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Reversing Climate Change

Updated on December 5, 2013
The capture of carbon dioxide and converting it into a stable chemical goes something like this process.
The capture of carbon dioxide and converting it into a stable chemical goes something like this process. | Source

It Can Be Done, But It's Not Simple

We well either self correct our course or nature will do it for us and without us in the end. There is a saying that “You can't taper a Ponzi scheme. (1)” Similarly, you can't taper capitalism. It is an oxymoron as capitalism, like a Ponzi scheme has to continually expand in order to profit. However, there is a built in limit for the later, as capitalism assumes and infinite growing curve in the context of a finite and limited ecosystem. Profit can only work if a small percent of the population is involved at the expense of everything and everyone else and that within a limited context in size and time. Giving the limits of the real context of nature in which this economic system functions, it can end in one of two ways. Either capitalism itself will end, or this business will bring its demise through the end of civilization and life as we know it on earth.

Recent information coming through the increasing severity of weather around the world and scientific analysis suggests that we have gone through 25 tipping points. It is not in the interest of profiteers to clean up their act as this would negate profit. So business continues as usual despite warnings from nature. What has brought us here and how do we get safely out. Let us first define the problems and the look at how to unravel it.

  • Carbon Dioxide content passed the 400 ppm tipping point in mid 2013

  • The increasing use and reliance on fossil fuels is hastening carbon dioxide buildup

  • Melting of permafrost and the Arctic is beginning to release methane in millions of gigatons

  • Climate belts are shifting causing wild weather and extremely severe storms

  • Deforestation has contributed to severe weather development and a lessening of atmospheric oxygen (2)

  • Species extinction and massive die offs spell something is terribly wrong

  • The use of fracking and shale gas is causing massive ground water pollution and earthquakes

  • Reliance on knock-off pipelines and jalopy rail lines is creating many spills and deadly disasters

  • Global dimming from nitrous oxide and particulate matter masks the real extent of the damage as well as that artificially added via stratospheric geo-engineering (3,4)

  • Oligarchs and Industry leaders are paying politicians, the court and other influential bodies to do their bidding

  • War is one of the most harmful and wasteful of activities and contributes heavily to pollution (5)

  • Planned obsolescence of all forms is ruining everything it touches (6)

  • The lust for ever increasing wealth mediated by interest bearing loans and Ponzi like schemes fuels all the process above

And now, the fixes!

  • Capitalism and the current financial system has to be dismantled and replaced with a sustainable one based on real values and not on fiat or fictitious capital oriented to profit

  • The existing state and its armed superstructure must be dismantled

  • Real values at the point of production belong to the producers and not the few robber barons of capitalism

  • Before we run amok and shut off all carbon releases at once, we need to develop, build and engage a massive and permanent carbon extraction program

  • As Carbon is removed and replaced by energies such as wind, solar and geo-thermal, it must be captured and stabilized

  • As carbon emissions shrink, capture and stabilizing programs must accelerate

  • As one energy source is removed, another equal or better must be added

  • All wars must end

  • Planned obsolescence must be replaced with methods that are totally recyclable

  • There must be a move away from plastics to natural counterparts and bio-plastics

  • Biofuels, a touted solution, only takes food out of poor and hungry mouths and does nothing to extract carbon from fossil fuels. It must be abandoned (7)

  • Cars must be severely limited to emergency vehicles and replaced with electric mass transit

  • Civilization needs to be decentralized and localized on all fronts, whether sheltering, food growing or water management

  • The need for a real education and a truthful media

If we do nothing except doing business as usual, this is what we can expect. This graph does not account for methane, some eight times more potent than corbon dioxide.
If we do nothing except doing business as usual, this is what we can expect. This graph does not account for methane, some eight times more potent than corbon dioxide. | Source

A Need to Watch Series in Three Parts

Capitalism has served its purpose and must now yield to a better way of running economy and production based on a planned economy run from a grass roots economic democracy at the real point of production. Capitalism, once useful in taking humanity out of the feudal era and increasing production in efficiency and quantity, has now reached a point where it is detrimental in all areas of society. Human beings are pitted one against another in a plethora of ways the increases profits at the expense of everything else. This now hinders and harms rather than liberating from drudgery, unhealthy and dangerous work. Yet, those who top the hierarchy of this order will not relinquish their hold an everything, willing to destroy everything to maintain the status quo of the rule by a handful of oligarchs. Capitalism must be dismantled through direct challenge by organizing the grass roots including the world working class, unemployed, seniors and all other oppressed minorities. As this majority has its hands on all the levers of production, the dismantling of capitalism must happen through occupation of all work places and the total shut down of the capitalist run and managed system. This stance must be held until the working class and all its relations achieve the immediate and unconditional surrender of the elites, oligarchs, bosses, government, bankers and anyone else who maintained a continuous stranglehold on the world economy and by default, upon the ecosystem upon which we all depend.

