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False Armageddons vs Real Catastrophe

Updated on December 17, 2012

Here is one imaginative rendition of Armageddon

Another forecast for a coming Armageddon is the world war three scenario that erupts during the tribulation period as a war between Jesus and the anti-Christ. WWIII may already be underway between the east and the west or a variation on that theme.
Another forecast for a coming Armageddon is the world war three scenario that erupts during the tribulation period as a war between Jesus and the anti-Christ. WWIII may already be underway between the east and the west or a variation on that theme. | Source

The real Armageddon will not be announced

There has been virtually no end of “end time warnings” of all sorts and this causes a lot of unnecessary fear and worse, it hardens people to the real thing by virtue of the failed prophecies, outright lies and fear mongering. There are many announced Armageddons that come and go without incident but the real thing is never announced. There are historical precedents and proofs for both sides of the claim, which we shall investigate. All the proven false announcements and failed prophecies end up hardening the people against such announcements to the point where they ignore them all. With access to the internet, the odd one that people hear about has been magnified a million fold to the point of an Armageddon deluge. Almost every one of the are never fulfilled. Almost all the ones that do occur are ever announced until after the fact. These catastrophes are both natural and man made. Let us look at the recent partial and short list of what has popped up as the end-times.

  • The 2012 end of the world prophecy

  • Impact by comet Elenin

  • The brown dwarf - Nibiru hypothesis

  • Alien invasions and extinction of humanity in space conquest of earth

  • Project bluebeam deceptions

  • Chemtrails and poisoning the earth

  • Impact by asteroid

  • Visions of multiple suns and throngs of UFOs

  • CME causing the collapse of the grid

  • Rapture and the rule of the beast 666, May 23, 2011 and Oct 21, 2011, first one failed

  • earthquake storms and ramped up volcanism

  • Defcon 1 and global thermonuclear war with elite disappearing underground in Denver for Sept. 27Th, 2011

  • WWIII constantly being predicted since the end of WWII, Not surprisingly between Russia – China vs US - UK

  • Mass starvation due to collapsed economy

  • Interpretations of Hopi legends of the blue and red Kachina

There has been much speculation about the Mayan long count end date of Dec. 21St, 2012. A recent recalculation of the long count aligns with the eclipsed full moon on Dec. 21St, 2010 with the moon in the Mayan “Heart of Sky”. Further research into history at important Mayan dates proves the veracity of the argument and can be independently proven by others wishing to make the investigation. Earth and societal changes that were predicted to occur with the transition of one long count to another were ongoing prior, during and now after in the new long count of their fifth sun, or fifth age of the great zodiacal precessional cycle.

Up to the 27th of Sept. 2011, Comet Elenin was supposed to have triggered three days of darkness, but instead, a CME produced an almost world wide light show by way of massive multicoloured aurora. The Comet broke up and disintegrated into dust at perihelion and will not affect the earth significanlty.

Coupled with comet Elenin was the noise about the planet/brown dwarf called Nibiru. For those not familiar with Nibiru, this is the 12th planet hypothesis of Zachariah Sitchen who wrote a book decades ago on the 12th planet as interpreted from Assyrian tablets and frieze carvings interpreted as planetary symbols. Now the plain fact is that if a brown dwarf was in the inner solar system, there would be much more severe influences on the earth than we have been experiencing, especially if it is now between the orbit of Venus and Earth and in conjunction with the sun. A casual look in the sky just before sunrise after the 27th of Sept. 2011, will reveal nothing by way of a bright “star”. Venus meanwhile is now an evening star, so it will not confuse the picture. A brown dwarf will show as much bigger and brighter than Venus if it was in the position people say it is, but it is not. Instead there will be the now invisible remnants of Elenin. Too bad, this is another failed Armageddon.

Again coupled with the foregoing is an alien invasion from Nibiru, which as far as we can tell, has not begin. Perhaps it will come on Oct. 28Th, 2011 when the comet-brown dwarf passes over earths orbit. Incidentally, at the same time, the failed rapture of earlier in 2011 is supposed to manifest now on this date instead, and after this begins the tribulation. The tribulation then is a supposed invasion of aliens that will exterminate humanity. Our answer to this is that aliens that can traverse interstellar space, can use more easily available resources from the asteroids than those on earth. This fear is born out of our own genocidal tenancies and projected out of fear on the heavens. Our knowledge of exosolar planets seems to confirm the existence of aliens nearby, but this is no where near being confirmed.

