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Living 'Lies' in Secret lives. Life on the Down Low.

Updated on July 7, 2015

Secrets and Lies

whispering secrets
whispering secrets | Source

Secret lives, Secret lies: The Human Legacy

We all have secrets, personal fears, shame, and guilt. Should sex scandals be a deciding factor in political debates? Should we be trying to mandate morality? Who decides what is moral? Living a life on the down low.

When a liar tells the sames lies over and over again they begin to believe them as truths.


We all have secrets!

Things that we would never dare to share with anyone, even our most intimate friends or life partner.

Things that we have done to others, or to ourselves; physical and emotional things, secret thoughts or private fantasies.

Little lies


We have all said things that were untrue -

  • lies we have told to others,
  • little white ones,
  • "protective" lies to spare some one's feelings,
  • big old whoppers,
  • or the lies we tell ourselves.

The worst kind of lies are those that hurt others. Lies some one has told about you, lies you tell about others. Public lies about private lives. Calling hurtful names about things that are unproven, unprovable or sheer fantasy, or just plain spiteful and hateful. (thou shalt not bear false witness)

The bigger and louder the lie, the most probable that the lie is in defense of one's self - either in deed, thought, desire or fantasy.

More secrets and more lies

tell secrets or telling lies
tell secrets or telling lies | Source

Politicians spreading hatred

Public lies about private lives

Look at stuff recently on the news, for example:

  • The politician who goes all out to destroy a "gay" college student he does not even know. These are the worst kinds of lies because they are lies based on personal repressed desires, too painful to allow to surface. Repressed self truths of that politician, forced into his subconscious by his religion, or family, or society, or all of these, based on nothing from reality.
  • The religious leader that preached about how God hates homosexuals all the while he is practicing totally opposite of what he was preaching. One word, from one book, by one person that lived +/- 2,000 years ago and based on a personal flawed concept that resonated hatred through centuries of time. This is appalling and unacceptable to the logical, sensible, rational individual.
  • Laws that are passed based on lies, fantasies and fallacies. Example: laws against sodomy. Sodomy by definition: homosexual proclivities, or non coital and especially anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex. Give me a break - who on this planet has the god given right to make these judgments? Not even the Pope, never mind some mindless individual who wrote stories 1900 - 2000 years ago, or sexually repressed brainwashed politicians trying to mandate morality. People who can not even manage their own lives, but want to manage yours and mine.
  • Organizations are created to promote hatred based on these same fallacies, lies and deceptions. Example (just one of thousands): NOM (national organization for Marriage). The people who run this money laundering organization are either closet gays or simply scammers, and schemers, who are making big money off promoting hatred and bigotry based on deception, guile or trickery, duping the public and laughing all the way to the bank.
  • Another example: bullies - lying to themselves that their behavior is OK based on their learned hatred from parents, politicians or religious lies and misperceptions.

We all possess some secret guilt, shame, fear, and confusion in life

We are only one piece in a larger puzzle.
We are only one piece in a larger puzzle. | Source
Always make the best of which ever path you choose.
Always make the best of which ever path you choose.
Do we really have choices in life?
Do we really have choices in life?
Don't open doors unless you intend to walk through them
Don't open doors unless you intend to walk through them
No one has all the answers
No one has all the answers
We all have questions and doubts
We all have questions and doubts
There are many pieces in the puzzle of life - and they should all fit together perfect harmony
There are many pieces in the puzzle of life - and they should all fit together perfect harmony

How we learn to lie, and why

When we grow and develop our physical and psychological attributes (inherent characteristics) it is normal and natural to think and explore all thoughts of sexuality and reach one's own conclusion as to where we fit into the scheme of things.

When one is taught that thought is as bad, or as evil, as the deed itself (as the roman catholic church teaches - i use this as example because i was brought up in this atmosphere) this imparts such guilt onto the young impressionable mind that the resulting turmoil is irreconcilable.

This leads to conflict that can only be resolved by overtly rejecting those thoughts through physical or verbal actions, or abuse, toward the people who represent those personal, often subconscious, inner conflicts.

Unless this guilt can be overcome, these attributes carry to adulthood.

Then the self lies begin in an attempt to scab over those gaping hurtful and confusing emotional wounds.

Set aside the guilt for this tragedy being placed on society by religion, family, etc.., the ultimate guilt remains the responsibility of the individual.

I say this because only the individual can rationalize and reach a logical conclusion based on reality - not fantasy, within his/her own mind.

We are held accountable for our own actions, not those superimposed on us by others.

Truth will always be present and evident in reality - never in fantasy.

It is up to the individual to discern the difference, (to recognize or identify as separate and distinct) and logically opt for reality before fantasy.

by:d.william 11/11/10

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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. And i do agree with your remarks.

    • profile image

      Old Empresario 7 years ago

      Yes, it is the human legacy. Self-justification is the greatest immorality of all. People often project their insecurities onto others and we have hypocrisy. I think enlightened humans are those who can objectively assess themselves and leave others alone. The rest are merely hairless apes.