Along with the oligarchs, bosses and their managers in all fields of this capitalist company planet, the end of the armed state must be accomplished. As it stands now, the armed state is a device of coercion with the single task of keeping most of humanity under control of the self declared owners/gods through intimidation, privation, deceit, distraction, bullying and genocide (8, 9, 10). All efforts need to be taken to enlist the military lower ranks to join with their working class brothers and sisters against the dictators within the military hierarchy. If the mass of soldiers join the working class, then a major step has been taken to smash the existing state apparatus that buttresses up the bosses.

Real value occurs at the point of production by workers in all fields who have their hands on the tools, do the work and handle the levers of industry. Therefore, they are the real owners of the product of their labours and should be the ultimate voice of decision as to what and how much is produced and how it is made. With today's technology and the use of crypto-currency like Bitcoin (11, 12), real peer to peer trading can become international, cutting out the banker and middlemen who stand in the way and act as parasites. In this system, no Ponzi like scheme can develop and concentrate produced values into a few hands while the real producers get empty promises of fake value. This is essential as it will allow the flowering of economic democracy internationally, which will be essential for the really big clean up jobs.

It is easy to add carbon and methane into the atmosphere and just as easy to remove it, provided the will to do so exists and no one stands in the way of accomplishing the task. If a twelve year old girl can create a system to capture and stabilized carbon as calcium carbonate, then there should be no barrier to the rest of us beyond lack of will and the current economic blockades, a.k.a. the censorship of poverty (13). But the shutting off of all carbon production can only come with the capture and locking of existing carbon and must be approached sensibly, Thus, the immediate shutting off of carbon wastes must be accompanied with a rapid capture and lock process. As this will take time, a phasing out while building carbon extraction plants is a sensible approach while at the same time, implementing alternatives to carbon based energy. This needs to begin immediately! Alternatives already exist are are in use. These sources of sustainable energy mean that we do not have to march back to primitive living standards. We can use proven geothermal (14) power generation with already existing technology. If Iceland can go 100% geothermal, so can we! Solar farms already exist and they can be fitted to run on infra red energy allowing them to run on cloudy days and even at night (15). Wind generators are improperly designed and reconfiguring the design will allow us to generate our own wind and run power even on calm days and nights (16). As these come on line and carbon output shrinks, carbon extraction can continue until the optimal level for climate stability is reached. What is needed to continue to have a lifestyle we have gotten accustomed to, is an energy form that is more efficient, non polluting, sustainable and expansible. No one needs to live in the cold and dark while hungry because a few oligarch power barons create that form in order to further gouge those who are “willing” to pay. Animals do not pay some overlord rent for the privilege to live on earth; only deceived human beings do so. Once humanity roamed the earth without paying dues to some self declared overlord. We can do that again, but we first have to create a levelling in society.

As war is the single most destructive activity on the environment as well as being the instrument of genocidal pogroms, it must cease! There are historic examples of just how destructive war is, and one of those that stand out is the sheer waste of the 1991 Kuwait oil well fires (17). During the almost year long burn of over 500 oil well, a huge amount of carbon and soot entered the atmosphere from which no one at all benefited. The black smoke plunged the local area to freezing temperatures while the obscuring soot contributed to global dimming, temporarily masking the extent of general warming. Then there us the use of depleted uranium (18). There is no known way to clean up this atrocity against Iraq and this battle scar will remain in perpetuity no matter what we do. This is not to mention all the accumulated damage and waste of all post wars that have cost over a quadrillion dollars since WWI. At the same time, the speculations of war-bucks generated huge profits for the few.

As the latter day, post modern era of decadent and corrupt capitalism continues on the quest for monopoly, the strategy for profiteering by planned obsolescence became the new norm. This other activity is as harmful as war as entire oceans become littered with broken down plastic and junk. Planned obsolescence is mediated by two main methods; that is, by under-engineering commodities and by fashion. Under-engineering means that commodities are made to break or fall apart on or near a set lifetime and they cannot be repaired. Fashion means that a new better model periodically replaces the older, now inferior model, which must now be recycled or thrown out into a landfill or the ocean. As the demand for these commodities escalates, so does pollution, war and climate change.