There are those who say that there is a government project to fake an alien invasion and rapture using live streaming video laser holography. This is supposed to instill mass fear and create conformity and compliance. Of all the scare tactics, this one is one of the more plausible as the technology for this exists and has been tested in fantastic light shows. But a hologram is easily proven to be just that with a simple pen laser pointer. A hologram unlike a solid person will not reflect a laser beam even though they are manufactured by lasers. Now a laser pointer will reflect off clouds, dust and smoke, but project bluebeam allegedly does not need these kinds of backdrops. Time will tell on this one, but again it is a kind of announced Armageddon, but no fixed date has been given as no doubt the surprise element will be exploited.

Chemtrails are by now an admitted fact of geoengineering to cut down global warming effects due to CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases being added into the atmosphere by industrial activity. The chemicals being used are highly reflective, but also toxic and are causing some damage below as they settle out from the sky. Chemtrails have been observed, photographed and video taped around the globe. Will chemtrails prove to be the demise of humanity by a poisoned planet Armageddon? There is now a moratorium on further spraying due to recognition of this problem. What we might get instead is a new burst of more intense heat now that geoengineering is on the back burner and this in itself may be our undoing. On this one, we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Asteroid impacts are not new. They go on throughout planetary development. It is believed that one might have hit in Tungeska on June 30th, 1908. But the question is, will one hit us soon? We do not have a solid answer, but there have been a rash of near misses, likely due to the fact that we can now detect them. There are still plenty of unknowns on this question. One is due to pass by earth in 2029 that could return ans strike in 2036, but certain conditions have to apply and it is still too early to tell on this one. For now the jury is out on this Armageddon.

Many people have been terrified lately of the appearance of multiple suns, but there is a ready explanation for this that is independently verifiable. That explanation is by way of sundogs that appear when conditions in the upper atmosphere are right. For a sundog, or for that matter, sundogs to appear, the sun should be close to the horizon. There has to be ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Ideally, the weather should also be cold. When these events line up, you can get a partial or full halo around the sun, with a cross and two fake suns on either side and sometimes a rainbow crown on top. There are plenty of photographs of this in the archives of the internet and you can readily see all manifestations of sundogs. As for UFOs in bunches moving randomly overhead, these are more likely to be earth lights that result when crustal stress reaches a point of intensity just before an earthquake. As this activity has increased of late, so to has UFO activity. Neither of these natural events signify the end of the world on their own. Even if you did see a sundog along with numerous randomly bobbing UFOs, it still does not mean the end of the world. I would however consider the readiness of your survival kit in preparing for an earthquake in the winter.

Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) come from the sun during the appearance of sunspot pairs. Most of them vent into space without ever hitting the earth. In the event one heads our way, we can expect the impact of this to generate massive shows of the aurora such as happened on Sept. 26, 27 of 2011. This came from what was described as a glancing blow. CMEs have been known to knock our power grids and rupture oil and gas lines. They have also been known to kill communications satellites. We have been hit by CMEs in the past, such as one that caused the 1968 NE US blackout. The world did not end then and it won't now. However, since we have a lot more sensitive electronics today that are unsafe in the presence of CME generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP), then we could see a full or partial collapse of chip based technology that is not hardened against this kind of assault. Even so, people without reliance will not notice any appreciable change, except for warmer weather and great light shows.

The topic of the rapture of the church is controversial to say the least as there are several ideas about the topic. The gist of it is that Jesus will be returning to take up believers into the sky to avoid suffering the tribulation period that follows. There have already been dates for this in the past that have come and gone without incident. May 23, 2011 was the last one and it never materialized. The same author of that forecast has since come out and claimed that an error was made and that the real rapture will now happen on Oct 21, 2011. This too will likely come and go without incident. There have been so many failures starting since the mid 19th century, that it is now hard to accept any veracity of truth in such claims let alone be afraid of being left behind for the tribulation. Fear mongering in this case, is designed do gather new recruits for the cause and it is good for the bottom line in book and video sales.

