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The Mother of All False Flags

Updated on August 18, 2014
This standard map shows just how much of N. America can be affected by a single EMP bomb detonated at various altitudes above the center of the landmass. At a mere 300 miles up, most of the continent can be plunged instantly into the stone age.
This standard map shows just how much of N. America can be affected by a single EMP bomb detonated at various altitudes above the center of the landmass. At a mere 300 miles up, most of the continent can be plunged instantly into the stone age. | Source

A Warning

Let's consider a possible scenario. The developed world has advanced to the point where most of the population is in a very precarious position and worse, they are unaware of a clear and present danger that has been in the making for decades. Fully 98 % of the population is vulnerable to a secret attack that will leave almost all of them dead in the space of two months. Many would tell you it is a war, unprecedented in history, but in fact, a major war may be an outgrowth of what could precede it. Others would say that it is an economic crash, which of course is already well advanced. Some say that it is an ecological collapse, also well underway. More will say that it is an unprecedented natural disaster. There is one scenario that is merely hinted at, but could be the presage to hell on earth in all other areas. That is a fabricated attack using a single large electromagnetic pulse weapon that will render the civilized and developed world into the stone age in an instant. It is the world equivalent of shutting off the main electric switch with the difference that there is no switching it back on.

By now we are well aware of false flags and what lying schemes are used to get mass support for war efforts for resources and profits. The most ancient well known false flag is Nero's burning of Rome that was blamed on the Christians (1). The classic citation has to go to the burning of the Reichstag under the order of Adolph Hitler (2) that is cited in history, not to mention the so called Polish attack on Germany on Sept. 1St, 1939. But these are far from the only false flags. Some will say that others include the attack on Pearl Harbour, (3) the Gulf of Tonkin incident (4) and the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York on Sept. 11, 2001 (5). There is evidence that can back up the claim that all of these were false flags to whip up hysteria for a major war effort. These incidents are not the focus here as these are dealt with adequately in other resources cited in the references. The focus here is of the greatest false flag potential that will solve “multiple problems” in a single devastating blow. It is as other false flags, something that has been in preparation for a long time for the day of reckoning.

Subtle hints of the nature of this strike have already been made with a possible perpetrator. That incident that may shortly unfold is a single EMP explosion high in space that will take out the North American technological grid, instantly plunging a high civilization into total chaos. Current suggestions imply that Iran will be the perpetrator that will detonate an EMP device in low earth orbit that will plunge all of N. America into an instant stone age (6). But there are other things to consider, such as the Reagan era Star Wars Program, where sophisticated weapons were placed into orbit, allegedly against the USSR threat of that era (7). This weaponizing of the high ground of space is something that has long been considered and since the late 1950s, it has become possible. It might have even started earlier under the Nazi Vril program (8).

Currently we see a build up to total control of the world by a single power that is now forcing its way upon the unwitting peoples everywhere. This has been going on since 1993 and has escalated since late 2010 through to the present. The agenda is for total terror to enforce foreign rule for resources. It is done by invasion on the pretext of toppling dictators for the rule of democracy. One regime after another is being toppled under violent attack, much as the Hitler sweep of Europe in the 1930s. One of the final countries that has so far resisted US – UN – Israel incursion is Iran, and it is this country along with that favourite of terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda (9) that stands in line to be accused of an EMP attack on America as boasted by at least one alleged threat(10). But with the US now ruling the high ground, it is unlikely that Iran or Al-Qaeda could launch a successful attack like this. For one thing, they do not have such long range missiles yet, nor are they capable of placing anything in low earth orbit. Who then would or could do it; Russia, China, N. Korea, Japan, the US?

This is actually the head photo for a video and shows the modern father of false flags with superimposed text implicating US agencies in false flags.
This is actually the head photo for a video and shows the modern father of false flags with superimposed text implicating US agencies in false flags. | Source

The nature of false flags is to shoot oneself in the foot, so to speak, in order to accuse someone else, enrage the population enough to get broad support and go to war. But an EMP strike would be self defeating unless there is another reason to do it. That reason would be to reduce the population (11) that has been categorized as mainly consisting of useless eaters and unsustainable (12). Consider also that in the past, the government considered that 150 million dead in a thermonuclear exchange were acceptable losses (13). Given the false flags that have sent thousands to death in the homeland and millions as foreign policy, the possibility of an EMP false flag increases. Let us continue by projecting forward to a time when a successful EMP attack has been effected. The immediate results of such an attack are the following.