Business as usual is just not sustainable! It is clear from space just how much of an impact is being made on the environment.
Business as usual is just not sustainable! It is clear from space just how much of an impact is being made on the environment. | Source

The Second Part

Which is the most sustainable energy?

See results

Plastic ultimately comes from fossil fuels and is a huge contributor both to pollution and climate change. Before plastic, more natural materials were used for packaging, building and storage. These natural products often had a long life, but this was detrimental as it slowed and lessened the profit curve. Plastics, touted as a single use, clean product is anything but clean in its manufacture. It entails a huge risk all away from resource extraction to product use and finally disposal. Most modern health problems have been tied to our overuse of plastic. In the environment, disposed plastics take a long time to break down and huge numbers of animals die from ingesting plastic, There must be a return to mere environmentally friendly substitutes for plastic, Plastics made from plant sources that are biodegradable are another consideration.

Along with oil, coal and other fossil fuels, the use of bio-fuels needs to be curtailed as the result of making these fuels means that millions have to starve due to the loss of agricultural production for food. There is no net gain in carbon reduction and these fuels are thus a stopgap at best.

The bane of modern existence is the private car of which there are now well over a billion. These are a major carbon contributor. In addition, the contribute to frustrating grid locks that do nothing but add to pollution of all sorts while idling at a standstill during rush hours on a daily basis. There are far too many cars and too little space, We could “solve” this by making bigger freeways, but as more cars come on line, this too will fail. Whole cities are designed that require cars for the vast commutes needed just to work, shop and go home. Too little is done to develop rapid mass transit as cities expand exponentially outward and upward. When there is rapid transit, it is often inefficient and left to become dilapidated. Thus, large cities must localize, be broken up and communities decentralized. Cities of huge size developed for a host of reasons, but the chief reason is so that a large and ready workforce is close at hand to run production. No where is that concept more apparent than in huge shanty town sprawls that pop up near new factories and mines. We now have mined enough natural resources that can be recycled and these mines can now take a background and secondary role in production,

Above all, there exists a need for massive re-education. Society has to tend away from dumbing down and regimentation. Education has to be geared to free and creative thinking and innovation. For that, the development of the mind based on truth and real facts must be emphasized over rote and propaganda. Real education must include the sciences, trades and anything else that is useful to humanity and nature. We live in the context of nature and must respect it or die. To respect nature is to respect the human working class and reject greedy practices that destroy everything for individual greed. The era of the cult of the individual is dead and must be replaced by the reality of our place as a collective in the web of life.


  1. The Kaiser Report on RT:


















The Third and Most Relevant Part Exposing Greenwash Lies


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    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Actually, I think the oil companies have seen the writing on the wall and want to get into the alternate energy market. Oil and coal are getting more expensive to get out of the ground and the industry has been accustomed to easy profits and is casting about for something that can work. The problem is that they want to have the exclusivity that they had in the oil market and that's going to make the transition rough and slow. The irony is that we will ultimately kick the oil and coal habit, but that it might be WAY too late to avoid a global shift in our climate. We need to be moving a LOT faster, and there are no market forces or political will out there to mandate the change, so the change will have to come in SPITE of politics and the economy. That is as uphill a fight as it gets.

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Chances are poor indeed. To change the climate will apparently require a grass roots initiative, but most of us are under the censure of poverty, will big oil and coal have the resources and the power backing to plough right on through any resistance. Locally, our PM ran on a no oil sands pipeline and promptly did a 180 degree turnabout when in power. Now we are getting a pipeline, oils spills and explosions for our future. Lac Megantic appears to be the future for many BC communities while filthy bitumen is sold at a $20 loss from the fixed oil price per barrel.

    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Agreed, but the nations of the world barely acknowledge GCC, never mind actually doing something about it and are currently more worried about the global recession than anything to do with the climate anyway. The US and China stand to have the greatest effect on GCC. The US is currently all about cap and trade and clean coal (someday) and China is concentrating on industrialization. They are 50 years behind (and catching up fast) everyone else. Some of the worst air quality ever on the face of the planet is in China.

      The US has got a government that is split between people who don't trust scientists and people who don't trust public control of the economy. Both will be necessary for GCC to be successfully managed.

      Our chances do not look good.