In all of this, there are increasing frequencies of earthquake storms and a substantial increase of volcanic eruptions. This has as its base of cause, the gradual flipping of the geomagnetic poles. This signals changes deep in the earth that in effect will realign earthquake and volcanic activity. It is a perfectly rational explanation and does not require the input of a rogue planet or the wrath of a god that is readying everyone for a period of trial. The earthquake and volcanic danger are very real and they often strike with little warning, especially for earthquakes. But, if you know how to read it, animals and more nature focused people will know up to two weeks in advance, giving plenty of warning to move away from the danger zone. However, most people will dismiss animal signs and don't pay attention to people such as the likes of sea gypsies in Malaysia that knew two weeks in advance that something big was about to occur.

One of the more bizarre stories to emerge in this light, is the Defcon 1 drill in Denver where the president of the US and the Queen of England were to descend into an underground bunker at the command of the military. This was in preparation for either a nuclear war of the impact of comet Elenin. This never happened on the 27th of Sept. and business went on as usual while the drill in Denver went off without a hitch and without Obama, or the pope or Queen Elizabeth. This one was almost laughable, but it got a lot of attention by way of fear mongering that ended in another failed Armageddon. But as an aside, there has been plenty of troop movements in the states and this is considered to be in preparation for civil unrest as a result of other causes, sepcifically, but not limited to austerity.

There is and have been many predictions for WWIII, but consider that the US, UK and allies have been at war with various countries since Desert Storm in early 1991. The Imperialist adventurism really took off after 911 as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. We are at war and for all intents and purposes, in WWIII right now. But it is a war between unequal opponents, which is why the US and UK are thus far avoiding heavy bombardment that is routine for the Middle East from Libya to Afghanistan. There is a covert war between the US – UK and China – Russia, but this is done through a patsy third party country.

The most plausible Armageddon of all the threats is the mass starvation one. With the failure of the US and Canadian bread basket crops due to late summers and flooding, there has been a substantial loss of food. Somalia is currently in a famine and problems with drought in the southern US and elsewhere in the world. As it stands for the close of 2011, the possible starvation of 2 billion people is not out of the question. Here is an Armageddon that comes with a whimper and not a bang and it is the most plausible of the lot. Even so, this particular one can be avoided if the people find the will to correct policies that make this particular catastrophe a reality. If we can get out of the food for profit mindset to a food for people one, then the problem can be largely corrected.

There are prophecies from all kinds of sources that find a reasons to fear some kind of end of the world end scenarios. Many actually point to end of age changes and the resulting transformation of priorities that come with them. But people read other things into these poorly understood forecasts. They range from the Biblical, to Nostradamus, to Mayan and Hopi prophecies. Few understand the real meaning beyond the writers. There are those who profit from all of this and by now, the book stores are full of past failures in prophetic books that did not come true. There are thus many people who make a living from paranoia and many more that buy into it time and time again generation after generation over the centuries. This then is some of the stuff that has been flying around the internet and computer cloud. Meanwhile, there are very real endings that have occurred which have seldom been seen in advance and in some cases not even covered in the news.. This short list reads as follows.

  • Major earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011 in Japan that cripples and melts down at least four reactors at Fukushima.

  • Massive flooding in the Canadian and US breadbasket after a delayed onset of spring/summer in June and July of 2011, wiping out any chance of crop production, directly affecting at least 20% of world food reserves.

  • An earthquake that rattles everything from Washington DC to northern Quebec, cracking national monuments in Washington DC.

  • A geomagnetic pole flip, twice back and forth late Sept. 26Th, Sept, 2011 and a CME that causes amazing aurora far to the south.

  • Malaysian tsunami of Dec. 26Th, 2004 with 1/6th of world affected and nearly 300,000 dead

  • Economic collapse of 2008 and default crises, huge rise of unemployment, bailouts to banks and rich, austerity for workers, lower and upper middle class. Anarchy in the streets.

  • Break down of the environment, confused seasons, pollution, failed crops.

  • Occupations and demonstrations world wide.

  • Collapse of Greece, the Eurozone and civilization; not with a bang, but a whimper

Yet, for some of these, at least for some people, there was some forewarning, but even this was in large ignored with the result that many wound up harmed or dead. Some catastrophe were sudden and others crept up on us slowly. There are many Armageddons that are prophesied but have not come to pass and there are those that are not announced and catch us unaware.

Armageddon; the movie in 14 parts (1st part only of one scenario)

Japan's March 11 Tsunamid was completely unforeseen


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