  • A complete collapse of the electrical grid and anything relying on electrical power in the least way

  • The rupturing of gas and oil pipelines and subsequent fires

  • Shut down of coolants in all nuclear plants with subsequent explosions and meltdowns (14)

  • A failure of all life support in hospitals

  • Failure of water delivery systems, especially to upper floors or uphill.

  • No refrigeration

  • No electrical heating

  • No lighting, total darkness at night or in places like mines and subways

  • No elevators: God help everyone caught in one when the strike happens

  • No ATM banking, withdrawals and no bank records or credit-debit accounts and little money

  • No electronic supported communications of any kind

  • No computers and all that this entails

  • No transportation delivering anything to large cities like food, medical supplies, etc except for hardened military vehicles

Though this photo is of a natural disaster in Japan, nonetheless, it still is a good indication of the kind of chaos that ensues after any disaster, natural or man made.
Though this photo is of a natural disaster in Japan, nonetheless, it still is a good indication of the kind of chaos that ensues after any disaster, natural or man made. | Source

In the ensuing weeks we can expect the following:

  • Almost immediate deaths in the hundreds of thousands in all hospitals and then later in prisons in the millions

  • Poor, old, the very young and handicapped will die after this

  • A run on all stores, especially for food and drink with rampant looting and shooting

  • A quick realization of the lack of water and deadly fights for that

  • When food gets short, local turf like wars to procure it with deadly force

  • Those perceived to have anything useful will be violently robbed

  • rampant disease triggered initially from lack of nutrition, sanitation and radiation from nuclear plants

  • Desperate measures to escape the cities

  • Death from exposure to the elements

  • Masses of dead becoming a source of disease and pestilence

  • inability to feed pets will lead to large feral packs of dogs that will kill people for food. We are looking at over a hundred million dogs in feral packs learning to hunt like wolves. Originally feeding off the dead, the feral population will mushroom several fold.

  • Raids on farms that will also be in desperation due to electrical equipment failure and the inability to grow mass crops and factory farm production of meat. Death here will be rampant with new disease sources

  • Inasmuch as almost all vehicles, except for military ones, will be useless, the gas will be taken and used for improvised munitions

One EMP strike can be cause enough to cause counter EMP strikes reducing much of the modern technological world into the equivalent of the stone age.
One EMP strike can be cause enough to cause counter EMP strikes reducing much of the modern technological world into the equivalent of the stone age. | Source

Think about the foregoing for a minute and consider that an EMP strike blamed on a terrorist will affect two desired results; a quick and rapid major reduction in population and the effect of getting massive support for war. Anyone left alive might also see the military as a way to survive. In the ensuing months, hostilities will result in the following

  • Invasions by one region into another for increasingly rare resources by loosely organized gangs

  • EMP counter strikes leading to more mass die offs and effects listed above

  • The use of nuclear weapons, first in a limited strike and then indiscriminately and carpet bombing (15) of all major cities world wide

  • Atrocities conducted of all kinds that would make a shark blush in embarrassment and would be unrivalled in the sum of previous history

  • A state of mass psychosis resulting from world wide shell shock and mass post war psychic trauma with subsequent collective amnesia

  • Almost no place will be spared from attack and bombing

This illustration depicts a bomb shelter in the event of a nuclear attack. Interesting, nuclear attack produces EMP damage as a side effect. It a real age of EMP chaos, this is not the ideal!
This illustration depicts a bomb shelter in the event of a nuclear attack. Interesting, nuclear attack produces EMP damage as a side effect. It a real age of EMP chaos, this is not the ideal! | Source

Given that, if one knows that this kind of trigger attack is imminent or if it has already happened, what can one do?