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Capitalism is as the name implies, concerned with capital and capital is value based money, which does not exist today. Money has been defined as abstracted value due to its use as a proxy commodity; that is, it can be converted to anything we want in trade without resorting to barter. Value based capital is based on real assets, like commodities that are useful for life and are thus collateral. That money has drifted away from collateralization to a non secured, non collateral base is at the root of unstable currencies today, which is why a deregulated currency can be printed to bail out banks that are in collapse due to non collateralized money in the form of loans. Then there is fractional reserve banking where banks can lend out a thousand times more than they actually hold in reserve. One of the goals of capital is to reproduce and expand itself based on ever increasing efficiency and volume of commodities of real use value. Merely printing up more money is thus based on nothing if not accompanied by the former, hence the statement that is popular, "pulling money out of thin air".

      Socialism according to dictionary definition is;

      Socialism: noun

      1. a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      Community refers to the grass roots point of production where all those who produce things, decide what they are going to do with them and not some "owner" or boss who has acquired the means of production as his/her own and those who do the actual production are employees with no say in matters of production and trade.

      Thus, we do not have real capitalism, nor socialism today. What exists instead is corporatism, which is the power behind the governments of the world, regardless of how they identify themselves in the media.

      However, this digresses from the intent of this hub, which is about methods of cleaning up the waste in the air, the sea and in the ground that has been placed there, no matter who put it there. China, which is considered by some as communist, is as guilty of polluting the environment as any so called capitalist region. We need to now turn our attention to the serious problems at hand before it is too late to do anything about it.

    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      syzygyastro: When I say "Creating money out of thin air", I refer to the banks loaning out money that they don't have, but can claim as an asset because that money is owed back to them with interest. I don't mean the Federal Reserve printing more money, although that doesn't help either.

      Walmart is also a symptom and not a cause. The reason they can wipe out the small businesses that compete with them is because they play by a different set of rules than the small businesses do. They are allowed to by the government in order to "compensate" for the fact that they are big and not as nimble as small businesses. If everyone in the corporate world played by the same rules as the small businesses had to, then the playing field would me much more level and Walmart's of the world wouldn't exist, or at least wouldn't exist as the giant small business swatters that they are.

      "Real capitalism existed in the days of laissie faire capitalism" You do realize that this sentence contradicts itself, right?

      To the extent that it is true, "more fair" doesn't equal "fair" And a brand of capitalism that is the closest we have ever been to "real" capitalism isn't, in fact, "real" capitalism. REAL capitalism is called Capitalism.

      Friedmans policies brought down the socialist government of Chile because his policies played the socialism game better than Chile, plus they could make a bigger profit. It doesn't make Friedman's policies capitalist any more than it made the Japanese welcome members of Hitlers "Aryan Race" because they were part of the Axis in WW2.

      The reason many socialist policies can masquerade as capitalism is because the ultimate goal is to make a profit, not push a political agenda. They fail the test of capitalism because they are not designed to encourage a fair exchange of goods. They are designed to benefit one segment of the population by taking from another. This works under the guise of "fairness", but if you artificially tip the scales to compensate for an imagined imbalance, what you are doing is encouraging unfairness, and that is anti-capitalism. This has been going on ever since the government stepped in to "fix" the depression in the 30's, and it's been going on on a passive level since at least the early 1800's, quite probably since earlier. Every time the government pays a subsidy.... Every time a corporate lobbyist whispers to a politician. Every time the government says "You can sell your product except...." that is anti-capitalist. It's not just not capitalism. It is AGAINST everything that capitalism... REAL capitalism is. Calling any of this "capitalism" is like having someone constantly hitting you in the back of the head and telling you it's a "form of healing" No.... it's not anything of the sort, and simply continuing to use that label is never going to make it true.

      We are a capitalist nation in the same way that we are a democratic nation. What I mean by that is that we aren't either. We are taught those words and told that those words describe what we are and what we do. They don't, and arguably, they never have. We are not run by money-grubbing capitalists. We are run by money-grubbing socialists. The fact that they are money-grubbing doesn't make them capitalists. Instead of political power, they are interested in gaining money, but the net effect is the same; they do it at the expense of others. They do it unfairly and the application of fair market forces and free trade that real capitalism would bring to the table would pretty much dismantle the empire they have created through favoritism and profit protection. Why would they want capitalism? And why wouldn't WE want it?

      Getting back to the broader, on-topic question, a good example of anti-capitalism working against the battle to fix Climate change is clean coal. It was envisioned by Liberal Democrats as a fix for GCC, along with cap and trade.

      Clean coal and cap and trade don't work, but the government created subsidies for both to encourage people to invest in the technology development and to participate in cap and trade. The problem with this is that people are making a profit out of the subsidies, so the government is pretty much paying them to lose money. As long as they don't lose as much as the government subsidy is, they still make a profit. In the meantime, the climate continues to warm and no product is made for the public.

