidized education and universal healthcare. These two programs help so many people and save so much money that it's just crazy to me people would despise it. Literally, your democrat party is akin to our conservative party on many issues. It's such a perplexing issue."

Moxie J. - "I am Canadian and I can tell you this, we feel the Bern Big TIME! So happy that our neighbours have an incredible candidate. Should make casting your vote quite simple.

Btw. We LOVE our healthcare, and really do not pay much more in taxes for it than you guys do right now for very, very little."

You guys deserve Sanders after all the wars, economy collapse and hate the other presidents have been feeding your country. Bernie is the first politician to say words like our job is not to divide, our job is to bring people together. If you get lucky and he is elected as a president than Europe might see the light, honesty and kindness a politician can have towards his people and we might get lucky to have someone like him one day. I believe that he is what the world needs right now.

— Denise Salemberg

Words of Support from Nepal

Nishant Silwal‎ on the Bernie Sanders is my HERO Facebook group.

"Here's why I like and admire Bernie even though I'm not an American (I live almost 8000 miles away in the land of the Everest, birthplace of Buddha) -

Because Bernie is for one and all . He wants to save our Mother Earth (mother of all mothers), he wants to eradicate fear, pain & suffering and give meaning to the life of all individual, he wants the children to go to college & not wars, he wants to end the endless wars, maintain peace, give equality to all regardless of gender, sex, ethnic group, etc, he wants to build a better future for my American brothers and sisters and wants to walk hand in hand with other countries.

He is one wise man whose words matches his action (this is called wisdom), he has been fighting for many years and has stood for all the people & not just the wealthy and 1 %. All his past record has shown how visionary and far-sighted leader he is. He has a can-do attitude and I believe 100% that he will do all he has promised us all.
And above all - unlike the other candidates (especially Hillary) he is not for sale!
I love Bernie ❤️
Sending love, support and prayers from Nepal
Keep fighting Berners ! We can do it !

" United We Stand
Divided We Fall "

© 2016 Virginia Allain


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