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Prediction of Iowa Caucus Results

Updated on January 3, 2012

Prediction of Iowa Caucus Results

I think all the pundits on television have called Iowa incorrectly. Given Iowa was so pro-Obama in 2008 and that loyalty has been extremely lucrative when the rest of the country has struggled with foreclosures and unemployment, I would find it hard to believe if not impossible to believe that Iowa would vote the most viable candidate to beat Barack Obama. I believe Iowa may in fact vote for the most divisive GOP candidate. I believe Iowa will continue to support Barack Obama regardless of the rest of the countries dire straits. Therefore I believe that it is entirely possible that tomorrow morning we will wake up to see Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum winning Iowa.

This of course will only be to benefit Barack Obama and of course as a Republican I hate to see a primary abused this way but it may come down to the economical survival of Iowa who certain hasn’t shared our economic ordeal nor is willing to when they have had it so well for so long.

But whoever emerges from Iowa the winner their candidacy will be tainted by the fact that Iowa has prospered economically in a country who has suffered in dire economic straits. And therefore depending on how Iowa votes it maybe a blue state. But that will have a Mahjong tile effect on the electoral map and rest of the country. And both parties maybe scrabbling to find traction in an election in which votes were bought for the past 3 ½ years from Iowa.

Perhaps the worst candidate to win Iowa would be Ron Paul who is in his own words not a viable candidate.

As if morale could be any lower in this country? To know Iowa has had its votes bought for the last 3 ½ decades would be complete corruption. And it is troubling that voters can sign up Republican right before their votes instead of having to stay true to an ideology. What will matter more to Iowa elect ability, ideology or economic security. I happen to believe Iowa will be securing economics funding. But it is a huge gamble for Iowa as they have had it so well for so long. The rest of the country votes and even worse Florida votes where Barack Obama is extremely vulnerable. Florida is at 10% unemployment, with 19,000 children sitting a wait list for disability services. The foreclosure is one of the highest in the nation.

But Iowa is in the heartland and it is said they vote matters of the heart. Tonight will prove to be a test for the evangelical wing of the Republican Party.

In Conclusion

Tonight will be a test for Iowa whether they can put the good of the country ahead of their own financial interests. As reported throughout the day by the media Iowa has been federally subsidized by Barack Obama in a time of record debt in our nation.

And if Iowa gets it wrong it could prove economical disastrous for them because Iowa in of itself does not determine who the next president of the United States will be but is rather a weather bell of who might be. New Hampshire is a much better indicator of who will win the GOP nomination and the presidency.

It is my greatest hope that Iowa puts the needs of the country before the needs of itself but no matter hwat happens it is time that this country turns despair into action and finds the courage to hold their representatives feet to the fire until they actually stop saying the word "stop" and learn how to say the word "start" and start leading the country out of the darkness for which we have been emerged for over a decade.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cred2,

      I'd argue about the fairness of the article but I sm really excited as I just got involved in helping minorities in Science programs down here in the South.

      Obama has bought the swing states in this election, especailly Ohio and Iowa. But those are bell weahters. I am not even getting into the debate about who will win. I think Florida will go for Romney. I am down here and that is all I hear. Ads are running 24/7 now as well.

      You know what else I know Iowa and Shaker Hieghts are predomintaly white and those are the people with jobs. So Cred2, you know how I feel about you personally but I would like everyone to be enfranchized by the Democratic Party and not just the white evangelicals.

      I have no idea where DIXIE is but I doubt it is Florida. And Florida can't vote its pocketbook because Florida hasn't had a pocket book since the beginning of the war. Yet another blessing bestowed living in Florida is having the entire budget eaten up by Centcom.

      Great Debate!!

      Your Friend,


    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Jt, your attack on Iowa is unfair. Iowa is hardly a liberal state. to imply that its residents are trying to sabotage the GOP nomination process is a stretch. Romney did squeak by in Iowa. But his troubles are not just to be found in Iowa but will really rear its head in the South during their primaries, just watch. Iowa is not the only group of voters not warming up to Romney.

      The GOP is going to have this problem all over, electability verses ideological purity. This is just the beginning. As a Dem, I am more than delighted to watch you guys go at it. In truth everybody votes their own financial interests, Florida included. Iowa and Florida are different states with differing economic bases. To try to compare one with the other is like comparing apples to hand granades. New Hampshire may well represent the pragmatist vote and will lean toward Romney because that is his backyard, but wait till Romney gets to "Dixie". Great article, Cred2