      The government also pays the oil industry to make oil, never mind that the industry doesn't need the money or that oil is bad for the environment. The government pays farmers not to grow crops. The government buys food that it knows it won't use to change the market value when normal supply and demand forces do something to it that the government doesn't like.

      The government bailed out the banks with an obscene amount of money under the guise of saving their employees by propping up the banks they were employed at, never mind that if the sum of money they used was divided among the employees they could have lived above the poverty line for longer than the two years of unemployment that many ended up collecting anyway when the banks had to start firing people to pay back the money (which made it not really a bail out anyway)

      Capitalism? I think not.

      Corporations will do whatever they can to make as big a profit as they can. Letting them get away with that is not capitalism. Making them play fair is. We have NEVER tried that. I think we should.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      7 years ago from Texas

      syzygyastro, thank you for doing your part in offering a solution to our problems.

      I don't think Capitalism ever served a beneficial purpose in our socity.

      But I am so glad you wrote this.

      Voted up, U/A/I, and shared

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Why is it that Friedman and his Chicago School policies brought down the duly elected socialist government of Allende in Chile on Sept. 11th, 1973?

      Ideas are often protected under patent, registered trademark and copyright laws.

      The fact that a new concept like the iphone or ipad generates plenty of copycat clones happens because clones are often made off-shore where regulations do not extent. That may be changing under new TPP and TAFTA agreements.

      The wording "creating money out of thin air" is derived from the concept of printing vast amounts of currency notes that are not backed by any real value collateral. Thus to double that non backed money supply is to halve the value of each note and contribute to deflation of monetary value and inflation of real goods in comparison which are the real value.

      Real capitalism existed in the days of laissie faire capitalism, the era of the small businesses that proliferated and traded among one another and operated in the context of supply and demand in relation to the commodity consumers. Today, we tend to monopoly capitalism that seeks ever greater profits by gobbling up the small enterprises. One such enterprise is Walmart that puts ma and pa businesses out of business. Monopoly capitalism is also called corporatism and as you correctly state, corporations are run by people.

    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Like I said, it started in the 1930's. Our "way out" of the Depression sent us down the road that led us to Reganomics. The deregulation of the 80's was a symptom, not a cause.

      And capitalism, in it's basic form is simply a free market, which does NOT mean that it has no regulation. It means that you give the consumers what they want and if your product is good, people will buy it. If your product is bad... they won't. Idea's aren't protected. If you make a cool widget, then 500 other people copy your widget and start selling them, that's a GOOD thing, because it produces a better widget and the competition keeps the guy who originally invented it from getting a monopoly. Corporations aren't people. They are made up of people. Banks can't create money out of thin air, and money does NOT travel either to or from Political offices and Corporations.

      NONE of the above principles have been enforced in the corporate world since 1929. What we have now is not Capitalism. It is not even a FORM of capitalism. Friedman created a brand of socialism and CALLED it capitalism to make it palatable. I can call myself an eagle, but that doesn't mean I have feathers or that I can fly.... and it certainly doesn't mean that anything I do reflects poorly on real eagles.

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Thank you for your additions to the foregoing, but I will mention one point and that is what is called disaster capitalism by Naomi Klein and absolute capitalism by Milton Friedman, who was a follower of the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Friedman won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to economics in 2006, so the point about capitalism above is moot. It is Friedman's ideas, used by the Reagan administration in the early 80's that deregulated the economic and industrial sectors of US based capitalism. It can be said accurately, that we are now in the era of corporatism where the oligarchs of industry now rule the governments and that according to the books, is fascism.

    • swordsbane profile image

      William Grant 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Good article. A couple of points.

      1) You mentioned that the models you presented don't include methane and that it is something like 8 times more potent than CO2. Unfortunately methane isn't usually considered as a dangerous greenhouse gas unless production is obscenely huge because methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere long enough to be a real bother. CO2 does, which is why it is the focus of GCC, and managing methane is easy once we manage CO2.

      2) Capitalism doesn't require growth to be profitable. Capitalism is not simply competition without regulation. What we have right now today IS. The corporation is king. Real regulation is almost non-existent and corporations are treated as individuals with more "rights" than actual individuals. This is not capitalism. It hasn't been since at least 1930. The profit structure our economy works under now needs to be almost entirely dismantled and reconstructed. It's called Capitalism by those who wish to preserve it. They want to associate it with something always thought of as good, but it's not Capitalism. It's not even close.

      It's like calling religion simply a "belief" It's not. It's something much much more than that.


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