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Religions' Deceit and Lies.

Updated on November 15, 2013

Face to Face

no matter how different we look on the outside  - we are all the same in side.
no matter how different we look on the outside - we are all the same in side.

Who's zooming who

- and the Religious Lies just keep going on and on.

We all sit around waiting for the world to change, but the only ones who can change it, is us - collectively.

Government, Religion, political ambitions, the money mongers, corporate America - these are NOT the friends of the people.

They are all self serving and basically destructive to civility.

Everyone lies to everyone else, and then we lied to ourselves.

And the lies just keep going on and on.

We must lie to each other, and then we must lie to ourselves, in order to keep our sanity.

We are all One

Radical beliefs

that hurt us all.

We are all different and yet we are all the same.

Recently on the news there was a segment on the radical Islamic sects of the Muslim faith, and how dangerous they are to the United States and other "Christian" peoples.

The Imam teaching the children that the U.S. is their worst enemy and instilling fear and hatred into these future radicals that will spread their lies and hatred to the generations that follow them.

It was frightening to say the least.

These innocent and unsuspecting children were being brainwashed and completely indoctrinated into a world of hatred and bigotry, and being groomed to be malevolent enemies of the 'free' world.

But what does this really mean?

These newly indoctrinated upcoming haters are no worse than our own Christian children who are being brainwashed and indoctrinated in the exact same manner!!

We, as a nation, find this Islamic teaching appalling and shocking - but just exactly what do we call the Christians who do the exact same thing here in this country?


The Circle of Hate

Hatred only begets more hatred
Hatred only begets more hatred | Source

The circle of hate

This cycle of hatred taught by any religious group, that is based on GOD, is appalling by any stretch of the imagination. It is shameful and disgusting and has absolutely no basis in logic, or reality - and certainly no rational place in our global society.

Also on the report, they showed how the Imams are teaching their children (boys) that women are not to be seen in public, and they are the property of men.

In this country, we have the right wing fanatics removing all rights of women, and demeaning them as equals, under the guise of (saving money?) or simply 'mandating' morality?.

In either case this depiction of women being denigrated by both groups seems to be the same.

The Imams are teaching their boys that women are only for reproduction purposes and not for pleasure.

The Catholics and the radical right wing are teaching their children that women are to bear children under any circumstances - willing or not - including pregnancies of rape, violence, and incest victims, and they have no rights of choice in the matter.

Interferences that hurt us all

The GOP has recently introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that compels women who have a miscarriage to report it to the police within 24 hours.

Somehow this whole world has become twisted and corrupted by religious idiocy.

Each sect claiming theirs is the true (God) (Allah) and theirs is the true messiah (Jesus) (Muhammad).

And the Jews don't believe there was ever a messiah at all - and they continue to mutilate their boys just after birth, by their barbaric ritual of circumcision.

What a mess. Usually i can offer some remedy - albeit, mostly impossible to attain.

In this matter I find none at hand for this dilemma.

One would dare to hope that in this day and age the possibility of logical reasoning would prevail and overcome these barbaric and unfounded beliefs.

But, alas, this is not happening. If it is moving in that direction it is surely hidden from public view; perhaps by the news media, as this kind of movement would have little or no sensationalism to expound upon and beat to death by all those news pundits, in their quest for all those juicy little shocking tidbits to expose, dramatize and blow out of proportion.

I never thought these words would be coming out of my brain, let alone my mouth, (or in this case, my fingers), but in a warped and misguided sense of 'values', 'loyalties', 'logic', 'etc..', perhaps Sarah Palin is right after all when she says the media is a wrongful source for positive social familiarity.

(Although what she actually said of the media was not this kind. or generous).

The four major opposing forces

So now we have 4 {four} major opposing forces that continue to tear us apart, piece by piece:

Islams, Christians, Jewish, and the world media.

And in those four are sub factors that create more chaos in the world:

  • the dictators,
  • despots,
  • the moral police,
  • the wealthy who stand for nothing but themselves,
  • corporate giants that fuel themselves with their own greed and who steal something from all of us,
  • the news pundits with their incessant babblings
  • and more.

The Media must realize that along with its role of being inherently highly influential, comes a greater responsibility of doing what is "right and proper" in promoting world peace and not continue to only function in the capacity of sensationalism for profit..

Their is a solution, but again, my solutions usually always require intelligence, logic, the will for positive changes, strength of character, love and acceptance in ones heart and soul, and the desire to actually want there to be quietude and a peaceful co-existence (not quietism) on this planet. The likelihood of which, will undoubtedly never come to pass in this lifetime.

But before any of these things can even begin to take shape, the first and major hurdle for mankind, from all walks of life, every nation, every religion, and all social standings, must be the incentive, desire, and strength to eliminate the biggest enemies of peace - Greed and Self Serving.

This war against the greedy and self serving would take years and years and be fraught with the blood sweat and tears of the rebels railing against them. (much like what is happening all around us today, not only in the U.S. but in every other country around the globe).

So, we must seriously ask ourselves:

  • Just what in hell are we really doing here?
  • Fighting each other for profit, greed and power?
  • Is this the true destiny of humanity?
  • Is this all there is?
  • Are we doing all this in the name of a God that may, or may not even exist?
  • Or, if it does exist, can it, or does it, have the capacity to alter circumstances?
  • If it does exist, and does have the capacity, and does nothing to "fix" the woes of the world - then exactly why are we fighting so hard to satisfy and please our own stupid perceptions of what we believe it (God) truly wants from us?

If this is not meant to be man's destiny, or fate, then think of all the pain and sorrow, we have inflicted on each other for thousands of years, without any reason at all.

Either way it has all been an exercise in futility and a total waste of time and energy.

Mankind's greatest enemy has become man himself.

Man creates his own destiny

Our destiny is our own to create.

Our future is ours - to be what we make it.

We can never change the past, but we can certainly forge a better tomorrow by what we do today.

We can face it (the future) and embrace it, like intelligent and logical men and women; fight it like barbarians; or shape it into what ever we want it to be, like good soldiers of peace.

Whatever our decision is, it MUST be for the benefit of all of mankind alike - not just the few that control things today.

Or is our fate simply to be a race reflective of the ''survival of the fittest'', without salvaging any of its humanity, decency or equality for everyone?

by: d. william 05/12/2011

If i could change the world.


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