  • Have hardened some electronics against EMP with a suitable Faraday cage (16)

  • Have a survival get away plan with supplies ready to “bug out”

  • The moment you become aware, do not hesitate to leave for any reason

  • Put as much distance between you and yours from the chaos as physically possible and from collapsing civilization. Expect no help to the indefinite future

  • Learn how to live off the land

  • Learn low profile agriculture

  • Harden you position against violent invaders

  • Keep a low profile, don't give away position

  • Monitor all radio frequencies to check on progress if any

  • Lights out at last light and no fires

  • Live and sleep in regions that are not obvious shelters

  • Encounters with anyone have to be dealt with in extreme suspicion and caution

  • A long range plan will have to include the ability to make ones own electrical power

Will an EMP strike happen? Nature can dish one from the sun, and partial black outs have already occurred in the past as a result of this (17). During the heyday of atomic testing, the effect was first noticed from atomic explosions over the Pacific Ocean. The effect has since been harnessed and can be created without atomic bombs using 1940s level technology. In short, anyone who knows the basic principles can make an EMP bomb for terrorist ends. The state has already used these bombs in the theatre of war in the form of EMP carrying cruise missiles and blacked out large regions. Non EMP false flags abound throughout history, suggesting that this too is possible. Is a false flag EMP attack the a possibility? It is left for the readers to consider given all the information that is available. Prepare accordingly!



















Make a Faraday cage now, for essential electronics

EMP and You


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    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      4 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Sally; You can translate itself using Google translate, from English to Spanish and vis versa.

      Puede traducirse utilizando Google Translate, de Inglés a Español y en relación inversa.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

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    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      I have encountered a lot of buzz on the net of late around the date of July 27, 2012, the date for the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. It is also close to the date that the UN is set to pass a law to disarm the people around the world, that has also received a lot of attention. The heavens tell me that on the 28th of the same month, there will be a mutable grand square which could indicate some major political event. I have been bantering back and forth as to the nature of a possible false flag and it hit me when I stumbled on my own article above. Here is the banter that I posted on Facebook in response to the foregoing concerns. This is presented at this time as a hypothesis as time will tell what the true events will be.

      I was searching for the art nuking event and it seems to have disappeared down the rabbit hole, but instead what popped up was a mass EMP strike that could put large targeted regions into the stone age in a millisecond. Further, it could be passed off as the result of a massive solar flare event, plenty of which have been happening of late. EMP was discovered in the heyday of nuclear testing the the Pacific Ocean at Christmas Island and Enewetok. Since then, EMP has be conventionalized, meaning it does not require nukes to set an EMP event off. It was used in the field in Iraq during Desert Storm to effectively kill the Iraq electrical grid and communications. This explains the Iraq "nuke" event that was not a nuke at all, but had similar results of a nuke made EMP. EMP was delivered by a cruise missile with conventional explosives that was detonated in the atmosphere over Baghdad instantly frying the electrical grid. Baghdad and Iraq are still rebuilding their gird. It is therefore quite possible that a mass event could be brought to bear against non Rothschild compliant nations such as N. Korea, Iran and Iceland. Other hot zones could include areas already under insurgency to soften up the target like in Iraq and could include areas like Syria where preparations are being made right now for an UN lead invasion with US and Israel support. The US has been warned by China and Russia that WWIII may result if the US and allies invade Iran. Iran is already under sanction, cutting off oil revenue. If an EMP event over the entire region not necessarily limited to Iran were to happen, it could be blamed on a massive solar outburst. In the past when the grid was not hardened, such as in 1968, a flare did just that and plunged eastern Canada and the N.E. US into darkness by overloading the electrical grid and blowing transformers. At the same time, oil and gas lines that were not hardened were ruptured and fires started in N.W. Canada. Those were real CME related incidents. These can now be created artificially using EMP bombs.

      US Intervention plans for Syria;


      EMP false flag potential;

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      The government and military especially, that has a lot of experience have found ways to harden their equipment against EMP and therefore would likely still have a working infrastructure and vehicles. The hub details, especially with a video on how you can harden your electronics by protecting some of your own like a radio, batters, LED lighing, walkie talkies, small computers, inverters, solar panels and other useful items. Further, EMP weapons have already been used. The first known use was in Baghdad in 1991. The City is still rebuilding their grid with the help of those who took it down for a huge profit.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      7 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      If an EMP knocked out all the electronics, and the electric grid, how is a government suppopsed to retaliate?. Or do you think that they already have prepared for that eventuality by having a hidden infrastructure?

      The whole thing seems ludicrously far fetched to me. But then so do the rest of the conspiracy theories.


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